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  1. calee

    My Whole30 results!

    Congratulations on your amazing success in finding a plan that works or you. I too am so grateful to have found It Starts With Food and this website.
  2. calee

    W100 Recap

    Congratulations! How awesome to do a W100! I love your success list. I finished a W75 last Sunday with 5 French fries. I think that W Whatever may become part of my life going forward in some fashion. We all deserve to feel great.
  3. You must be over the moon happy. You look fantastic and you're not craving the "kitchen" food. How cool is that?
  4. You have been wildly successful in so many areas! Big congratulations!
  5. calee

    Photos of my Success!

    You should be so proud of your hard work. Your transformation is stunning.
  6. calee

    Photos of my Whole 60

    Awesome results! Good for you!
  7. Jess, yours is an incredible story of perseverance, you've done a great job of fulfilling your dream of a being a fit 40 year old. Congratulations and thank you for the inspiration.
  8. calee

    Day 29.

    I'm on day 62 because 1. I'm afraid I'll crash and burn. 2. Because eating this way feels good and 3. I'm making progress with medications, Pilates work outs and general health. I know I will off road while in Europe at the end of the summer and want to just contine strengthening my time away from dairy, sugar and grains. Congrats on your journey!
  9. calee

    A paleo dietician comments on smoothies

    I bought my second Vitamix in 2004 when I was a raw vegan. I Know I liked that plan because I was mainling sugar. Yes, I added greens but with all that fruit it didn't matter. I was still fat. I was right back to low carb after that adventure. Now my vitamix lives on a top shelf. Paleo is so much more sustainable.
  10. calee

    Fermenting Fun

    Thanks for this thread. It's been over 30 years since I made kraut. You made me remember how delightful it is to make at home. Now all I need is to get it together! I will be watching for your updates. This seems much more manageable than booch in my small kitchen.
  11. calee

    refrigerate avocado oil?

    I leave mine on the counter.
  12. calee

    Day 31: Whole30 Recap

    Thank you so much for this great write up of your Whole experience. Very inspirational.
  13. calee

    Salad dressings... what's your favorite?

    Thanks everyone for all of these great ideas. My salads were getting boring. Not anymore!
  14. calee

    autoimmune protocol

    I had some problems with bloating when I ate shredded coconut. That was several weeks ago. I seem to be doing better with it now. I think it's a personal thing, like Tom said.
  15. I ate some macadamia nuts with my dinner last night. I'd been off nuts for a month because they tend to be food without brakes if eaten hand to mouth. I ate less than an ounce. It was what was left in the bag when I started AIP a month ago. I decided to test nuts since I was coming off AIP. My sleep was terrible. I couldn't fall asleep and stay asleep, then woke numerous times during the night. In the end I slept 12-6 and woke up tired. But I don't remember waking at 3am. So for me I think that another critical component along with how much I eat, is what I eat. Things that are more dificult to digest keep me from falling asleep. Being too full also terrible. I tend to eat my big meal at lunch and lighter dinner. Eating after dinner is always a sleep disaster for me.