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  1. Anita

    Spending way too much $$ on groceries!

    I forgot to mention that it's suggested by some that you try to get a few people to do meat buys with you. People in your area buy from a local farmer and split the animal so you don't have to buy a huge freezer to store the meats.
  2. Anita

    Spending way too much $$ on groceries!

    I feel like I've always spent a ton on food, but I was eating organic when people laughed at me for doing so. It can be difficult to manage, but I try to think "well, illness is expensive and I'm avoiding illness by eating better." Too bad my health insurance doesn't give me $$ for preventive care. And for some people, this may be only for 30 days, but if you want to continue eating healthy, you will continue spending money on food. Although they are only in the southwest US, I do find organic, grass-fed meats, and organic pork on sale (along with other organic items) at Sprouts Markets. Here is a link. I mostly shop at Whole Foods and Trader Joe's because the "good" farmers' market near me is on Sunday morning when I get to go do my favorite fitness class. The worst is when I'm too busy and end up throwing food out. EEEK! Dollars down the trash chute. You can check this link for what produce should be organic. Good luck!!