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  1. Gentle changes, gentle results

    kaadu12, I made beef and salmon jerky in it and it worked well and fast, I was surprised and pleased!
  2. Intermittent Fasting?

    And here is this topic from women point of view:
  3. Gentle changes, gentle results

    Yesterday I reintroduced dairy and as I thought, no problems with it. Maybe I was too full after meal, that was all. I had mascarpone, yogurt and goat soft cheese during the day. All was organic, pure and tasty. So I think I can have my cappuccino occasionally and maybe some full fat dairy (mascarpone etc.) with berries as a treat
  4. You know someone is doing a Whole30 when...

    they are on farmers market at Saturday morning instead of sleeping they are able to buy and carry 20 pounds of organic beef on their own back across whole city they spend whole Sunday cooking, preparing and freezing they are only people who never touch free sweets at work they are angry if they see paleo pancakes labeled as "Whole30 approved" on Pinterest
  5. Gentle changes, gentle results

    Well, yesterday I finished my first Whole30. Since I ate paleo before this program, I had to change only few things: no dark chocolate (it was easy, I like it but not love it) no paleo treats and no honey (I created them once, maybe twice a week anyway, so it isn't problem for me) no cappuccino (same as above) no dried fruits (big problem) fewer snacks (big problem) I'm grains, legumes and potatoes free for 7 months and dairy free (except milk in cappuccino and butter) for the same time. So it wasn't much to change for Whole30 and thus I haven't expected lifechanging results. So: I can have a pause between Meal 1 and Meal 2 without snacking. I cannot achieve the same thing afternoons, but 1 snack per day sounds OK for me (and most days it is also PREW anyway). I have stronger willpower and ability to reverse bad decisions, but I wonder how long it will last, because I had these boosts at any program/change/whatever - for limited time. I will see. I'm little dissapointed that my body is in the same shape as before (I really hoped that this helps with my plateau). I have to play with it, Mark Sisson says, that we are adaptable beasts and I think that my body adapted on paleo and takes it as normal life Tomorrow I'm going to reintroduce dairy and I want to have my cappuccinos occasionally (I only ditch them if dairy reintroduction will flow into seriously bad results). And I want to have some dark chocolate and some paleo treats now and then. I will try not to buy dried fruits (maybe "larabars" as emergency snack for trips and vacations). I don't plan to reintroduce grains and legumes. I think that I will eat some grains one day for sure (some local specialities on vacation or some extraordinary things but not the stuff I can buy anywhere anytime). I commit myself to join my second Whole30 at September 10th, after my return from Berlin trip and this time I want to play with snacks. I bought a dehydrator, so I will have some homemade jerky instead of fruits and nuts. Yummy!
  6. Do you find yourself judging?

    No. The people I judge the most are parents who, already obese, feed their kids with junk food. I can't understand this and never will And, after some experiences, I resonate with Robb Wolf's post and I never try to convice anybody who isn't interested. I just publish sources, recipes and translations on my webpage and hope that it helps spread the word
  7. Scale temptations

    I haven't scale temptation and I'm not interested in scale numbers, because I know that these numbers say nothing about us, but on the other hand, I watch carefully, how my clothes fit and if there is some change in the mirror, and it influences my mood too, so I understand, what you feel. I hope that it will change during the Whole30 for me and for you too
  8. What in the heck is this thing?

    I eat it raw, it is delicious, especially young one.
  9. Mid-day snack?

    If you have so long pause between Meal 2 and Meal 3 and you are hungry, I think you should have a snack. And I agree with Laura, that protein is better than dried fruit.
  10. Making Homemade Mayo

    Do you know that you can make mayo just with fork? I saw it today and I must try it! This recipe is for garlic mayo, but I'm sure that it will work for ordinary too
  11. Uses for Almond Meal & Coconut Flour?

    I used them to cover meat slices and then I fry them in coconut oil. But I'm not sure, if it is compliant or not.
  12. That is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you.
  13. karacooks: I'm not native speaker and web vocabulary betrayed me Intake would probably be better word... But, in Czech language, we have term "bílý sex" (white sex) for - let's say - intensive relationship with content of one's refridgerator (because here are almost all refridgerators white).
  14. Compliant sore throat remedies?

    I like fresh ginger tea with cinnamon. Not very enjoyable without honey, but really helpfull.
  15. Cholesterol in your diet is not related with high cholesterol level in your blood. But excesive consummation of carbohydrates is. I'm not a specialist, but I recommend this article: Have you read It Starts with Food? There is excellent explanation of this topic too.