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  1. karacooks

    Baby food?

    I NEVER SAID USE TRUE CITRUS. I said multiple times specifically that I was ditching True Citrus for the length of the Whole30 because it was NOT COMPLIANT. I said instead of beating people over the head with "eat real fruit" why not offer an ALTERNATIVE TO TRUE CITRUS THAT IS COMPLIANT?????? If organic baby food is compliant, why isn't an alternative to true citrus that doesn't contain sugar? This is yet another reason that I won't be participating here. Actually read what I'm saying rather than putting words in my mouth.
  2. karacooks

    Baby food?

    Here is what I wrote about it on my forum that partially explains why I won't be posting here any more: "Someone noted that True Citrus products aren't allowed on the plan because they contain a little bit of cane sugar. They got piled on about how they needed to just "eat the real fruit". When I pointed out that sometimes it's not convenient to carry around baggies of lime wedges in your purse or pocket and it would be nice to have gotten suggestions on something that was compliant rather than just hit over the head with "real fruit", I got the lecture that convenience foods don't force you to think about what you're eating and condition you to make the quick and easy choice, rather than eating real, non-processed food. That even if you had a compliant dried citrus, you shouldn't use it because convenience foods are frowned upon on the plan. Not 15 mins later a new thread started out about travelling while on the plan and could you take baby food jars of things like sweet potato and banana to make it easier and convenient and everyone who was nay-saying a citrus powder was going "oh yeah baby food is fine". Being the big mouth that I am I, of course, questioned why no one was jumping on the OP about "why not just eat real fruit". I mean how hard is it to keep a banana or a baked sweet potato in a baggie in their purse. I pointed out that this was hypocritical given the response on the True Citrus thread .. and why was trying to find a compliant powdered citrus different from jarred babyfood. I was told it wasn't the same thing ... although no one could explain why it wasn't the same." Yes, I see that as hypocritical and I'm calling it out. Either convenience foods are frowned upon and discouraged or they're not. But you can't say finding some form of compliant powdered citrus is being lazy and not mindful and a slippery slope, but larabars and baby food aren't. Not if you're going to be consistent. At any rate, I wish you all well in your plans and your Whole30s.
  3. karacooks

    Baby food?

    So it's ok to have baby food if it's clean as "convenience food" but not ok to have other convenience foods whether they're clean or not because that's cheating? And I quote from another thread: The hypocracy of this site continues to astound me.
  4. Melissa, I think this is a really brilliant insight.Taking this away from Angie specifically and more into a generic realm: We all judge. All of us. I do. Everyone does. I look at someone who loads their grocery cart with junk and weighs 300+ lbs and I judge. Even though I was that person myself once. I judge. But I try very very very hard to keep that judgement internal because I know how much it hurts to be on the receiving end of the "look". And I know from experience that it's easy to get into the "reformed smoker" mode and want to "help" everyone change their lives. But I think we all have to stop and ask ourselves .. WHY do we want to talk to this person about their weight/health/eating habits. Is it because we truly CARE about them as people? Or is it because we want to preach our way of life? Is it because we "disapprove" of what they're doing and we think we've achieved some enlightenment that they haven't? When I first changed my life and completely retooled my eating and exercise, I know I was one of those people. I would give unsolicited advice and tell people that they needed to make changes. I didn't do it out of malice. I did it because I had found something that changed my life for the better and I wanted to share that. But it was still all about mememememe! It wasn't that I cared that deeply about that person - I didn't even KNOW that person. I just wanted to share how I had changed, how I had improved, how I was BETTER ... and how they could be better too ... if only they did what I did. And what I told them. But even tho I wasn't doing it out of malice, even though I had (what I thought were) the best intentions, what I was doing was wrong. My way was MY way. It worked for me and I still believe it's a good way. But it's not the only way. And now unless I know someone personally, and truly care about them as an individual, and they ask me specifically, then I will never presume to approach anyone about their food or their weight. Ever. (Edited to say one exception to that is if I see someone doing somethign completely dangerous, I will speak out, no matter how well I know them.) I still judge. I always will. It's human nature and anyone who says they don't ... well, they're fooling themselves. But I will always do my best to keep that judgement to myself and to never ever make someone feel bad for the choices they make.
  5. karacooks

    Can I have True Lemon?

    True Vodka.
  6. karacooks

    Can I have True Lemon?

    But I'm not advocating using cane sugar while on Whole30. In fact I specifically said in my first post that while I use the True Citrus products, I have put them away for the length of my Whole30 program because they contain sugar.
  7. 2nd the recommendation for Penzeys. I have ordered from them online for years. There's now a store locally, but I still sometimes order things to avoid having to drive downtown.
  8. karacooks

    Gaining Muscle on a Paleo Diet

    Obviously weight gain (whether muscle or fat) is a function of eating more than you need to maintain so that your body has something to create the muscle out of. I would say eating when you're hungry, making sure to get in enough protein and carbs, and seeing what happens is probably a good way to go. If you aren't making gains, then obviously eat more. If you are, keep in mind that the more gains you make the more you'll have to eat to gain more ... so you might gain, plateau, have to eat a little more, gain a little more, etc.
  9. Given some people's relationship with food I tihnk that's pretty appropriate! I think probably the word you were looking for is excessive consumption of carbs.
  10. karacooks

    Can I have True Lemon?

    I think those of us who are here GET that this is about eating real food. So we don't need to be continually lectured with "why not just eat real food" over and over and over again when asking "hey can I have ..."There are times when a whole lemon or lime simply isn't convenient. Recognizing that and saying either "no sorry" or "no, but here's another non-whole fruit option" is much more useful than "why don't you just use a lime".
  11. karacooks

    Can I have True Lemon?

    I think we all get that fresh lemons and limes are better. The benefit to the true lemon/true lime packets are that they are portable. They don't spoil or get hard. And they are all natural. Yes, they contain organic cane sugar, but in the overall scheme of things, when I'm not on the Whole30 plan, I think they are a more than acceptable option. It's nice to be able to keep a couple of packets in my desk drawer at work w/out having to worry about cutting up a lime and stashing it in the community fridge at work. Or to be able o keep some in my purse and add it to a bottle of water when I'm out running errands.
  12. the thing is, you already are judging. You said: You've already judged her weight and her diet w/out knowing anything else about her. There is nothing about a bagel that is inherently unhealthy. There is nothing about bread that is inherently unhealthy in and of itself. (Paleo/grain arguments aside.) I do appreciate your intent, but as someone who has been on the receiving end of that kind of judgement ... it *is* judging and it is hurtful and it is inappropriate. I can't count the number of times I've had people look in my grocery cart and get "that" look on their faces, or cast "those" looks when I've eaten at a restaurant, or watched me as I bring my lunch back to my desk. If I eat salad, it's automatically assumed that I'm "on a diet". If I choose to eat a cookie or a snack then I'm obviously unhealthy and don't care about my weight or my health. When you say you don't know someone but the things that you focus on are their weight and what they eat, then you are judging them. And IMO, that's an issue that YOU need to resolve within yourself, not an issue that they need to resolve.
  13. karacooks


    I'm doing a combination of NROL workouts and running ... although I'm out of commission for the running for a while, due to a stupid toe injury on Monday. But so far no issues with the diet and the weights.
  14. To be blunt, if you don't know the person and they haven't asked you, then it's none of your business.I would be HUGELY offended if I thought any of my coworkers were judging me or my diet the way you're judging this woman. I'm overweight. I lost 100 lbs a few years ago and gained back about 30 of them last year. I eat healthily and am aware of the choices I make - both the good ones and the bad ones. I also am an adult and responsible for those choices. There are plenty of people who think my diet is unhealthy based on THEIR standards. If one of them who had never spoken to me before were to say anything to me based on their standards and their impression of my diet, I'd have no qualms about telling them to f-off. Leaving propaganda lying around is just a less direct way of passing judgement. Until and unless they ask you directly, their diet, their health, and their weight is none of your business.
  15. You're having sex with your carbs?Sorry .. couldn't resist.