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  1. Why can I never finish anything?   I can't even remember what happened, actually I do, we sold our family home - and the predictable happened.  


    Today, here in Ireland, we start a six week lockdown - so what better time to begin again.  I have the time to cook and I am not going anywhere.

    Breakfast: eggs, spinach, tomatoes baked with olive oil

    Lunch: Salmon, brussels sprouts, apple

    Dinner: Chicken curry, steamed potatoes, pear.

    Exercise: 45 mins brisk walk.

    Hope everyone else is well :)


  2. 5 hours ago, SchrodingersCat said:

    My problem with the non-compliant food is that day to day - I don't want legumes, pasta, bread, oats etc. Basically the non-compliant stuff I'd eat every day if I could is the BAD stuff, candy, alcohol, cookies, cakes and muffins etc etc. The 'healthy' non-compliant stuff, I'm fine without. I do like dairy though, so I'll see how that treats me. 

    We are *actual* twins.:)

  3. Wow, you have a lot to contend with.  I am in a similar place - getting my house ready to sell and hopefully move to another country so I sympathise - I  totally agree about W30 creating stability - I wondered if I was crazy attempting this on top of everything else, but somehow it has made it easier to focus.  I do like rules - for me life is just easier that way.

    Good luck with your round.


  4. 12 hours ago, SchrodingersCat said:

    I'd love to cook for you, you'd be more than welcome! :D I'd love to open up a cafe/restaurant which just specifically catered to dietary needs while still making really amazing meals. Food is my hobby, it shouldn't be, but it is. 

    *Books flight* you could totally regret saying that.  Food is one of my top hobbies too - I live in Ireland but I long to live a warmer country so I can grow more of my own food - I fantasize about growing tomatoes (what a tragic fantasy life I have!) outside which really isn't possible here!  I did a cookery course at a lovely cookery school set on an organic farm here, where you get to not only cook, but milk the cows; make cheese, dig veg, go fishing!  It was wonderful.  I then worked in a restaurant on an island off the coast.  SUCH HARD WORK!  I toyed with opening a restaurant but seriously I just want to lie about and eat nice food, not make it!


    15 hours ago, ShadowInTheKitchen said:

    Happy Day 1, and welcome back!  It's a great time to start again, and autumn is a perfect time to begin a walking program with your Fitbit date.  I also pulled mine out of a drawer and am feeling stronger because of it.  

    How about Schrodie Cat's food eh? I keep hoping that one day I'm going to read in her log that she's opened a B&B and invited all of her W30 friends over!  :D  

    Until then, I'm sticking with pretty basic food for my meals too, same old same old and easy peasy is what works for me.  

    Hello again!  Hope you are well.  Autumn is lovely, it could be my favourite but I think that at the beginning of every season :)


    Breakfast left over roast veg with salmon

    Lunch: Fruit mostly.  Must stop doing this but working from home has changed my food itinerary - I no longer want to eat breakfast until mid-morning so am not really hungry for lunch.

    Dinner: more roast veg, leftover coleslaw, leftover steak.  It was better than it looks written down.

    The new normal for me seems to be eating two meals a day - I am fine with that - I have no one to please but myself and it will be quite some time before I fade away :P

  5. 3 minutes ago, SchrodingersCat said:

    Happy Day 1!! I too dusted off my old Fitbit and it's really helping with the lockdown movement - I get shamed by how little I'm moving, LOL.

    Food sounds great!! 

    I was just reading your log and I am ashamed of my food!  Yours sounds like a fancy restaurant menu.  Seriously, covid or not, I am coming to stay with you.

  6. Good morning everyone, hope you all have wonderful days.

    Yesterday was day one:-

    Breakfast: eggs, spinach, tomatoes baked with avocado.  Delicious!

    Lunch: I ate breakfast late so wasn't hungry.  Apple, banana, a handful of mixed nuts.

    Dinner: Rib eye steak, homemade coleslaw with red cabbage, carrot and homemade garlic mayo, baked potato with chopped red onion and brussels sprouts.

    I felt really well and on top of things all day.  Spent some time doing To Do lists which made me feel like I knew what was going on in my life.  And that is good because mostly I don't. 

    Did a 30-minute walk - it wasn't far, but I really felt it - I have been so, so sedentary during lockdown. I got my elderly fitbit out of retirement and I am going to get walking again.

    Have a great day x




  7. 2 hours ago, SchrodingersCat said:

    Welcome back!! You've picked a great time, there's a real buzz about September W30s :)

    Thank you, I feel all full of early autumnal, crisp early morning air enthusiasm.  I am not sure if that is a thing, but I feel it anyway.  I have just signed up for 30 days of 15 mins a day of Pilates too.  So lots of menu planning and getting ready this weekend.  I am excited to feel well again.  I intend to make sure I go into next year healthy and happy.  Looking forward to chatting with you all again. x

  8. Ugh, so due to circumstances out of my control (a death in the family), I had to give up on this last week.  I did however, keep to no sugar and no alcohol.  Which is pretty good under the circumstances.  So, moving forward, starting again, pressing on, I need to do this so badly.  I AM SO TIRED.  and I know it is rubbish carbs - bread mostly.  I was going to do some painting this weekend, but I think I will rest and regroup.  And dream of tiger-blood. 

    Hope everyone else is doing well.  



  9. Well, I am going to start on Monday so I have cleaned out the fridge and freezer.  (I may have eaten the contents,  not telling).  Everything is on for shopping tomorrow, but now my Mum has decided she wants to come and stay with me for a while so that is going to mean a bit of managing to make it all Whole30 and also to produce food she likes too. Still, forewarned is forearmed. I have a load of Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and Vegetarian cookery books so I will spend this evening by the fire (it is FREEZING here in Ireland) picking out good recipes.

    I made Briam  (Greek Roast Vegetables) last week and I literally couldn't stop eating it - it was a 'stuffing it in whilst standing in front of the fridge with a fork' type meal so I will get plenty of ingredients for that - there are far worse things I could be shovelling into my mouth.

    Hope you are all having/had a great day depending on which time zone you are in. 

  10. 9 hours ago, kirbz said:

    Welp, I ended my Whole46 today. By eating an entire jar of peanut butter. Which was, believe it or not, a conscious decision and totally worth it. I was craving peanut butter, this has been a stressful and emotional week, and it's the first day of my period, so it felt like a worthwhile indulgence. And it was most delicious. I don't feel bad about it. 

    Now, the challenge will be to return to healthy eating habits and not letting that be an excuse for not-so-conscious food choices! I'll check back in a few days, where I will hopefully be reporting that I easily transitioned right back into healthy eating! 

    :o Gosh, I love peanut butter!  I can totally imagine eating a whole jar in one sitting.  I think peanuts are my actual favourite food.

    I can't wait to see how you do on the healthy eating habits and making good choices.  Please do come back and post what happens, I need to hear that it is possible!

  11. 11 hours ago, ShadowInTheKitchen said:

    Words from the wise, I love it.  I just finished W40, today was my first day of reintroduction.  The thing is - my birthday is in 10 days and I've been thinking about what kind of cake I'd like.  Homemade gluten free vanilla with loads of vanilla icing on top keeps popping into my head.  I had this at a friend's wedding a few years ago, salivate every time I think about it, and have wanted more ever since.  But after reading your post, I need to rethink this.  Instead of cake, I think I'll order some ridiculously expensive super fancy cupcakes, just one for everyone in my family.  That way we can all indulge and there will be no leftovers.  Because seriously, I am always the one who eats the lion's share of the leftover cake.  Thank you for posting about your experience, and welcome back!  I'll be cheering you on as we all make our way to being a little bit healthier with every passing day. 

    @Tevenie @SchrodingersCat @MadyVanilla @kirbz @Contessa Y'all have me a bit worried because I am feeling super righteous right now - like I GOT this, I nailed it and I'm never going back to eating the way I used to.  I'd love to say I've never failed at anything in my life before but sarcasm doesn't read like sarcasm in a forum LOL :P

    @ShadowInTheKitchenThat is an excellent idea about ordering expensive cupcakes, not only are there no leftovers but also no half packages of ingredients just begging to be made into more cake.  And anyway, you deserve super fancy cupcakes! 


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    2 hours ago, kirbz said:

    So yeah, we're all here! We are committed. We are strong. And we are taking control of our lives, our purpose, and our outcomes! We got this! 

    Woohoo!  It is getting like a proper gang in here now!  I am going to print this out and post it on my fridge because you are right, we are strong and we are committed and we are taking control.  

    I will be 54 in November and I will NOT spend another year being unhealthy, lethargic and miserable!

  13. On 11/8/2019 at 10:19 AM, Tevenie said:

    PS - I lost 10lbs - if I am honest I started this with weight loss as my primary motivator, but somewhere along the way I forgot about the scale and my motivation became something, bigger, better and more important - my health.

    What a load of nonsense this was, I fell at the first sugar hurdle, wrapped my arms around the dragon's neck and went on a joy-ride!

  14. Just now, SchrodingersCat said:

    Welcome back!!! I just finished Round 5 after rolling allllllllll the way back down the hill to where I started :) 

    And guess what?! Peas are allowed now!! 

    Thank you, I was just reading your log and I wanted to come to your house and take you by the shoulders, look you in the eye and tell you not to fall down my slippery slope!  (not in a weird stalkerish kind of way, just in a supportive way :D) Your loss was brilliant even though I see why you are disappointed.  Us humans be crazy!  

    Peas!  I danced around the kitchen when I saw Melissa's email about peas, even though I was off round.  

    I feel a bit excited about starting again now.  


  15. Well, I ate the chocolate cake and I drank the wine.  And I ate more chocolate cake and drank more wine, you know how this story ends, right?  So I am back here.  The same weight I was when I started, exhausted, not sleeping and wondering what the hell happened.  I was lying in bed this morning wondering how I could get back to feeling as energised as I did when I finished my Whole30.  It is really not rocket science, is it? The only way to get back to feeling like that is to do it again!   So here I am, back, rereading what I said in my final post.  And committing to doing this AGAIN.

    Roll on tiger blood! 

  16. I DID IT! I DID IT! 

    Well, I did it apart from the great pea debacle.  

    I feel really well, MUCH more energy, better sleep, my head feels clear.  I have always thought the brain-fog I suffer from was due to the Multiple Sclerosis, but now I think it is probably the sugar and the bad carbohydrate.  

    I certainly wasn't perfect, I have snacked too much on fruit, I haven't always kept to the meal template, but I feel like I have done a 'time in motion'  study on my eating, and indeed, living habits and I can really see where my danger points are; what my weaknesses are; and, also, the good habits I have. 

    I do most of my own cooking and that's great.  My basic diet is pretty good -my problem is, and I never realised this before, that I eat to blot out my emotions - boredom, loneliness, anger, frustration.  I need to address the root causes of all these. 

    It is my birthday this weekend and my (82-year-old) mother is making me a chocolate cake and there is no way I am turning that down!  So there will be cake, and there will be wine.  I knew before I started that my reintroduction was not going to be perfect.  Life, what can you do?  But that's the whole point of food freedom really, isn't it?

    I can't begin to tell you how well worth it the last 30 days have been and how happy I am to have completed it.


    PS - I lost 10lbs - if I am honest I started this with weight loss as my primary motivator, but somewhere along the way I forgot about the scale and my motivation became something, bigger, better and more important - my health.


  17. Oh, thank you so much for that MadyVanilla, I hadn't seen that.  

    It has taken me a while to feel good on this - it was really only yesterday I suddenly started to feel good so I don't want to stop.  I am hoping I have lost weight, I am certainly less bloated - I am wearing jeans today that I haven't been able to wear for a while because my belly was causing the zip to come down.  Never a good look!  So I am certainly not going to stop now.  I will see how I feel about it at the end of the 30 days, which is next Thursday I think.  But at present, I am just planning to keep going. 

  18. I ate peas.  I cant believe it! I am devastated- day 19 and I just completely forgot they were legumes.  So stupid of me.  Still, as screwing up stuff goes I guess eating peas on a whole 30 is not the actual end of the world.  I have decided to just keep going because if I stop now it will just be a licence to shovel cake in my mouth.   

  19. Hello, so it seems I am not that great at keeping this up.  The journal, I mean, not the Whole 30.  Whole 30 is going great.  I am not brilliant at getting the meals together as per the template and I have definitely snacked on fruit when I shouldn't but as Melissa says, there is no such thing as a perfect Whole 30.  I have been completely compliant with all my food choices and I am feeling great today.  

    Have a great day!