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  1. Nicole M

    off-road? off the GRID.

    Jenny- I am WITH YOU! You took the words right out of my head, I think. I finished my first W30 on Super Bowl Sunday, and the off roading began immediately..... some days/weeks have been better than others, but I have definitely been struggling. Also like you, I want to WANT to do another W30... but I sort of don't want to do it. While I felt fantastic, I also found the W30 stressful, which is why I don't want to do it again so soon.... I am really trying to figure out how to get myself in check. blah All I can say is... we all need to stick together! We can do it, each of us in our own way!!!
  2. Nicole M

    What about DARK (VERY) CHOCOLATE

    The enjoy life chocolate is amazing. Just thought I would throw that out there.
  3. I finished my first W30 earlier this week, and am starting re-introduction. I have discovered, as I had previously suspected, that I do not have any issues with dairy. I have started eating cheese and greek yogurt again. I ate Oatmeal this morning with coconut milk, a touch of maple syrup, raisins and blueberries, and so far everything seems a-ok. I have also cheated with several Hershey's kisses, and a couple Oreos over the last couple days, which leads me to my question.... how often do you guys "off-road"? I feel like I am probably pushing the limits, but I have been able to eat a little cheat each day and not go overboard with it. I feel like maybe I am just testing myself, but am stuck with the question of "how much is too much?". Thoughts?
  4. Nicole M

    Taro? Breadfruit?

    What is the heck is breadfruit??? I have never heard of this!!!
  5. The things you find out doing this are interesting. For instance, I always thought I had a MASSIVE sugar demon. But, not eating sugar didn't bother me in the slightest during my W30. It's been the dairy... but it is likely that that is only because the hubs didn't give up dairy and it was in my face all the time. Even alcohol and grains were not an issue. Things that I thought would be a huge problem.
  6. Nicole M

    Tuna and Costco

    Our Costco does not have Wild Planet, but they have Genova in OO (7.99 for 4 cans), which I love. I have grown to love tuna in OO over water during my W30. It's definitely not as dried out... yummy!
  7. Nicole M

    Trader Joe's and Costco options

    My husband and I eat both. We eat a lot, so it is just not economical for us to buy all organic. I try to buy organic ground beef from Costco because ours does not have any grassfed. I tend to buy conventional chicken. At one point I joined a meat CSA from a local farm, but it just was not enough meat for us, so we always ended up having to supplement, which ended up being more expensive. Luckily, my husband's dad is getting ready to slaughter 2 cows at his place in Kentucky, and is going to bring us half of one of them. Totally grass fed and pastured. I am trying to talk him into getting some pigs next
  8. Nicole M

    Joined our first CSA!

    Terez, What CSA did you join? I've been looking for a good one in the DC area.
  9. Nicole M

    More food/calories

    I was just telling my hubs today that I love being able to eat tons of food, and still feel good and look good. Never again will I count calories or worry about fat content...unless, of course, I am looking for high fat content. He has "mantabolism" is frurstrating for us women, but so true. I feel like men have to eat SO much more than women to feel husband eats us out of house and home!
  10. Nicole M

    A lesson in reading labels - fish oil

    Which type did you get from Costco? The hubs and I use the "enteric" (or however it's spelled) coated, and it is compliant.... (unless, I did the same thing you did... but I scrutinizes that bottle!!!)
  11. Nicole M

    Chicken thighs vs. chicken breasts

    Pastured anything around here is the equivalent of your first born-- so expensive! I just try to do the best I can, I can get organic pretty easily and somewhat cheaply, so that is pretty much what we stick with.
  12. I've Melissa say somewhere (I don't remember where or I would quote it) that you can be healthy and not be PERFECT. You are doing a W30, which is important, but the W30 is not a lifestyle in an of itself. You can sometimes splurge on things you want, but you have to know how that is going to impact your body and your overall health. You have to find the balance that will help you stay the healthiest long term. Personally, I am counting down until I can reintroduce dairy. I've struggled the most with my cravings for cheese and greek yogurt. I am pretty positive that I have no issues with dairy and unless I discover something huge, I fully plan on eating this long term. On the other hand, I know how gluten effects me... so this is something that I will "splurge" on, but do not plan to eat regularly because I know how I feel afterward. These are all choices we have to make on our own... I think it's totally normal to want to go back to old habits, change is hard and uncomfortable. At least you have the ability to know what is going to make you healthy or not and can use that to your advantage.
  13. Nicole M

    Chicken thighs vs. chicken breasts

    I think it's just because he's always been told that breasts are "better" cuts of the chicken. I would definitely purchase boneless, skinless because that would definitely be easier. I think I am just going to buy some and tell him to shut up and try it!
  14. Nicole M

    Chicken thighs vs. chicken breasts

    I tried to pull a Whole 30 on him-- he's been pretty agreeable to stuff that I say we should eat because it was in ISWF or on the forums. SO I said "well the forums said that it is a fattier piece of meat and better for us to eat than breasts"...he didn't buy it...