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  1. CharlotteT

    carrageenan from seaweed

    Just purchased some smoked turkey (applegate farms brand) today from the deli section where they slice for you by the pound at whole foods. The applegate ingredients were turkey and salt.
  2. CharlotteT

    Sugar. What's the best?

    I came across this article and wondered what everyone thought?? What type of sweeteners do you allow after your 30?
  3. CharlotteT

    French's Yellow Mustard

    I excluded it from my whole 30 bc I couldn't figure out what exactly "natural flavor" was. I got annie's brand mustard that lists all approved ingredients. Although it was expensive (4.50) a bottle, I didn't want to risk it for mustard. I will do the French's after the 30. Hopefully someone can chime in with an exact answer. Lot's of things list "natural flavor" as ingredients...
  4. CharlotteT

    Coconut milk and GI issues?

    Unless you mean coconut milk in combination with caffeine ?
  5. CharlotteT

    Coconut milk and GI issues?

    I'm not sure it's caffeine since I have been drinking 2 cups of coffee every morning for years before starting this. I have cut the coconut milk and haven't had any other issues but tonight I cooked some chicken in coconut oil and i'm sitting here with a belly ache again…
  6. CharlotteT

    Day 1: Feb 25th - Anyone want to join forces?

    I felt like i was choking down some of the meals we cooked. I already cooked every night but like i explained to my husband, we usually tried a new recipe once a week or once every two weeks and now it is every day. I think it will take a while to figure out a repertoire of really good recipes. My stomach was upset for the first 4-5 days. I figured out that if I eat a lot of nuts it def doesn't help.
  7. CharlotteT

    Coconut milk and GI issues?

    I have only tried it in coffee so not sure if I can tolerate in other foods? Maybe ill try and see what happens!
  8. CharlotteT

    Chicken Broth

    If you are a costco member their Kirkland brand of stock is $12 for six boxes of stock and compliant! The only stock i found at my local health food store was $5 for a box.
  9. CharlotteT

    Canned Tuna

    I just bought some tuna at costco. It is "wild planet" brand and the only ingredients are tuna and water.
  10. CharlotteT

    Day 1: Feb 25th - Anyone want to join forces?

    A little late to the party but my husband and I started on the 25th as well!! Day 6 has proved to be our best yet! We made the most delicious dinner we have had so far. We were talking about how we miss that "dang that was a good meal" feeling and we got it tonight with a great recipe! Hope everyone else is doing great!
  11. It doesn't say "naturally occurring" it just says "contains sulphites" after the ingredients. I can return it so just wanted to confirm. Thanks!
  12. Started my first whole 30 on Monday and today i tried coconut milk in my coffee. I have had an upset stomach ALL day and decreased appetite. All the foods I have had today (eggs, sausage, tuna, fruit, nuts), I have had previously (pre-30) so I am wondering if it is the coconut milk? Anybody else experienced this??
  13. CharlotteT

    Trader Joe's and Costco options

    So many good ideas!