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  1. Robin D

    Annoyed - Gotta Vent

    Doing anything related to self improvement--especially when it comes to diet and nutrition when someone clearly has a problem with those areas themselves--makes people feel horribly insecure. I have people give me tons of excuses about why they're eating like crap, not exercising, etc. randomly in conversation for no good reason. People know how I feel about diet and fitness so they think that they need to answer to me, somehow. It's really odd.
  2. Thanks everyone for the reply thus far. I don't pay much attention to recommendations, honestly, because there is so much variation from woman to woman and pregnancy to pregnancy that those recommendations are meaningless. And thank you, MrsStick, for pointing out that the weight recommendations are different than in the US. I always thought that 35 lbs would make me miserable; I'm 5' 1 1/2 and a size 4 with a distant history of back pain and always thought gaining a bunch of weight would re-ignite my back pain. I often wonder if maybe the fact that we some of the worst maternal health outcomes of any industrialized country isn't because of some of the very recommendations (not to mention the interventions) that we push on women during pregnancy. But I digress.... I am trying to include starchy vegetables at every meal but I will really push it in the next few weeks. I barely gained 20 pounds in my last pregnancy and my daughter was a health 5 lbs 14 ounces. I just want to make sure I can eat enough food and the right kind of foods to continue to slowly put on weight these last few weeks. Thank you for your help!
  3. Hi everyone! It's been quite awhile since I've posted on this forum, although I still follow it off and on. I'm nearly 34 weeks pregnant with my second child. During both this pregnancy and my last pregnancy I have had a hard time gaining enough weight. My OB hasn't said a word, although my midwife (who will be delivering the baby) has mentioned that I need to gain more. That was several weeks ago though, and she hasn't said much since. Last time I weighed myself last week I had gained 13 pounds. Baby girl #2 is moving fine and I am measuring right on time. I'm trying to eat more, but honestly, I'm not starving with the heat and humidity we've been hit with in my area. I also exercise 6 days per week (3 days of running 4 miles and 3 days of CrossFit). I am not working out nearly as intensely as I am when I'm not pregnant, but still, I do get some good exercise. Do you guys have any suggestions as to what foods I might want to try to eat more of? I eat an avocado a day, plenty of meat, some nuts etc. I know eating fat is good, but I'm really eating a lot. I've been tracking my calories (yes, I know I'm not supposed to do this but I'm doing it to help me GAIN weight not help weight loss, so its okay in my book) and I'm eating between 40-50% fat, 35% carbs and 25% protein. Should I change the proportion of fats/carbs/protein? I sure wish I had this problem when I wasn't pregnant. As an endurance athlete I can't seem to eat enough or lose any weight when I want to because of all the exercise I get. I'm hungry all the time then!
  4. Robin D

    Youuu, Your quads are on fire ...

    If you're really hard core you could use a 45 pound bar on your quads. We sometimes do that before our CrossFit WODs at my box as a mobilization exercise. You simply set the bar on your one leg and roll it down and up. It hurts, but in a good way. You should also rotate your leg so the bar is hitting your inner thigh. Our trainer has had us do a couple of front squats, mobilize with the bar and then front squat again as way to compare the difference before and after the exercise. It's pretty amazing how much of a difference it makes. You can also use a lacrosse ball to get into the nooks and crannies in your back. You simply place it on the floor (or wall), lay on it (or press your back into the wall against it trapping it so it doesn't fall) and roll around on it to find the places that are sore. I find this really works on my hips too.
  5. Robin D

    Youuu, Your quads are on fire ...

    A good foam rolling of the quads and especially the IT band--even when you don't *think* you're sore--will and should bring tears to your eyes.
  6. Robin D

    Facebook Rudeness - a Rant

    I've encountered this as well. I posted some awesome breakfast pic months ago with a caption about how delicious it was and a "friend" of mine commented, "Maybe to you." Once I had a cup of soup with me that I had fixed and a co-worker told me her father (who was standing next to her at the time) thought it looked good and wanted a bite. She started laughing and he snorted and said, "Are you kidding? That looks INEDIBLE." It's one thing to be rude and have no manners; it's another thing to make fun of someone to their face. How rude is that? People think that by choosing to eat "clean" you are judging them. I have seriously cut down on the things I post or say about paleo eating or the Whole 30 because I know people's eyes start to glaze over after awhile. It bothers me too, but just do what's best for you and enjoy your results. If, once you're done with your Whole 30 someone wants to say something snide to you, go ahead and calmly tell them how awesome you feel/much better slept/your skin cleared up/your perfomance in the gym improved. That'll shut them up
  7. Robin D

    Kids on ADHD Meds

    I hate to be nosey, drtracyb, but what exactly do you mean that your kids/world are "out of control"? I don't know much about fetal alcohol syndrome, so I have no idea how the two are related either. Again, I'm sorry if this is too personal. I'm just a little confused by what you mean here. Either way, I hope things are going better!
  8. Just after I posted this I made some serious headway with HSPUs. I was doing them with a plate.....but TOTALLY could have done them without. Still no progress with those ^%$#ing double unders. I'll get it. I just need to chip, chip, chip away at them. Its so hard to keep your perspective on one's own progress: in January I couldn't eek out decent rope climb and in August suddenly did 13! Its hard doing this and being goal oriented.
  9. Robin D

    Autism and Whole 30

    I don't have anything really substantial to add, except that I really admire and applaud your effort to change your autistic children's diet. I have a mildly autistic nephew and my in-laws feed the kid complete crap because they claim he will actually starve himself rather than give up McDonald's. My husband, who has some professional interests in the microbiota/probiotics link to autoimmune diseases, has tried to talk to his sister about the connection between diet and autism but she doesn't listen to him. Great job, taking this step! Please keep us updated on your progress.
  10. Robin D

    New workout focus

    I basically just posted something very similar to this, although I am less frustrated with physical changes and more frustrated with a lack of progress on the strength front. I didn't feel like I had any idea what I was doing with strength training until I did CrossFit. If you can't join a CF box, I would suggest checking out some of the workouts in Men's Health (you're going to have to adjust the weights, of course); my husband does them and they sound a lot like CF workouts (i.e. high intensity, heavy weights) Don't get into the training one muscle group every day unless you a) have a lot of time to research, have lots of time to do lots of sets and c) a degree in physiology. I tried that and didn't really get anywhere. I know a while back Melissa and Dallas posted some excellent articles on 5 movements for overall fitness. Basically they interviewed a series of industry "experts" on the 5 best exercises/movements for overall fitness (do a search for these). I remember my two favorite exercise, deadlifts and squats (I can do these all day--I LOVE squats), were on there. As a runner, I bet you'd love squats.
  11. I think part of my "problem", honestly, is psychological. I'm frustrated I'm not making progress like I want to and I STILL can't do certain things RXd (i.e. double unders, kip more than two pull ups in a row, handstand push ups, etc.--forget Fran in 3:09, Fenderbender!), although I have had some progress with my strength in the past week or so. My workouts aren't nearly as gratifying as they were when I was doing my long rides. I'm sure my mood hasn't been helped with my out of control days with sugar; bad eating habits lead to frustration which leads to a snowball effect on my mood. It's been 3 months since my event. I thought I'd be really humming as far as my fitness was concerned.
  12. So my last (third) Whole 15+ Whole 30 (I made an executive to take a dinner off for my anniversary) went really well. I had been eating fairly well before that, training like a beast for an endurance event. Since I finished my Whole 15/30, though, I've been struggling with sugar. I haven't struggled with sugar in years, but suddenly I've really got a problem--I feel hungry and like I "need" something sweet every day. In fact, I've been hungry all the time, regardless of the fact that I've been following the meal template (minus my treat) every day. In fact, I've had a hard time with re-adjusting how much I exercise, too, since I finished my training. Has any other endurance athlete had this problem? It has helped that I've been frustrated with my progress at CF (part of this comes from me comparing myself to other people--younger, fitter, childless, single women mostly).
  13. Robin D

    Nervous about a bike ride...

    Larabars, baby food in squeezable pouches, plantain chips (although a lot of these have palm oil in them, so you need to be careful) and nuts were my foods of choice during my long rides this past year. I completed a 160 mile ride across Indiana in the worst conditions in years and stayed Whole 30 compliant throughout (expect for said aforementioned palm oil--although I wasn't doing a Whole30). I had a lot of people telling me I had lost my freakin' mind trying to do this without waffles/sandwiches/cookies etc., but I stayed the course! Just follow the old adage of eating before you're hungry and drinking before you're thirsty; I think that's especially key if you're going to eat clean and attempt endurance events or rides!
  14. I feel really stupid asking this question given that this is my third Whole 30, but here goes: when we introduce a food group do we eat it continuously for 3 days while the rest of our diet remains Whole 30 compliant or do we introduce it on Day 1, eat it at every meal and then on Day 2 and 3 go back to a completely Whole 30 diet (meaning we remove the food that we introduced on Day 1) while watching for issues. This is the one very minor complaint I have about ISWF; I feel like the re-introduction section is too short. When I looked on the forum the other day I became very confused about the re-intro schedule. I'm still confused! Other than having some questions about re-introduction, so far I feel like this has been a huge coup for me. Yesterday was Re-intro Day 1 for dairy after finishing my Whole 15 + Whole 30 (I took a day off in-between after deciding having a celebratory anniversary dinner was "worth it"). In the past month I've had a couple of shin-digs at my place, 2 out-of-town conferences and a heavy work load that I've had to deal with and I've stayed totally compliant! Anyway, please let me know!
  15. Robin D


    I've actually had an increase in migraines on my current Whole 15 + Whole 30 (I had a day in-between for my anniversary), but I think that may be due to either a change in my blood sugar or horomones or stress (not sure which) and they are mostly when I exercise. Does anyone have any experience with eliminating night shades? How long did it take to see a difference?