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  1. Farback

    The crazy things people say

    Here's another response; " if I eat that, the voices come back." They'll walk away.
  2. Farback

    The crazy things people say

    We recently had a major snow storm here, and we had a standby crew stay at the fire station for the day. (We're a volunteer department, I'm the Chief). We were getting some snacks from the grocery store to tide us over, and the people who were going shopping said' oh yeah, the Chief doesn't eat crap, what would you like?' I asked for some fruit. They came back with the usual processed garbage and a pack of green grapes and tangerines. I was happy to see by the end of the day that everyone had eaten all of the fruit and several bags of chips and other toxins remained unopened. I occasionally, once every couple months, will have some Chinese food. Way off the reservation, but a treat. About 15 minutes after eating it a couple weeks ago, I said to my wife 'You know, for someone who eats the way I do, eating Chinese is like cheating on your wife. You immediately regret it.'