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  1. jennycash

    unadulterated light mayo?

    sorry if this has been discussed already - i searched the forum and couldn't find anything. if extra virgin olive oil is freaking people out because it's highly suspect (and can be mixed with other gross oils at a high rate), how much more should we be concerned about Light Olive Oil, which is even easier to bastardize? i love making my own mayo, but i'm concerned that my Costco Light Olive Oil is actually Canola or something... how have y'all worked this out? thanks! jen
  2. hey there! sorry this has got you stressed; there's enough to deal with during the beginning of a whole30. hopefully this stressor can be eliminated! i am wondering if your bill was higher this time around because you were stocking up on supplies. things like coconut (oil, butter, whatever), nuts, nut butters and good quality meats can be expensive. if you didn't have most of those things on-hand to begin with, it makes sense that your initial investment would be higher. also, if your family was eating a mostly SAD diet beforehand, there are no two ways around it: fresh meat, eggs and veggies cost more than dried rice and pasta. however, with some patience and practice, you can make the dollars stretch. is there a wholesale club you can access? you will save bunches on bulk meats, eggs and veggies that way. yes, you may spend more the first week or two, but the products will last longer (for example, one 8 oz package of the bacon i like it $5 at the grocery store. at costco, i get 3 packages for $10). you an also google ideas like "paleo on a budget" or "cheap paleo meals" and tailor them to fit the whole 30 template. additionally, i am wondering what these meals are looking like. not every dinner needs to be complicated and full of expensive ingredients. maybe pick one fancier meal each week and stick with cheaper but heftier portions every other night? steak is amazing, but on-sale ground beef in a family pack mixed with frozen green beans and carrots, cooked in coconut oil with a side salad and a half a sweet potato is a delicious, filling and relatively inexpensive meal. and, this is just me, but - assuming you're the main cook in your home - i'd tell your other family members to deal. why should you kill yourself making two meals? you're not a restaurant, right? this is what i tell my kids every day: this is not a restaurant, and i am not your waitress. they can live for 30 days with you making whatever the hell you want. and if they are unhappy, they can make their own food, especially that 16 year old! you're doing something good for your body and good for your family. again, it's only 30 days. i hope this helps. hang in there and well done, you!
  3. jennycash

    Help with sleeping through the night

    i've never struggled with sleeping through the night until recently. i will awaken with seemingly no cause and stay awake for 1-2 hours. it's awful. however, i am becoming increasingly convinced that it is influenced by a messy hormonal situation i've got going on (estrogen dominance seems to fit all over the map for me). i'm working with an integrative doctor this week to try and sort it out. maybe hormones are playing a role for you as well?
  4. jennycash

    losing weight?

    so, my advice will go against the norm here, but from experience, sometimes exercising LESS and eating a little MORE will help you shed the last few pounds (gasp!). i know, it goes against the grain and our instincts, but i've had success each time i've made myself slow down. i've always lost weight doing HIIT and eating well (and at time restricting calories pre-whole9). but each time i had to or chose to take a week off of exercise and loosen the reigns with food is always when i saw better results. just an idea that maybe you can test-drive and see if it works for you?
  5. jennycash


    the fruit issue can get a little whacked out (IMO) and discouraging for people. like kirsteen said, fruit is real, good food. i totally relate to/understand the idea of not feeding a sugar craving with fruit as it does nothing to help you break that cycle. however, fresh fruit at any time is better than eating a sleeve of oreo cookies. baby steps. during my first whole30, i made myself sick with stress over whether or not to eat a banana...A FREAKING BANANA. i'll never go through that again; the stress was far worse on my body (and mind) than any piece of fruit could ever have been. this article resonated with me...maybe it will for you as well! best, jen
  6. jennycash

    Way too much information...

    sorry crystal and w.j.! i have have a crazy work/home schedule and haven't logged on in a week. i hope things have cleared up for you by's it going? i wouldn't be concerned unless there are other issues appearing. and really, even then, it is likely just your body adapting to all of the changes. if you're really uncomfortable, you could try a digestive supplement. my husband (who has ulcerative colitis) and my sister (who had her gallbladder removed 7 years ago) both use NOW Superfoods Digestive Enzymes. one pill with each meals helps break down the fat and protein, making it easier to absorb. it might help, especially if the whole30 fat/protein rich way of eating is very different from how you were eating beforehand.
  7. jennycash

    Way too much information...

    hi crystal - congrats on your first few weeks! it is absolutely normal for things in the BM department to be "off". i noticed it for me in week 2; by week 3, everything got better. it wouldn't hurt to ease up on the nuts especially for a week and see how that treats you. some nuts (like cashews) can create issues for some people. experiment and see what you find. best of luck for the remainder!
  8. jennycash

    Trader Joes coconut oil

    to chime in: i use the TJ'd brand for everything and the only time i can detect the coconut flavor is when i make scrambled eggs. i fixed that my adding the tiniest drop of olive oil to the pan - it does the trick. other than that, i never taste the coconut flavor on my vegetables or meat.
  9. jennycash

    off-road? off the GRID.

    thank you both. xandra - great advice, and it makes perfect sense. i'm going to keep trying. my husband and i have a romantic getaway this weekend, so wine will be involved, but i'll make a plan and gear up for monday morning. <dusting self off...>
  10. hi there - so, a little bio: did my first whole30 in august of last year. loved it. followed it to the T. could've put my face on whole30 posters and felt a deep sense of integrity about it all. lost weight. slept like a newborn lamb, felt amazing. the whole-9 (yards....get it....). fast forward to christmas 2012. indulged quite a bit. attempted a second whole30. made it 4 days. fail. january 1st, 2013. new years resolution = you guessed it. another whole30. made it to day 7. fail. february 10th. got pissed at my lack of discipline. 3rd times the charm......not so fast. fail. the pattern is plain as day: i love whole30, STRONGLY believe in its principles, need the rules to get myself back on track, but despite all of the resolve i begin with, i keep throwing in the towel. i can't blame a particular source: i keep clean food in my house, my stressors haven't changed that dramatically...i just don't feel like i want to do it. and that sucks. i want to WANT to do it. i know all of the good reasons why, and still... when i came off of the first whole30, i did well for a few weeks. but, when i fell off the wagon, i fell HARD. i started wanting foods i would have never even looked at before my whole 30. things like oreos. i mean, how gross. before, i would have indulged in duck fat fries or good, homemade ice cream. but oreos? now they send me into a feeding frenzy. not sure what help there even is for this, but i do feel like a lost cause. gettingbiggerinbaltimore, jen
  11. jennycash

    Paleo Burrito with Rice and Beans

    where's the recipe?! (drool)
  12. jennycash

    Starting reintro - and CRAVINGS!

    i would agree that the overall meals seem a little small and mostly lean protein. make sure you're eating plenty of starchy veggies. i can sound like a broken record because i say it on so many replies, but the starchy veg is a TOTAL difference maker for me when it comes to cravings and energy. it may be for you as well? i'd try upping the fat (eat 1/2 an avocado with breakfast; smear your sweet potato with coconut butter....oh god, i'm getting hungry! ). maybe swap out one of the chicken dishes for a steak or grassfed burger if you like beef.
  13. jennycash


    I have that issue with apples, it only when they're raw. They don't cause tremendous pain, but it's always uncomfortable. I throw mine in a pan with coconut oil, cinnamon and freshly grated nutmeg. Heaven! I've done the same with bananas...wonder if that would make a diff?
  14. jennycash

    limited time - which kind of exercise?

    Thanks for all of the recommendations! I'll try some combos of the strength, HIIT and yoga. I'm also looking into a once-a-week Bikram class. Appreciate the suggestions.
  15. hello! i hope i am posting this in the appropriate forum. i thought maybe the "whole30 for athletes", but i am by no means an athlete, so... i am a stay at home mom and have very limited time to work out. i just rearranged my husbands schedule a little so he could help me out. i now have 2 mornings a week with about 1 1/2 hours to myself to get some exercise in (other than housework and running up and down the stairs to do laundry). my question: which kind of exercise should i do? it will be first thing in the morning, in my basement. i have one yoga dvd that i like. i have hand weights and one kettlebell (10 lbs). i have a jump rope. suggestions, please? my main goals: - lose weight (shocker) - loosen my body and build some strength - carve out some dedicated time to connect with my mind and body how would you spend the time? i should add that i am working on troubleshooting some possible thyroid/depression issues, so - as much as i want to do HIIT and lose weight - i realize that lower intensity would probably be better for me, mind and body. thank you!