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  1. Hi Bicky145, I was diagnosed about 5 years ago so I've come a long way since then with what I can and can't tolerate and been on elimination diet after elimination diet but still find myself in denial about a lot of veggies. I just can't accept that such healthy foods can be bad for my system! Haha I mean they are just vegetables right? Although this is what I've found I DO tolerate: Almost all greens - spinach, bok choy, rocket, lettuces, silver beet, chard - jury is still deciding on kale though Carrots Tomatoes Cucumber Celery Avocado Green beans Turnip Swede Sweet pot
  2. I hear ya sista! This sounds crazy but broccoli actually makes me DEPRESSED! It's like a fog comes over me (within the hour) and it lasts for 24hrs. Full depression. It's so weird. And like when u go to the dentist and they numb your face it wears off in the same way down to the 24th hour. I've tested it many times out of disbelief am proven wrong every time. I avoid broccoli like the plague. I also get instant bloating, I used to live off meat and veg - mostly broccoli and could never understand what was upsetting me until I ate plain organic beef with nothing else on it and steamed broccoli