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  1. yuubou

    Bloated, icky and mad!

    By the way, floating just means that it is higher fat content, which is normal for this diet. Sinking means you are on a low fat diet.
  2. yuubou

    How to Cook a Whole Chicken Skinless ?

    Thanks for the advice! Haha Chris, true. My Crockpot was busy with a fragrant pot of broth I'll try to do that next time. Last night I tried it without the skin & covered with tinfoil. I added some chicken broth, so it kind of steamed cooked, so it was good for what I was making. I used the leftover broth/oil combo to cook onions & chicken liver to make pate, and then added that leftover liquid to the broth going in the crockpot, so I was worried pesticides etc. would leach out of the skin.
  3. yuubou

    My Reintroduction Log

    Gluten & Grains: I tested Gluten on July 1st. I had some baked sweets throughout the day that contained wheat and oats. I also had some white bread at dinner I didn't notice any problems with it physically. But the sugar/sweetness of the baked goods is something that becomes no breaks for me. I actually kind of wished I was sensitive to gluten so it would become easier for me to avoid like Dairy has. Verdict: Ok on special occasions, but probably better for me to avoid for mental reasons. I already avoided pastas and breads, since I don't enjoy them that much and they don't offer much in the way of nutrition. But it seems my sugar dragon hasn't been slayed, so I am thinking of doing another Whole 30 that focuses more on following the meal template and keeping fruit to a minimum.
  4. yuubou

    My Reintroduction Log

    Soy: I ended up testing soy for 2 different days, once on June 29th, and once on July 4th. I had first tested soy with Soy Sauce at a restaurant, and with glasses of Soy Milk with the other meals. I found I got an ocular headache later in the day. But then I remembered that Soy Sauce can have gluten in it, so realized that I would need to test soy again. The second time I tested Soy I bought a pint of Soy ice cream and a container of Soy creamer for my coffee. The Soy Ice Cream made my stomach queasy and passed through me fairly quickly. For better or worse, I continued to have more servings through out the day, and by the final serving the act of going to the container flipped my stomach. I also had headaches, but they weren't as bad in severity as the Dairy caused ones. So I am ok with small quantities entering my diet, but for things like cold treats, I will stick to Coconut based food. Verdict: Avoid Soy in large quantities
  5. I'm not a great cook, so I'm coming here for suggestions. I've begun buying whole 3lb chickens because it is cheap and I've learned how easy it is to cut everything up. I didn't buy organic though, so I am thinking I should remove the skin before cooking them. Any one have any tips/ experience? The way I cooked it before with the skin was to cut up the chicken into parts, rub it with EVOO, S&P and a couple spices, nestle them in a cast iron pan, and cook in preheated oven at 450F for about 30 minutes. Since it is skinless should I add extra oil? Or cover with tin foil? Or cook at a different temperature?
  6. yuubou

    Another Well Fed Chocolate Chili question

    I tried cutting down the cooking time by half by cooking it in a presser cooker, but I found the beef to be too dry this way. I had made a chili using precooked beef with the It Starts With Food Recipe in 15 minutes, and actually liked it better. But then again, I hadn't used a pressure cooker before so maybe I did it wrong. If you used the slow cooker, why not just cut the liquidy ingredients in half?
  7. yuubou

    Tuna, Salsa, Coconut Milk, and Coconut Oil

    Chicken of the Sea "No Drain Solid White Albacore Tuna" 4oz also has no soy! I was very happy when I found that one. It has a pop top lid and a good serving size, so it is good for travel.
  8. yuubou

    Mayo and illness

    Also, the date on the egg carton is your best-used by date. As long as your eggs haven't been sitting out for too long any where, you will probably be fine.
  9. yuubou

    Bloated, icky and mad!

    These are all great suggestions, but the first step you should do is GO SEE A DOCTOR if you haven't already. Seriously, this could be life threatening, and you want to rule that out.
  10. yuubou


    Sorry to join the party late! I just finished my Whole 30 & it did help with my headaches. I had noticed that I had been getting headaches more often & started writing it down, where I realized I was getting them most every day. That led me to the Whole 30 before seeking medication. My headaches went away after about 6 or 7 days, although I did go through the "sick" phase in the beginning when things were worse. In Days 7 through 30 I think I maybe got 1 mild headache, compared to daily headaches that lasted 4-5 hours. I am now testing foods and have found Dairy Proteins to be a big cause (Whey hits hard and fast, Casein is slower but longer lasting). I also got pain yesterday behind my eyes after having Soy but realized Gluten & msg could have been in the soy sauce, so I plan to go Whole 30 for a few more days and retest using just Edamame or something. I think my headaches were definitely due to food intolerance. However, if your husband got his after trauma, wouldn't that most likely be the cause? If he is also sensitive to different foods, it might lessen the severity of them. I could also see this diet helping with lowering inflammation over all and helping in that way. I hope he feels better! Maybe if you decide to do the Whole 30 for 30 days, you can convince him to join you in support?
  11. yuubou

    My Reintroduction Log

    Yesterday I set out to test Casein. Casein is the protein that is in hard cheese, while Whey is the protein that drains out of it. Some softer cheeses may have some Whey left in it. Some may add Whey, like in Cream Cheese. And some cheeses, like Ricotta, are made totally from Whey. Body builders will tell you Whey is fast digesting & revs your metabolism. Casein is known to be much slower to digest. I think this may also translate here - a Whey Intolerance should hit you over the head immediately, while a casein intolerance might be slower, less intense, but longer to hit you. Adding fat into the mix will make it digest even slower & affect you slower. I had 2 oz of Muenster Cheese with both my breakfast and lunch as my source of fat. My head felt a little bit of pressure, but it was something that I could ignore. It might add up over time. After work I stopped at a cheese store to ask questions. I ended up picking up another cheese & a package of Mascarpone cheese. I had read Mascarpone can have a similar taste to ice cream without protein, so it is almost 100% fat. I've been really sad about the thought of a life without ice cream. And when I started to eat it...I was uncontrollable. It turned into something very unpretty, and I started to get a headache, etc. So of course I thought, well if I'm getting the symptoms, I may as well go and get real ice cream. I've struggled with the Sugar Dragon & disordered eating for a long time like this, and last night has made me realize that even if cheese & other dairy didn't give me physical symptoms, I have a very unhealthy psychological response to it. The real symptoms started up after that - headache, feeling my heart thump, rumbly tummy, sleeplessness (maybe from the sugar). This morning I feel hungover, bloated and have stomach upset. I was too scared to get on the scale. Also, I feel really emotional. I almost started crying in public when I read about Nelson Mandela in the paper. I think in retrospect a little Parmesan or other hard cheese here and there wouldn't affect me, but that's not the things that I miss. It's the cream in my coffee, the mozzarella on a piece of pizza, the ice cream. Those are the things with whey that make me feel terrible physically and out of control mentally. I am grateful for figuring out that the cause of all this, and I will try to remember all of these things the next time those things get in my head and entice me. It's a hard reality for me, but I know the sooner I can view Dairy as a poison to me, the better off I will be. I want to have a healthy relationship with food, and I want to have a healthy body. To do that, I need to avoid Dairy. Verdict: Casein does not improve my life on any level. I am intolerant to Dairy.
  12. yuubou

    Eliminating Fruit?

    I think you need to factor in psychological response. The Whole 30 recommends up to 1-2 servings a fruit a day (if I'm remembering it correctly), which is 1-2 handfuls which are served with a meal or directly following it. I honestly don't have a great psychololgical response to fruit - in the beginning I was ok, but then I just always got 2nds, and then used it to snack in between....I ended up cutting it out at the end of my Whole 30 and I think it was for the best. I would still like to lose a few more pounds, so once I am happier with my body size and working on maintaing I plan to add it more into my diet. But I know that I will need to be cautious and better bout following portion guidelines.
  13. yuubou

    Why the need for Reintegration

    Yes, that's what I meant I plan to continue cooking Whole 30 at home, avoiding grains in restaurants, but I don't want to have to tell someone in a restaurant to make sure they don't add soy bean oil or butter to my meal unless I figure out that it will make me direly sick. So, I want to know which things will make me direly sick!! Unfortunately, it's looking like ice cream might be on that list, and I'm getting depressed about a life without ice cream!! (T T)
  14. yuubou

    Why the need for Reintegration

    I actually think that the Reintroduction phase is the most important part of the program. If eating the Whole 30 way made you feel better then that means that something about the SAD way of eating was making you feel worse. Reintroduction gives you a chance to figure out which things make you feel worse. I think it is naive to think you can do Whole 30 way of eating the rest of your life, but it is good to know which food items are deal breakers for you and which ones it isn't a big deal if you did eat once in a while.
  15. yuubou

    My Reintroduction Log

    Sunday, June 23rd Day 34: Reintroduce Whey Protein I have a huge tub of Whey Protein Isolate, so I decided to test that next. When reading up about allergens, I learned that in addition to some people not being able to process lactose, some people are allergic to the proteins in dairy. But there's more! Some people are allergic to the Whey protein, and some are allergic to Casein protein, and some are allergic to both! Which is why I've decided to test them separately. Typically, a glass of milk contains 20% Whey protein and the rest in casein. Cheese is mostly all casein. Cottage cheese is a mixture of casein (the curds) and whey & lactose. Whey protein isolate is whey protein without any lactose. So, I am not sure if it is a bit excessive, but since I have a 3lb tub of the whey protein, I decided to just use shakes to get my full amount of protein. It is, after all, only for one day. That ends up equalling 3.5 scoops of the whey powder. I had 2 shakes at lunch time, and man the headache that exploded - it lasted from 1pm to 5pm. My nose & sinus area hurt a bit as well as my eyes. I looked up online about whey protein allergies, and it listed a slew of symptoms that I didn't have, but headaches were on the list, so I think it is plausible. I did not take advil, instead decided to wait until the headache subsided and to retest again during dinner. I had another 1.5 scoops during dinner, and it seems the headache has returned. Verdict: Seems I am sensitive to whey