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  1. elle_croft

    Lara bar and their equivalent UK version (Nakd bars)

    My husband has been wondering about this for cycling - he is training for a cycling event in France so is sometimes out for hours at a time without stopping. It's too hard (and too dangerous) when on roads to watch where he's going and try to coordinate getting cashews or dried fruit out of a bag - he really needs something easy to grab and eat without taking his eyes off the road. My thought was Lara/Nakd bars, but as he's cycling regularly I guess this isn't great - any other ideas please?
  2. elle_croft

    CALLING ALL UK Whole30/Post-Whole30-ers!

    OK, good to know! I have been enjoying my W30 but missing the social side of going out to eat. I guess in the US the culture might be different (in terms of asking for menu changes) but I just hate going to good London restaurants and asking them to change every item on the menu, it feels so fussy!! Anyway, glad to hear you've managed it - I'm impressed! I'll definitely check out Flat Iron once my W30 is done :-) Enjoy the Delauney!!
  3. elle_croft

    Eggless options?

    Hey! I feel your pain. Not only do I hate eggs (as much as you!) but I also can't stomach meat in the mornings; it just makes me want to be sick. I have come up with my own version of breakfast, which is probably not 'ideal' - Moderators might have something to say about it ;-) but it's the only way I have managed to eat a compliant breakfast. Basically, I make a pumpkin souffle (4 eggs, which you can't taste, 1/2 can coconut milk, some spices and pureed butternut squash and sweet potato) - I bake this for 20 mins and have a slice each morning when I wake up with some coconut flakes on top. Then, when I get to work, if I can stomach it, I'll have a couple of slices of bacon. I do get hungry more than if I ate a more W30 compliant meal, but at least breakfast is no longer an ordeal. If you can stomach meat, then you could do some sauteed meat & veg - there are lots of good recipes out there that don't include egg. Good luck!
  4. elle_croft

    CALLING ALL UK Whole30/Post-Whole30-ers!

    How was Flat Iron? I've been wanting to try it but steering clear during my W30 - did you find any good options on the menu?
  5. elle_croft

    Anyone starting Monday the 15th?

    At lunch and dinner I am, but breakfast is still a huge struggle for me. No solution yet to my super-sensitive stomach and egg-aversion combo which makes breakfast options next to impossible. I'm less hungry than I was in week 1 but the gap between breakfast and lunch is a struggle... :-(
  6. elle_croft


    I live in the UK where we don't have Chipotle. We do have other Mexican chain restaurants though and today (day 5) I went for a naked burrito for lunch - I checked the descriptions on their site beforehand and everything sounded clean and fresh - so I had peppers & onions, chicken, pico de gallo, guacamole and lettuce with a squeeze of lime. I ate it and felt awful - a headache and my stomach was so unsettled. No idea what hidden nasty was in there but I know not to go back. Sad. I loved their burritos.
  7. elle_croft

    Anyone starting Monday the 15th?

    Day 5 and I'm feeling better too...my headache seems to have abated and I'm not as hungry as I was for the first four days (still hungry, but not to the point of insanity!). Haven't noticed any physical changes yet but I don't expect to for the first couple of weeks!
  8. I'm on day 4 and relying a bit more on nuts than I'd like to - but at this stage I'm trying to just get through the sugar cravings and hunger without cheating. I think by about day 10 when (hopefully) I'm feeling more sated I'll try to cut down. Today, for example, I had a handful of almonds and a handful of blackberries as part of my breakfast - I don't plan to have any more fruit or nuts but if I get to the point where I either reach for a banana or a bar of chocolate, I'll choose the banana.
  9. elle_croft

    Anyone starting Monday the 15th?

    Yep, sadly. Although today I am managing to get down some prosciutto, as well as a handful of almonds, some red bell peppers and a banana. Probably not the BEST W30 breakfast, but I need to stick with what I can manage for now...
  10. elle_croft

    Constantly hungry.

    I totally feel the same way, Cranium, and am also on day 2 (maybe it's just how everyone feels at the start). I have always been a hungry person, generally eating large portions of lots of carbs, although thankfully I have a very fast metabolism so don't tend to gain much weight. Am also usually fairly active but again, tend to carb load to keep up my energy. Day 2 into the Whole30, I'm eating a reasonable amount of protein and yet I'm still ready to devour my own arm after a few hours. I'm also more tired than usual, even falling asleep on the bus home last night which has never happened before. I am just not sure if this is normal or not!
  11. elle_croft

    HELP! Other Breakfast Ideas - non-eggs

    I posted about this elsewhere but this topic seems more relevant...I have a real aversion to eggs (as in, the smell, taste, texture etc makes my stomach turn) and in general have a VERY sensitive stomach in the morning (bad smells or meat smells tend to make me dry retch for 10 mins or so...wish me luck if I'm pregnant one day!). I am REALLY struggling for breakfast ideas as my first two days have been somewhat of an ordeal...I've taken half an hour to choke down some bacon with veg and an avocado. I don't know what to do - I want to stick to the Whole30 but hate the idea of feeling like I'm going to vomit every morning from the breakfast I'm eating. Ideas/help please!
  12. elle_croft

    Anyone starting Monday the 15th?

    Yes! I started yesterday - very nervous but also excited to see results (fingers crossed for sustained energy and a general feeling of health). So far no cheating (despite my team at work buying me a giant cookie to celebrate my birthday) but I have been super hungry (am I the only one?) and also am really struggling for breakfast ideas. In general, I'm not a fussy eater (have no problems finding lunch & dinner options), but I have a really sensitive stomach in the morning - a whiff of a bad smell will send me into a dry retching frenzy for 10 minutes - and meat in the morning just makes me feel nauseous. Add to this a complete intolerence of eggs and I am left with a. skipping breakfast or just having some veg which won't fill me up or b. an ordeal like this morning when it took me half an hour to choke down some bacon with veg, after which I was late to work. Any ideas would be very gratefully received!