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  1. TJs: Smoked Salmon. They have a brand that is wild with just salmon, salt and smoke. Garlic stuffed olives individual packages of butternut squash Salsas -- the organic roasted tomato is my fave Sparkling water WHole Foods -- I generally buy almond and cashew butters from there.
  2. CraftyCarnivore

    Dietician UPDATE

    I think when you really break W30 down for people, they understand it's not horrible. Good on you!!
  3. CraftyCarnivore

    Tuna, Salsa, Coconut Milk, and Coconut Oil

    Coconut oil: I love the Carrington Farms from Costco. $16 for a 54 oz jar. Coconut milk: aroy-d Tuna: wild planet at Costco. Ditto their salmon! Salsa: Tjs roasted tomatillo is the bomb
  4. CraftyCarnivore

    Johnny M does it again: Coconut Curry Lamb and Beef Meatballs

    Which did you make, the meatballs or tostadas?
  5. Coming back to w30 in three days. I love this post. You are one of my w30 heroes!
  6. CraftyCarnivore

    Slow Cooker Spare Ribs

    Has anyone tried this method since I posted it? Wondering what you all think.
  7. CraftyCarnivore

    Chicken Tostadas Rancheros

    Moluv, yes, fry-smash-fry. Lots of work, but soooo good.
  8. CraftyCarnivore

    Johnny M does it again: Coconut Curry Lamb and Beef Meatballs

    My adaptations: - Didn't have Red Boat, so used coconut aminos - Sauce: 1 can of Muir Glen Organic FR Tomatoes; 1 small can tomato sauce; 1 full 6oz can tomato paste - Used 1 lb each, grass fed beef and lamb - This made a TON of sauce. I scooped out about a cup to serve over eggs, veggies, or just to eat as soup. Seriously magical stuff.
  9. CraftyCarnivore

    Spending way too much $$ on groceries!

    It's funny. I see all these comments that fruits and vegs are "cheaper at the farmers market than in the store". Not here. And I've been to Farmers markets where they sell bananas. I have yet to see a banana "locally grown" in the Chicago area.
  10. The sauce is ridiculous.
  11. CraftyCarnivore

    Canned salmon

    Beets, Costco sells the Bear and Wolf brand. It's very similar in texture to tuna.
  12. Yesterday I had Applegate Farms roast beef, with baba ghannouj spread on it, wrapped around gherkins, and kale chips.
  13. CraftyCarnivore

    Rediscovering my cookbooks!

    Oh her non-compliant recipes are ridiculously amazing. But it was nice to page through and see the options that were compliant. She also has some great tips, in one of her more recent books, on making things easy in the kitchen. And all that "good olive oil" has made her hair shiny and her complexion amazing, so maybe she can be a W30 spokeswoman at some point.
  14. CraftyCarnivore

    Rediscovering my cookbooks!

    Beets, I've been to Frontera and Topolobampo. Both are excellent reasons to come to Chicago for sure!! Barefoot Contessa also has some great W30 recipes, believe it or not. You have to ignore the yummy so-not-W30 recipes to get to them, but I make her brussels sprouts recipe all the time, and she has some wonderful soups and meat recipes as well. (She's also my favorite FN celebrity.) Surprisingly nothing in the Ellie Krieger's books comes close to compliant.
  15. CraftyCarnivore

    Rediscovering my cookbooks!

    So I've been poring over my cookbooks and have found that quite a few of them contain many compliant recipes, or recipes that would be compliant with very few modifications. The one I was really excited about was Rick Bayless's Mexico: One Plate at a Time. Most of his recipes are not "con queso" to begin with so they are pretty compliant.