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  1. Anyone else here, who is suffering from EoE? I'm using my Whole30 to see if I can find some of my food triggers!
  2. Starting August 1!

    Hey guys! I am starting my second Whole30 on August 1st! I made it through my first one back in March. I stuck with a Paleo lifestyle for a while, but old habits have come back and I miss feeling good!!! Something different for this one is I am pregnant this time! I got pregnant right after completeing my first Whole30! This is baby number 4 for us and going to be our first boy I agree with previous posters about preparation as being the key to success!! Making sure that you have enough Whole30 approved food at the beginning of each week is really really key!! I am happy to kick the sugar habit again and would really like to have a healthy pregnancy. Looking forward to walking this journey with everyone!
  3. Whole30 & Lent

    I am so glad to find this thread! My family and I are also Catholic but we follow the old school rules. We are only allowed 3 meals a day (2 of them have to be smaller than the largest meal) no snacking in between, and we are only allowed meat once a day on Monday-Thrusday and Saturday, and then of course no meat on Fridays (but we don't eat meat any Friday). I am afraid that I am going to be egg and fished out! Since we only eat one meat meal a day, that means I can't just eat my left overs from dinner. What do you guys think?