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  1. Hi ShannonM816, thank you for replying. I found it on their website. Chipotle still uses rice bran oil but after dissecting the website and the ingredients I realized you can tap on each ingredient and it will tell you what items it’s is used in. Pretty genius.
  2. Hi Cindie, from reading its start with food and freedom from food. Our meals are technically supposed to be big enough to tide us over for 3 meals a day. Or you can eat 4 smaller meals to get you through the day. I know for me my meal sizes have shrunk significantly because I was over consuming and stuffing myself. So, between lunch and dinner I have a handful or 2 of macadamia nuts, cashews, meat stick etc. The books also says to not rely on snacks and/or nuts except for emergencies.
  3. Hello, I received the email from the Melissa Urban stating that Chipotle’s wholesome bowl is W30 approved. Last night I went and bought the bowl and ate it. It was delicious! After googling a copycat recipe for the chicken I found out Chipotle used rice bran oil. I googled it and found out it’s true. My question is how is this W30 approved? Rice bran oil is not an approved oil. Yesterday was 14 days of very regimented new products and recipes. No cheats. I feel fantastic and know I didn’t purposefully cheat and know I don’t have to start my 30 days over. But going forward I I w
  4. This is my first time doing the W30. I just learned about this program December2022. I was sick and tired of being bloated and lethargic all the time. I started preparing in Dec. by cutting out certain foods to see if I could handle the food restrictions for 30 days. What I have found is, this is much easier than expected, thank god! I already prep meals and enjoy leftovers. On my free time before I found this program I was always searching for healthy delicious recipes to cook (recipe looking nerd). Nothing ever really was satisfying. What I have discovered is most foods have so much c