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  1. I fell off the wagon, as it were. I can't believe how guilty I felt, letting YOU ALL down. But it is what it is. Back at it this morning, but of course I can't call this a whole30. Best of luck to you all--you're almost there!!
  2. No, the kick was intentional. :/ I'm just boycotting dinner. There isn't one blessed thing in this house that I want to eat. I appreciate the support, Sparklefiftyseven!
  3. Keeping it real here, ladies--I'm not sure I'm going to get through today. It was an awful day, which included me getting kicked in the shin by a 12 year old at our homeschool group. I have an egg on my shin, and the dinner I planned is coming out pretty crappy (homemade fish sticks, anyone? blech). I just want popcorn. I'm really about 2 minutes away from just sobbing my eyes out (tmi: period finally started today, too). SIGH.
  4. Way to go on the long run! Today was a bit off for me, too--I think due to not feeling well yesterday. I didn't eat much. My only whole meal was dinner. I think things were a bit looser for me as "Aunt Flo" made an appearance.
  5. Day 15! Woot! I wasn't feeling well last night. I ended up in bed by 8:30pm and slept for 11 hours. Wow. We'll see how today goes. I'm going to cook fish for the first time in FOREVER and roast a turkey. The dishes and cooking are neverending, it seems, when I'm on a Whole30 (not to mention feeding a family of 5).
  6. I really think the trick with mayo (other than the room temp egg) is the drizzle. I use a food processor, but I put my oil into my dripless oil bottle first, and use THAT to drizzle it into the food processor. It's made a world of difference. Super easy & so good.
  7. I survived Panera! I brought my own kombucha (I brew my own), and my friend had dinner. It was totally fine. Feeling good today. THE SUN IS SHINING IN RI!!!! I'm having a super late breakfast because I had to go to the local community college to pick up a duplicate "driver's ed completion" form for my 16 year old. I had hard boiled eggs, and now I'm eating some of Everyday Paleo's cole slaw (YUM).
  8. Well, I'm dying today. I've burst into tears several times, am exhausted, and so emotional---oh gee, it's PMS time. Why does it sneak up on me every month--for the last 28 years? *smh* I'm meeting a friend at Panera Bread in 15 minutes. I've already had dinner, so I'm not hungry. Maybe they'll just let me stick my face in a bread basket and inhale deeply. LOL
  9. Sparklefiftyseven--I am RIGHT there with you. Especially yesterday. I have a fridge full of food, and could NOT make my self make a decent dinner to save my life. I had pickles and olives. :/ It is what it is. I didn't eat chocolate chips, which was what I wanted, so I'm calling it a win. Today I'm going to be doing some cooking. My 16 year old daughter eat Paleo most of the time, and she's starting a Whole 30 today. I haven't exercised one teeny bit ---well, in ages. Maybe the weather will cooperate, and I can start walking this week. It's embarrassing how sedentary I've become.
  10. I'm right there with you, Bobbi! I keep thinking, "Why am I doing this???"
  11. So happy day 10 is done! 1/3 of the way there! I noticed that a funky patch of dry skin that I had on my thigh is all cleared up, and I put my engagement ring back on (was only wearing my wedding ring). I've had a headache all day yesterday and today, though--not sure what's up with that. :/
  12. Hey all--thanks for the encouragement. I got a great night's sleep. There are a few areas of my life right now that are causing major stress, so honestly, today has been horrible. But I'm on track with my eating, and "this too shall pass." Not having too vivid of dreams. I remember my first couple of whole 30's--the dreams were doozies!
  13. Ugh--the last two days have been hell. Maybe my "kill all things" days? I haven't had anything off - plan, but a couple of my meals haven't quite lined up with the template. I feel like I'm just seconds away from diving into a bag of potato chips. it doesn't help that I finally had to cave and buy bigger pants. I gained 16 lbs over the winter, and just did not have anything to wear. I'm really hating this right now. I just cannot get myself in a mindset of "this is worth it." SIGHHHHH. Hopefully I'll wake up in a better frame of mind.
  14. Slept 10 hours last night! Sheesh! We're expecting snow later today (I am so over this winter!), so I won't be walking--really wishing I had a treadmill! No major social events coming up for us until Easter (that I know of). Man, that makes us sound boring! Just busy with 3 teenagers, homeschooling and everything that goes with that.
  15. I survived day 4! Even though hubby brought home POTATO CHIPS from the store (he didn't end up opening the bag--I was so upset at him. LOL). Headache is gone. Mild to severe aggravation setting in every time someone in my family wants to eat something non-Whole30 (3 teenagers and hubs). I know this will pass, too.