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  1. sorry, I think I am over complicating things lol I don’t think the creamer awakens my sugar dragon, in fact, I think the creamer is almost too sweet, but it didn’t make me want more or feel out of control- I’d say just satisfied and actually made me want to add less creamer to control sweetness. 

  2. so, yesterday I did the reintro of sugar, so today I should go back to whole 30 for two days?? do I need two days of compliance for sugar?.. then do alcohol gf free, and take two days back to whole 30 then say when I introduce legumes- is it OK to add the otherwise compliant creamer that has a little bit of sugar in. or should I still continue to eliminate that aspect. I know you said alot of foods have it so it’s hard when reintroducing. I guess the only sugar I want to have consistently is the little bit in my otherwise compliant coffee. thanks . sorry, if this is all confusing 

  3. hello, hope everyone is well.

    I am on day 30, and totally kicked butt!! whoo hoo! I am wondering about sugar reintroduction. If I reintroduce sugar, and then go back to whole thirty for the two days and move on to the next group, am I then to eliminate it again until all reintroductions are done? 
    If i decide to do sugar as it’s own group is it OK to consume in small amount, like in coffee etc while reintroducing for example alcohol. Like I would have a drink maybe vodka-gf that is, with tonic or soda water  but maybe i had sugar in my coffee that morning , and a little honey on an apple throughout the day. I am a little confused on the sugar reintroduction. Thanks