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  1. seaglassgreen

    Fish Sauce Substitution?

    I've found at least one not-Red Boat fish sauce that has no sugar, only anchovies and salt? Sad part is that I can't remember what store it came from
  2. seaglassgreen

    Need advice on magnesium intake

    I noticed my natural calm bottle suggests working up to larger doses, but it also suggests dividing your dose into 2 different times during the day? Does anyone do that? I've been thinking of it as a bed-time drink, so I'm not sure when I should take the other dose if it makes you sleepy?
  3. seaglassgreen

    Day 22 and I blinkin well cheated!

    I've definitely seen a few people having trouble around day 22-23 or so! Like you, I recently off-roaded and was almost relieved about how not-as-amazing-as-I-expected the things I ate were. Good luck to you as you continue!
  4. Even if you DO care about scale weight, 3 kg is almost 7 lbs... that's about 1.75lbs/week. Completely in the healthy weight loss range. I know it's frustrating when you have a bunch of weight to lose; it's hard to remember that it takes time.
  5. seaglassgreen

    Hormones and things

    I hadn't heard that about the copper IUD- I've heard it can decrease or become absent with Mirena, but usually increases and is painful with copper (as I have experienced personally). My first thought would be wondering if you are still adjusting from coming off the hormonal BC. I hope you get it figured out soon, I know this sort of thing is stressful! And stressing about it probably makes it worse!
  6. *hugs* for you! And this is the best pep talk the internet can provide I think (A Pep Talk from Kid President)
  7. seaglassgreen

    Trader Joe's and Costco options

    We just got TJs, and I love it!! It's the cheapest source of organic/grass fed meat around here that I know of. So we've been getting grass fed ground beef, organic free range chicken, and some compliant sausage from there. In the freezer section, they have Chile Lime Chicken Burgers, which I think are tasty, and a super fast/convenient protein. We always get organic eggs there. For veg, we can get 4 avocados for under $3! Also get containers of tiny tomatoes, bags of shaved brussels sprouts, containers of chopped "healthy 8" veggie mix to throw on top of salads, frozen green beans, and frozen pepper/onion mix. Also love their guac.
  8. seaglassgreen

    Cautiously optimistic :)

    Thank you all... I can certainly understand your frustration, Tom. It's terrible to imagine our parents fighting and dying from these issues that clearly can be improved with diet. I'll keep working on my parents, but I kind of figure at some point it has to be their idea.
  9. seaglassgreen

    Cautiously optimistic :)

    And PS- that was a little forcefully negative, don't you think, Tom? Obviously paleo desserts aren't as good of a health change as a full whole30 or anything, but it's better than the regular cookies or cake or whatever they would usually be eating. And even a small change like paleofying dessert might lead to realizations that grains (for one) are bad and need to be cut out elsewhere.
  10. seaglassgreen

    Cautiously optimistic :)

    She was talking about getting Wheat Belly, so I told her we already have It Starts With Food on our shared Kindle account, so I'm hopeful she'll look at that
  11. seaglassgreen

    Cautiously optimistic :)

    So my mom sent me a link that she bought Rich Food, Poor Food on kindle today, after seeing the authors on TV. And she also emailed me the recipe that she's making right now, Paleo Apple Crisp. lol... I have been trying to tell them about paleo/primal things for the past couple years... though with all my paleo yo-yo'ing (that is, losing 10+ lbs and then falling off the wagon and gaining them back), I suppose I haven't been the best role model! Anyway, cautiously optimistic that the paleo idea might be catching on!
  12. seaglassgreen

    IUD and severe cramps

    I've had my paragard for about 3 years. I tend to have severe cramps for about 3 days, really heavy bleeding for 2 days, and about 8 days of total bleeding. I've been paleo off and on, and I do believe that when I stick with it, my cramps are better and my periods are shorter. Best wishes to you all, I wish there were better options!!
  13. seaglassgreen

    anyone get bored of food?

    I love my copy of Well Fed, too. All of her recipes are so delicious!
  14. seaglassgreen

    anyone get bored of food?

    Ok, I made roasted chicken, roasted tomatoes, zoodles, and pesto for dinner tonight, and it absolutely was NOT boring
  15. I find that when I clean up my diet like this (it's day 8!), food gets super boring. Like... my sausage and veggies for lunch tasted fine, but nothing to get excited about. Last night we had Valentine's day steak, caramelized onions, sweet potatoes... just pretty good. Maybe this "food as fuel" mentality is good? I generally love cooking, trying new recipes, spices, etc, but somehow I just feel bored about food. And generally speaking, I'm someone who has LOVED to eat (which is probably apparent ). Maybe it's a mind trick... remember all those exciting foods we used to eat? Does anyone else experience this?