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  1. Why can I never finish anything? I can't even remember what happened, actually I do, we sold our family home - and the predictable happened. So ANOTHER NEW START! Today, here in Ireland, we start a six week lockdown - so what better time to begin again. I have the time to cook and I am not going anywhere. Breakfast: eggs, spinach, tomatoes baked with olive oil Lunch: Salmon, brussels sprouts, apple Dinner: Chicken curry, steamed potatoes, pear. Exercise: 45 mins brisk walk. Hope everyone else is well
  2. I ate 8 icecreams the other day. There, I have said it. I feel so ashamed of myself when I do it. I have no ability to control myself around sugar. It is not just you.
  3. Wow, you have a lot to contend with. I am in a similar place - getting my house ready to sell and hopefully move to another country so I sympathise - I totally agree about W30 creating stability - I wondered if I was crazy attempting this on top of everything else, but somehow it has made it easier to focus. I do like rules - for me life is just easier that way. Good luck with your round.
  4. *Books flight* you could totally regret saying that. Food is one of my top hobbies too - I live in Ireland but I long to live a warmer country so I can grow more of my own food - I fantasize about growing tomatoes (what a tragic fantasy life I have!) outside which really isn't possible here! I did a cookery course at a lovely cookery school set on an organic farm here, where you get to not only cook, but milk the cows; make cheese, dig veg, go fishing! It was wonderful. I then worked in a restaurant on an island off the coast. SUCH HARD WORK! I toyed with opening a restaurant but serious
  5. I was just reading your log and I am ashamed of my food! Yours sounds like a fancy restaurant menu. Seriously, covid or not, I am coming to stay with you.
  6. Good morning everyone, hope you all have wonderful days. Yesterday was day one:- Breakfast: eggs, spinach, tomatoes baked with avocado. Delicious! Lunch: I ate breakfast late so wasn't hungry. Apple, banana, a handful of mixed nuts. Dinner: Rib eye steak, homemade coleslaw with red cabbage, carrot and homemade garlic mayo, baked potato with chopped red onion and brussels sprouts. I felt really well and on top of things all day. Spent some time doing To Do lists which made me feel like I knew what was going on in my life. And that is good because mostly I don't.
  7. Thank you, I feel all full of early autumnal, crisp early morning air enthusiasm. I am not sure if that is a thing, but I feel it anyway. I have just signed up for 30 days of 15 mins a day of Pilates too. So lots of menu planning and getting ready this weekend. I am excited to feel well again. I intend to make sure I go into next year healthy and happy. Looking forward to chatting with you all again. x
  8. Hello! I am back. I am going to start this again on Monday and this time I WILL COMPLETE IT. I want tiger blood and I ain't leaving until I've got it. So there.
  9. Ugh, so due to circumstances out of my control (a death in the family), I had to give up on this last week. I did however, keep to no sugar and no alcohol. Which is pretty good under the circumstances. So, moving forward, starting again, pressing on, I need to do this so badly. I AM SO TIRED. and I know it is rubbish carbs - bread mostly. I was going to do some painting this weekend, but I think I will rest and regroup. And dream of tiger-blood. Hope everyone else is doing well.
  10. Well, I am going to start on Monday so I have cleaned out the fridge and freezer. (I may have eaten the contents, not telling). Everything is on for shopping tomorrow, but now my Mum has decided she wants to come and stay with me for a while so that is going to mean a bit of managing to make it all Whole30 and also to produce food she likes too. Still, forewarned is forearmed. I have a load of Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and Vegetarian cookery books so I will spend this evening by the fire (it is FREEZING here in Ireland) picking out good recipes. I made Briam (Greek Roast Vegetable
  11. Gosh, I love peanut butter! I can totally imagine eating a whole jar in one sitting. I think peanuts are my actual favourite food. I can't wait to see how you do on the healthy eating habits and making good choices. Please do come back and post what happens, I need to hear that it is possible!
  12. That sounds like the actual perfect day! I so want to see the cupcakes, can you post a link?
  13. @ShadowInTheKitchenThat is an excellent idea about ordering expensive cupcakes, not only are there no leftovers but also no half packages of ingredients just begging to be made into more cake. And anyway, you deserve super fancy cupcakes!