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  1. This is the exact information I have been looking for. I am training for a 60 mile bike ride next month. My training rides are getting longer and hillier. I am on the bike for about 4 hours with constant exertion. I know what to eat pre and post ride, but now that the rides are lengthening I was wondering all the same questions as Kirbz. I saw your list, and there are a few “packable” items for quick consumption that I can pick up. Would almond butter packets be a good choice? Thank you for the great information.
  2. younork

    Intra workout foods

    Hi, I have been following a whole 30 lifestyles or the past 2 years now. I have lost 50 pounds and feel amazing. I am a 63 year old woman who I has recently taken up cycling n my retirement. This May I will be doing a 60 mile ride. I understand what to eat pre-and post workout, but since this will take me over four hours, what do you suggest that is small, easily portable and quick to eat during the ride so I can get back on the road. I know those support food will include lots of bread’s for quick energy. I would rather not “go there“. Also, do you suggest the use of compliant electrolytes in my water or taking B12? Thank you, Pen