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    Where To Go? (and what to eat)

    I actually found something remotely acceptable at...Chik Fil A yesterday. You can get a Grilled Chicken Kid's Meal. The Grilled Chicken does contain MSG (BOO) and sugar as part of the seasoning ingredients, but you're going to be hard-pressed to find a commercially prepared ANYTHING that doesn't have MSG and sugar needlessly on it's food. The nuggets were pretty acceptable to me and the "seasoning" was almost undetectable. The Kid's Meal comes with an option of a fruit cup (Mandarin Oranges=sugar), but the very best choice is the squeezeable Applesauce (apples, apple juice & cinnamon). I was fairly impressed with ChikFilA as an option, living in the south and it being on EVERY street corner. At least I know it's an OK choice.