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  1. I usually have smoked salmon over greens, small serving of roasted sweet potatoes and raspberries or strawberries. I pack my nreakfast and lunch the night before and just grab the, before I leave in the morning. Sometimes I'll also have some avocado or chopped bell peppers.
  2. Avalanche


    Scallops are one of my faves! I find them pretty tasty done simply. I lightly coat a pan with olive oil, and then let it heat up. I rinse the scallops, pat dry, and remove the "foot". Then I sear them on each side for about 90-100 seconds. Bit of salt on each, and you're good to go.
  3. Avalanche

    How Big Are YOUR Thumbs?

    Personally, if I'm having a high fat meat, I don't worry too much about additional fat sources at that meal. And I also find that I prefer solid fat sources (fattier meats, avocado) to oils - keeps me fuller longer. I do cook with some oils, but unless that is my lone fat source for a meal, I don't worry about getting a full portion of it. I know a lot of people here advocate for red meat, but if you're not feeling it, you don't need to eat it all the time. I prefer lamb as my red meat of choice, and only have beef 2-3 times a month. Eat what you like. I dunno about pheasant, but duck is delicious if you want alternative poultry sources. As for the boobs - you can't spot reduce. As someone who is well endowed, the only way I ever got them to shrink was through a reduction. Everyone is different, some ladies do lose from their chest, but if it's solid tissue and not fat, no amount of diet or exercise with change that.
  4. Avalanche

    Food Budget

    5%?!?! I spend about 30% of my take home pay (post taxes, insurance etc) on food, and that feeds me 3x a day, plus dinner for my husband most days of the week. He buys his own breakfast and lunch - and we only partly share $$, so I don't know how much he spends, although since it's always fast food, my guess is not that much. He kicks in a bit on the Farmer's Market to help with the higher cost of food there. No kids, so it's just two of us. Maybe I'm doing my math wrong. I know I spend a lot on certain things, and could certainly cut back if i needed to, but I'd still be up to 20-25% of my "spending money." I'm ok with this, we're comfortable enough at the moment that I can afford to eat what I want, and get the quality that I like. And my spending has gone way down, since before W30 I was eating a LOT of take out, so this is definitely cheaper. But there is no way 5% of my take home pay would cover me. That's less than $40 a week, and I'm spending between $150-$200/week.
  5. What about bananas? I know they carry a decent amount of sugar, but they are also a source of starchy carbs. I wonder if you had just a bit of starchy carbs at each meal (like a half serving) that would help. That way you don't need to eat a ton of something you don't like (which is counterproductive in the long run), but your body gets the message that starches are present. I usually fill up a small container with roasted sweet potato and butternut squash (3-4oz) and then split it between breakfast and lunch. Of course, I really enjoy both of those foods, so it's not a chore for me.
  6. Avalanche

    Day 17 . . . and it seems too easy!!n

    Don't feel guilty - I felt it was pretty easy for me too! I had three random days where I was sorely tempted - mostly because of emotional stuff. But otherwise, it was pretty simple. Just stick to what's compliant, easy enough! I think it helps if you have some kind of previous experience with preparing your own meals on a regular basis. You sort of have a leg up because you already know how to cook, and enjoy it. If you were someone who literally just opened a package for every meal before this, I could see it being a much bigger mountain.
  7. Avalanche


    Lamb is the best! If you can get Icelandic, it's the winner in my book. Here are a few of my favorite ways to make them: Rib chops (the best cut, but also the most $$): Chop up some fresh rosemary and garlic. Put in a large bowl w/a T of olive oil and salt. Rub the marinade on the chops. Let sit for a little bit (if longer than 10-15 min I stick them in the fridge). You can either cook them in a pan (4-5 min per side), or sear and then finish in the oven. Grilled is great too. Rib chops w/ spice rub: A lot of cumin, then pinches of: coriander, smoked paprika, garlic powder, white pepper, cayenne and a decent amount of salt. Mix together. Coat the chops on both sides with the spices - cook in the pan same as above. If you don't like spicy you can take out the cayenne and white pepper. I love spicy, so I often add more. this spice rub is also REALLY good with chicken wings. Shoulder chops with either of the flavorings above - in the broiler for abpout 4 min each side (depends on thickness) I use ground lamb or chunks of leg for stews, chilis, burgers, etc. Lamb shanks are best for braising. I've never done it, but I bet you could make a bone broth with the bones.
  8. Avalanche

    Question about oils for cooking

    So, even though I know it's discouraged, I've been cooking pretty much everything at high temps in olive oil for YEARS. Roasting, sautéing, etc. Sometimes I'll use duck fat, and pre W30 I would use butter every now and then. I want to change this and use olive oil just for salads, and I'm wondering what would be best for roasting at high heat, and or sautéing/pan frying. Affordability is a bonus too - I go through the stuff relatively quickly. And I have a follow up question, because I know a lot of people will say "Coconut oil!" Is it coconutty? I'm not really a fan of the flavor of coconut, so if coconut oil is going to give everything that flavor, I'd rather avoid it. I've tried ghee, and it's alright, but I'm not a big fan.
  9. Avalanche

    Any stories of long term W30/Paleo success?

    JP - I think they only have the Icelandic in the fall, and NZ the rest of the time, although your WF may be different than mine. Mine also sometimes has local lamb on sale too. Good luck!
  10. Avalanche

    Any stories of long term W30/Paleo success?

    My impression of lamb is that it's usually grass fed - but I could be way off on that. I either buy it at the farmer's market (where it's pastured/humane, etc) or I buy Icelandic lamb at my whole foods when they have it, which is entirely free range. The Icelanders literally let their sheep loose all summer to graze throughout the countryside. They shelter them in the cold winter months - I'm not sure what they are fed during that time, but I would guess hay. Personally, I think Icelandic lamb is the MOST delicious. My dad (who is american) lived there for several years, and has many Icelandic friends, so I've been lucky enough to go to Iceland several times. It is not uncommon to see sheep roaming all over the place. A lot of the time the lamb in the stores is from New Zealand, and I'm not sure what their policies are on raising sheep. ETA: I found this link w/video from WF about Icelandic lamb http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/blog/whole-story/tender-story-icelandic-lamb
  11. Avalanche

    almost at the end, a few reintro questions

    Martihana - I see reintroduction as a. testing to see what I can/can't tolerate, and b. giving me training wheels while transitioning from a strict W30 protocol to a less strict Paleo diet. It will help me figure out exactly what non-compliant foods are worth it, which ones give me more trouble than others, and letting me dip my toes in off-plan eating in a nicely controlled way. This way, when I'm confronted with a situation where I have to, or want to, eat something non-compliant, I have a resonable expectation for how that will make me feel physically, and prepare me mentally. I also have foods I'm not so keen on ever having (like beans), but there may be a time when I need/want to eat them, so I might as well test them out now.
  12. Avalanche

    Any stories of long term W30/Paleo success?

    This is a really helpful thread. I just finished my first W30 yesterday, so I haven't had any long term experience yet. I'm mostly worried about the slippery slope - letting one slip turn into many, but I am hopeful and determined to stay the course. JP - lamb is the king of meats! Or at least that's how we feel about it in my house. I like beef just fine, but we usually go for lamb when eating red meat. It is more expensive, which is too bad, but I think it's worth it.
  13. Avalanche

    HELP! Other Breakfast Ideas - non-eggs

    Also - if you are eating bacon, you should check to make sure it doesn't contain any evaporated cane juice or other types of sugars in the ingredients. Almost all of the brands you usually find in stores do.
  14. Avalanche

    HELP! Other Breakfast Ideas - non-eggs

    I usually eat smoked salmon, salad greens, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, and strawberries for breakfast. You just have to check the smoked salmon packets to make sure they don't list cane sugar as an ingredient.
  15. Avalanche

    almost at the end, a few reintro questions

    Thanks Susan! Sugar is often used in the recipe for sushi rice.