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  1. I am very ready for this! I have been planning for the entire month of February, for my start! I have read blogs and websites, massed a bunch of recipes I want to try.. and this weekend, got some supplies in, so that my first few days will be as stress free as possible. I have a dear friend who makes her own bone broth. ( all completely compliant! ) She has offered to supply me with 3 litres to get me started, and then I will make my own. I have used her broth before, just as a hot drink. Its delicious, and tasty! Although my friend does not do a whole 30, she does follow a clean eating
  2. I ve always found, that having people with you, even online people, gives so much support! Its good to have someone to bounce ideas and concerns off of!
  3. HI! I'm relatively new to this Whole 30. I did one a few years back, and was relatively successful, but didn't go anything after that, so didn't do a reintroduction. I decided to do another January 1st, but due to restoration work on my kitchen, it became impossible to be able to prepare clean foods, and I had to kiss that plan goodbye. Well, the restoration is complete and I will be restarting on March 1st. I am excited, as I really like eating this way, although not a huge meat fan, I love all the veggies and sugar free condiments and dips. I remember feeling very "light" when I did th