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  1. I was wondering, why do people with migrains need to steer clear of fermented foods? Also, as you say, there is a lot of research on mental health and diet, especially a Paleo diet helping with treatment. Helps for me.
  2. RevKT

    Anxiety and Whole 30

    I have writings about how Whole30 has helped my bipolar and anxiety on my blog Bipolar Spirit. If I can stick with the diet, I can regulate my mood, yet I have a binge eating disorder and that keeps getting in my way! Its better but still pretty bad and I can't keep up with the diet. I will figure it out though! Good luck to you. And I am sorry to hear about your grandfather.
  3. RevKT

    Paleo Burrito with Rice and Beans

    I am so interested when people combine foods and know if it will even taste good. Like how did you know to add almond butter to this? So creative and shows a real understanding of taste and texture.
  4. You can purée veggies into chili -even cauliflower, butternut squah, or broccoli. Just add it slowly and taste it so it does not start to taste weird. And my son, who will pick the smallest shredded veggie out of a meatloaf, likes spaghetti squash with meat sauce on top. He hates spinach but will eat it, uncooked, with chili on top. Some weird combinations seem to work with him.
  5. RevKT

    Nut Free Classrooms, What to Do?

    Aww! That is a terrible feeling! I love Disney too. Now I am wondering how the heck we could eat Paleo on a trip to Disney. We usued to do the PB&J and apples for almost every meal so we did not have to pay for park food. I guess the next time we go we will make a lot of beef jerky.
  6. Great advice everyone! And yes, I have a feeling Zoning will make me worse. My issue on Whole30 was that I can't tell where between the minimum and the maximum on the meal template is right for me. I have a binge eating disorder so will over eat if I don't have strict guidelines so a range means I usually eat at the high end. I am only 5' 1" so I should probably eat in the low range. On Crossfit days or around my period though, the low range means I end up hungry. I have tried to force myself to only eat the minimum but then only find out an hour later that it wasn't enough in certain days when I then have a severe depressed mood drop, get shaky, and dizzy. It's like I can't self regulate. I know I am overeating though because I weigh 166lbs and am flabby rather than muscular. I don't know how to figure out what the right amount is I think because my hormones and blood sugar are just a mess due to such a long time of disordered eating. I have had hormones, thyroid, and blood sugar tested the doctor says "They are all fine so I am not sure why you have all the physical signs of hypoglycemia and PCOS." She was shocked that everything came out normal as she saw the tests as just a formality. She thought she had diagnosed me correctly. As soon as the Whole30 ended "occasional dark chocolate" turned to whole bars of dark chocolate. "Some honey" turned to eating it with a spoon. Without extremely strict rules, I loose it. Yet they tell you if you have an eating disorder not to have any rules, even Whole30 because they say then you don't get a healthy relationship with food because it s considered a restrictive diet. (I disagree with that assessment though). Sadly, there s very little research and proven treatment for binge eating disorder on its own rather than with purging. Whole30 has helped me a lot actually but now I just overeat healthy food! And trust me, you can totally overeat Well Fed chili, sweet potatoes, and broccoli. I think Tom is right and I need to extend the Whole30. Well, start a new one at this point. I also feel like no fruit or root veggies or squash would be good for the binge eating but then I can't function on CrossFit days or my period. I will keep working on it as I know if I can find the right balance for me I can be healthy.
  7. RevKT

    Breakfast ideas

    Shout out to Montessori! It does show! My son is Montessori and I was from pre-K through 8th grade. It just makes you look at the world differently.
  8. RevKT

    Nut Free Classrooms, What to Do?

    We don't have a cafeteria so I try and be careful with nuts. I always hear the peanut one as the bigger problem. like never bring peanuts because even being in the same room with them can cause a reaction but that a kid next to a kid with a tree nut allergy could eat their food and mot cause a reaction in the allergic child. What are best practices around tree nuts? That allergy is just so scary and I wish we had better ways to protect the kids. Robin, your child with HFCS sounds like my son with any corn. He literally ends up a depressed heap on the floor crying and unable to function for at least a few hours it ends with another 6 hours in pain and in the bathroom. Poor kids! I know many people talk about sterile environments being such a problem. I also think its however the food s processed and modified these days that can cause such bad reactions. My son is fine with grass fed beef but always gets stomach issues with a bunless burger elsewhere.
  9. So, the Whole30 was so strict that I could follow it. Now that I can have "small amounts" of dark chocolate or maple syrup or a paleo treat sometimes, I have no idea where to draw the line. Without strict rules, I loose it! I want to stay Paleo so no need to reintroduce gluten and things or bad oils, soy, hidden sugars. I do need help on thinking of strict guidelines for not overeating. Even Whole30 I overate because I can't really tell when I am full of chicken and broccoli and often a palm sized piece of meat was not enough and even with tons of veggies and fat I was starving! What works for those of you who need better control over sugar consumption, portion sizes, and you need to loose weight? Paleo in Zone portions? I was trying to get away from my unhealthy weighing and measuring Weight Watchers days which made me loose weight but fueled my eating disorder. Zone might make all those issues pop up again. Any suggestions are appreciated.
  10. Thank you for saying this. I feel like I hear all these normal weight people droppings pounds in 30 days or photos of flat stomached people who transform to a more defined flat stomach. I lost 3 lbs. on Whole30 and don't fit any of the things in their " 6 reasons why Whole30 didn't work for you" post on the blog. I was so compliant, thought I had slayed the sugar dragon but one day off whole30 and I can't stop eating dried fruit. I think there must be some issues for those of us with maybe hormonal issues that need more assistance to release weight, but where do we find that? I know many people cut sweet potatoes and fruits but I get extreme stomach pain without some starchy carbs each day and during my period I am not functional without them. Like dizzy, disoriented, agitated, and falling asleep and Melissa recommends for issues like that to have a bit of sweet potato. I am so glad Whole30 works for so many people, (it helped me a lot just not in the weight loss area) I just don't know how to figure out how to tweak it if you have other issues going on. Thanks for sharing. It makes me feel less alone. Keep us posted if something works for you!
  11. RevKT

    At-home workout advice

    You can add in box jumps, and jump rope. kettle bells are a good place to spend some $$. For your push-ups, try hand release push-ups. There is probably some crossfit video on them. Oh, and burpees! The TRX is a great suggestion too! Good luck!
  12. RevKT

    Brewing kombucha question

    So, if you are whole30 the suggestion is not to use fruit juice because it can make the sugar content quite high unless you ferment it for a long time. Pieces of fruit are better. You need like one strawberry to flavor a GT size bottle. Also, I assume you know adding flavor comes during the second ferment, not the first ferment with the scoby.
  13. When you have two crock pots on almost every day, one for dinner for the family and one for the primal grain free food you are cooking for your dog. When your dog also gets a scoop of coconut oil daily. When you dance with glee the first time your bone broth is gelatinous. When your kid pulls out cedar planked salmon, broccoli, strawberries, and water for lunch at school on "Pizza Friday." When you add at the end of all birthday and party invitations "Please let us know if you have any food allergies, sensitivities, or other dietary restrictions so we can make sure we have food for you" because you know how much it sucks to go to a party and have nothing to eat.
  14. RevKT

    Nut Free Classrooms, What to Do?

    I have seen in a few posts about food allergies that people who do not have an anaphylactic reaction and have more psychological responses to food should not make as big a deal about food restrictions as those who can go into anaphylactic shock. I get the point but I also want to warn that psychological reactions to foods, especially for people with mental illness, can be life threatening. Eating gluten or too much sugar at just one meal, for some people, can lead to a severe manic or depressed state with great risk for suicide. So I get why people assume only an anaphylactic response is important and worthy of strict food requests, but I also want to raise awareness that anaphylactic shock is not the only imminent risk of death from food. I think people know if they have severe reactions and should be able to say they need strict adherence at restaurants.
  15. Primal Packs have comliant jerky. However, if you can make homemade you use vinegar (Braags), coconut aminos, and olive oil for the marinade and then we use Penzy's Chicken Taco seasoning (their regular taco seasoning is not Whole30 compliant) before we put it in the dehydrator.