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    Finally a breakfast winner!

    didn't have any pumpkin so swapped w/banana.. taste delish! hope the kids like them thanks for sharing!
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    Compromises on what the kids eat?

    i completed my W30 in march and now I'm back on board for round 2.... i didn't force my family to be completely compliant last time, but since I'm the one cooking, it was mostly by default. prior to W30 i shifted my family (husband, 5 yr. old and twin 2-yr. olds) to a paleo/primal diet so the change wasn't too drastic, but getting to THAT point really was. We were def. living off of cheerios, gold fish and wheat bread up until that point and my daughter was, and still struggles, with being a carb-aholic. When we first converted to paleo in Oct. '12, i tried the tough-love, get it all out of the house tactic and in my opinion, that really was the only way to go about it for real. Yes, it was hard but if you don't have it, well then you don't have it and you have to choose something else or go hungry. Now, I have to say, I'm not quite as tough when we're out... but I've made peace with it. I feel comfortable knowing they eat well 90% of the time, and certainly better than most, if not all, of their friends. I'm teaching them the best way to treat their bodies, but ultimately it will be their choice whether or not they want to follow in my footsteps. My daughter still is a sucker for bread (I find that she hordes/sneaks it when we're at grandmom's or attacks one of her friends if they pull out a bag of pretzels!) but I've also heard her say more than once "I think I'm so cranky from all the sugar I've had" and then she'll make good choices -- that is the best reward to see her listening to her body!
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    Scarred to go off plan & dealing w/guilt

    just wanted to give a quick update to my "should I/should I not" internal struggle so my daughter asked me if she could have a treat after finishing her lunch yesterday and wanted 1 of her Easter candies -- of course when she saw the options she chose that Reese's Egg... well weighing my options and not wanting to keep making this such an issue I said sure and suggested that we sit together at the kitchen table and enjoy 1 together -- reminding her that this would be my first treat in over a month! like It starts w/Food suggested I got "downright romantic" w/that reese's LOL... and I have to say, I took 3 bites (because I really had to make sure I wasn't fooling myself!) and realized that it tasted like wax!! I threw 1/2 of it away! I can't believe that I have wasted so much energy thinking about this crappy piece of candy but am relieved/happy that I don't even like it anymore for me, it always goes back to "i can make it better myself" -- so that's what I'm going to be reminding myself from here on out! thanks again for all the great suggestions/advice!
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    Scarred to go off plan & dealing w/guilt

    Thank you all so much for the great comments! You all made so many good points that hit home - love the "ride your own bike" analogy and remembering that this isn't a W365.... I think I will begin to test certain foods out, but keep them meaningful that way I shouldn't be feeling guilty about it... And I think you are right - I did complete the W30 so I should give myself a little more credit and start to trust my instincts I had an epiphany when I asked myself what I'm so afraid of?? What's the WORST that's going to happen?? I need to get over my fat-kid complex and stay present in the moment and appreciate how far I've come I really resonate w/this mentality Pea so thank you! I truly do fine joy in home cooking w/the best ingredients and hate nothing more than paying for a less than mediocre dessert when I know I can make it better at home!
  5. So I successfully completed my first W30 (yay me!!) but now I'm scared to death to go off track! I just don't like these constant feelings of guilt and analyzing that goes along w/eating a "bad" food - I keep thinking that THIS cant be a healthy relationship w/food either :/ I was mostly paleo before w30 so there are not too many food groups I'm interested in welcoming back into my diet, but I guess it all boils down to: should I eat that darn Reese's Peanut Butter egg or not??!! LOL... They were always my absolute fave at Easter but I'm afraid ill go off the rails by having one How does everyone else deal w/being OK w/yourself by eating off plan occasionally? Just trying to find a happy/no pressure/ no stress relationship w/food (for the first time ever) Thanks!!
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    too much fruit?

    @caseyd we are definitely in the "well at grandmas house!" Boat over here as well.... My inlaws watch the crew on Mondays and thurs. (which I am beyond grateful for) but its a food free for all over there! As soon as they open the door the kids race for the pantry and poor a bowl of cereal! No joke.... I picked them up yesterday and they were seriously the most out of control, whiny, crazy kids ever! But I was told that "they didn't want to eat what you packed today" so instead the boys ate pineapple, crackers and Cheerios all day and lily (my 5 yr. old) only ate cereal and crackers. I'm just torn about being the food police at someone else's house especially when I know how hard it is to handle 3 kids 5 and under on a good day.... But I'm sure not liking the kids that are coming back home w/me either and all the hard work I have to put in to get them back on track before the next time they go
  7. Courtney Bush

    too much fruit?

    thank you for the reply robin! not sure why, but i never considered giving them coconut milk! that is a great idea... what other ways can I get some calcium into them? we're honestly not big fish eaters (and when i say "we" i mean "me" and I'm the one cooking so... lol) as far as the n-6's... i have thought about that, but we eat venison most nights that my husband and I have harvested so I do think we get a healthy dose of n-3's, plus i only buy the omega-3 eggs. I think what I'm going to do is start weening them off of the cows milk (they're 2nd birthday is right around the corner anyway) and introducing the coconut milk and not giving them the fruit w/their meals but only after, if they ask -- up until now, I was giving them a variety of things at each meal, but I realize that this just makes them fill up on the "good stuff" first and throw all the rest on the floor :/ I'm also going to have to get a little more creative w/coming up w/good finger-food protein options for the gang -- I've been making such great recipes from the Well Fed book lately that my husband and I love, but they're not going over so great w/the kiddos. Just so sick of dinner time being a bust
  8. Courtney Bush

    too much fruit?

    i have 21mo. old twins who are fruit-aholics! I know kids go through phases where they only want to eat a certain food group, but it's getting to the point where they'll eat 2 bananas each, 2 clementines each and if i let them strawberries and blueberries all day long... am i being too militant by trying to limit them?? I offer them well rounded meals w/proteins & veggies, which they'll pick at but soon enough i'll hear the screams for "nana! nana!" throughout our entire dinner time. they seriously ruin dinner w/their screaming every night w/o fail because they want nothing to do w/what I've made and only want to eat fruit. any suggestions?? do i have to hide the fruit bowl?? Also while I'm at it, too much milk? i know dairy isn't looked upon too fondly here, but is it really ok to take away the whole milk before 2? they could seriously drink milk all day long and fight me on it quite often. oh and I might as well ask, too much nut butters for my 5yr. old?! LOL... as you can see, my kids tend to like 1 thing and obsess over it! thank you in advance for the advice!