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  1. dotamy

    (Farm direct) Bacon tastes like pork chops?

    Ok! Thanks! I will talk to her this weekend and see what she says. I know she does sell pork belly separately, and this bacon is extremely popular for her - so I have to be missing something somewhere regarding preparation. Thanks
  2. dotamy

    (Farm direct) Bacon tastes like pork chops?

    It is sliced, packaged and sold as bacon. I really want to make this work! I'm at a loss as to what to google for even. Do you have any resources/recipes you could share with me?
  3. Hey guys, Bought two lbs of bacon from a local humane, organic pork farmer. Got it home, all excited, cooked it up...and it tasted like pork chops. Umm...eww? Not what I had my heart set on. Did I miss an important step? Am I supposed to season it, possibly brine it, first? It was surprising to taste bacon without any "dressing up" and realize it just tastes like...pork...LOL.
  4. dotamy

    Bone Broth Question

    (To clarify, not add turkey broth to bone broth - but I'm assuming since it was cooked the same way as a bone or chicken broth would be cooked it would be as nutritious...yes?)
  5. dotamy

    Bone Broth Question

    I have turkey broth that I made from the carcass at Thanksgiving - just out of curiosity, would that be just as good? Going to grocery for rest of week supplies - I will see if they can sell me some... Would I be able to add bones to an already cooking slow cooker?
  6. dotamy

    Bone Broth Question

    Yay! Thank you!! Starting it now.
  7. dotamy

    Can I put frozen meat in the crock pot?

    USDA says no...but I always have. It doesn't ruin it in the least that I have found. I have also done it with frozen chicken too, and adjusted the cook time an extra hour or so. It doesn't take much. I have added spices, sauces, etc along with the frozen meat. I always cook on high when using meat in this way, just in case.
  8. dotamy

    Bone Broth Question

    Just came back from my farmers market with what I (hope!) will be the makings for bone broth. They gave me a big "dog bone" which looked perfect for the purposes, and sold me "beef soup bone" which has about a silver-dollar size of bone and lots of meat (the size if a ham steak) surrounding it. Does this work for bone broth? Seems like it's a lot of meat...this is my first time making broth, so I have no idea. Thanks!
  9. And LOL - NO worries about my eating the whole thing! My husband and three children would tear me from limb to limb bc they didn't get any too - it would get ugly with a quickness.
  10. Oh no! I wasn't upset in the least!!! I was being totally self absorbed about how Awful (capital A) I would feel envisioning giving it to my confused Little Debbie eating neighbors. No worries. And I had a huge romaine turkey burger tomato avocado cucumber homemade mayo peace-offering lunch with myself and I felt MUCH better! The cake is still hiding in the dining room but its safe in its box.
  11. dotamy

    Flavored coffee beans?

    I have often wondered this myself and I felt that avoiding any flavored coffee would be best during a W30 cycle. The flavorings, while they can be natural as in the case of spiced coffees, are more often artificial and are more for aroma than flavor. Which just kinda sounds gross. I'd rather taste the roast than taste the "smell" of altered coffees.
  12. Oh boy - throwing it out or giving it away has a truly awful tone to it. Which leads to emotional things - because this thing is NOT just a slab of chocolate cake and can be ignored. Crap. It's all of the culturally relevant things we deeply miss about this time of year that are no longer a part of our lives. This is homesickness in a box. And it's rolled up in an effing cake dropped onto my doorstep 800 miles away. LOL - New Orleans is a sick town! I'm hiding it in my freezer in the garage. Behind lots of things of no temptation but not much circulation. And I will have *some* in April when my W100 is complete. Because its WORTH it. But yep, I'm way stronger than this cake. I will look at some family pics of Mardi Gras instead. I have to learn to know temptation and not run from it, but just move on from it.
  13. This is my second W30, day 7, and it's been going super well - nothing like my first w30 (w45) last June. My day is humming along...preparing to make yummy lunch and I get a knock on the's FedEx...with a king cake (we are from New Orleans originally) of those cultural oh-my-god foods you remember eating from the tiniest of's basically the best giant cinnamon roll ever. From my mom. I texted my husband (who is on his 2nd W30 too) for some support - he asked if his dad sent it - which means we will be getting one more cake! Noooooooo... Help! I hid the damn thing under some papers in my dining room, but it is SCREAMING AT ME LOL. I don't think a bigger trigger could have shown up at my door. What do I do?? Freeze it? Put it in our storage unit ten miles away?? LOL Help!
  14. dotamy

    PCOS Support Thread

    Hi Ladies, I happened to pass by this thread and wanted to cheer you all on!!!! I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2005 (I think?) after an ectopic pg and severe stress (I got pg while displaced during Katrina...might clue you in to the amount of stress...) Over the course of the ensuing years, I went on Metformin, did Byetta shots in my belly etc trying to slow the PCOS train and end my secondary infertility. I was a hot mess. I moved and met a reproductive endo, who led me to a weightloss clinic (a super legit one), who helped me lose 17lbs low/no carb/high protein and I got pregnant! Fast forward to today...I'm currently on my second W30 (first was last June, eating paleo ever since) fitness is my lifestyle love and overall, I have lost 58lbs (and counting)! PCOS IS GONE. I have not had a breakout, a stray hair, a wayward anything in over two years! I look like a girl again!!! (the androgens totally messed with my body comp) No more meds, no wonky blood sugars -- nothing. Whole30 and low/no carb has been amazing at helping me cure myself. I wanted to send you guys some encouragement, because PCOS CAN be healed and change your life in deeply dramatic and satisfying ways. Good luck to you all!
  15. dotamy

    New Orleans, Family, ... Yikes

    @Casey Dean -- AAAMMMEEENNN. Your line about your diabetic mother brought it home for me. Thank you for that. And as far as reintroducing foods, I'm a little too early in the game for that still. I know for sure dairy is already out, having avoided it for many months before starting W30. I figure beans and rice can be dealt with at the time. After all, I know its coming, and I know I'm most likely going to have to concede on that one dish. Just about everything else I can work around with confidence. Amazing how some items/dishes/foods can carry such a tremendous meaning beyond their ingredients. Thank you all for your help! I am so excited about the program and amazed how easily it's been integrated into my life (aside from this travel blip. .