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  1. Bulletproof Coffee: Did anyone else see this article today?

    What really got me was the second paragraph: “paleo†diet, a caveman-type eating style that means consuming mostly animal proteins and fats. I'm definitely eating more servings of fruits, veggies, and non-animal fats than I am animal proteins. I've never eaten so many vegetables in my life! :-)
  2. Butter Coffee: Will It Give You Extra Energy or Just Make You Fat? Too bad you have to click a separate link to open the comments. I doubt most readers will do that, and there's more good stuff in there than in the actual article!
  3. Dressing for canned tuna on a bed of lettuce

    I enjoy adding different spices to homemade mayo and mixing with a little bit of vinegar or lemon/lime juice. Last night, I mixed some mayo and curry powder, chopped up some red pepper and scallion, mixed it with the tuna and ate it on top of baby spinach. Perfect dinner for a warm summer night!
  4. What does everyone use their mayo for?

    I use it in homemade salad dressings (ISWF and Well Fed have some great recipes). Lately I've also been enjoying it mixed with a little curry powder as a dipping sauce for sweet potato and squash "fries". We also use it for chicken and tuna salad. I just have to be careful and remember it is a condiment, using a couple tablespoons at a time. It's easy to over-indulge! :-)
  5. Help with kabocha squash

    I *carefully* cut mine in half, each part in half again (quarters), and one more time (eighths). Then I used a veggie peeler (like you'd use for peeling potatoes). It wasn't as easy as peeling a potato, but I found it was much easier to cut the squash into smaller pieces before using the peeler. Then I sliced the squash in strips the thickness of French fries, drizzled with coconut oil and sea salt, baked at 350 for 45-50 min. Even made a dipping sauce with some homemade mayo and curry powder. Yum!
  6. Spring Break Destination Themed Meals

    Tonight I branched out into a less familiar cultural cuisine and discovered an awesome new recipe, Caribbean Plantain and Meat Casserole . I was so refreshed and inspired (and looking forward to my upcoming Spring Break!) that I think I might carry a Spring Break destination theme into next week's menu...any suggestions? (PS-doing dishes is WAY more enjoyable while jamming to some reggae! )
  7. Most intense craving?

    Doughnuts--especially the dense, cakey kind, iced, with sprinkles, from a doughnut shop in my hometown. Also buttered toast. Another time it was jelly beans, then I read the ingredients, and that put the brakes on that craving!
  8. I don't want Whole 30 to that OK?

    If you're feeling good eating W30, stick with it, especially if you already know how those things make you feel. Don't feel like you have to go back to old ways after day 30 if you don't really miss the stuff. I've realized that when I don't eat grains, I eat more vegetables, so I plan on keeping grains out, even if I find (through reintroduction) that they don't mess me up.
  9. What am I not thinking about

    What about physical activity, even just going for a walk?
  10. Your favorite tea

    I echo the favorites of peppermint and Tazo Passion. Tazo Awake is also a good black for mornings. I also love anything with licorice in it, like Stash Licorice Spice (have had trouble finding this one in stores lately, need to check Whole Foods one of these days, but may have to order online).
  11. Events you've made it through, or are dreading.

    I can do eggs, but chances are they are prepared with butter or other forbidden oils, so I think it will just be easier to pack breakfast (plus I really want to try the recipe ). I'm in Florida, retreat is in Georgia...nope, didn't check out the copy of ISWF. In fact, I waited for months for our library system to get it, but I couldn't wait any longer and bought my own copy (totally worth it!).
  12. Events you've made it through, or are dreading.

    Marriage retreat this weekend (hotel-like accomodations, cafeteria-style meals)...packing several gallons of water and easy, pre-cooked compliant meals in a cooler: -Breakfasts (2): Morning Mix ground meat skillet recipe (ISWF), sweet potato, Brussels sprouts, steamed broccoli -Lunches (2): a bag of greens, chicken breasts, almond slices, homemade mayo-acv vinagrette, (topped with some blueberries or clementines wedges?) -Dinners (2): still working on this, but will most likely incorporate a big bag of mustard greens and other things we need to use up before we leave -Snacks: a can of natural olives in sea salt & water, veggies & something to dip them in (guacamole?), tuna salad, coconut manna (if I have time to make it to our local health foods store). I was dreading telling my husband (who is not doing W30) that I was planning on bringing my own food (feeling like this was going to be an all-around fussy endeavor for both of stressing about making and packing meals, him having to possibly make special trips to a gas station to get more ice), but surprisingly, he has been wonderfully supportive. UPDATE: Planning and preparation led to Whole30 success! Ended up steaming some Mahi and broccoli, roasting some butternut squash for dinner on the way up Friday night. Did end up eating dinner there Saturday night (undressed salad, prime rib, green beans, passed on the twice-baked potato, rolls, red velvet cake). Decided my goal this W30 is to slay the sugar dragon and break snacking habits (stress eating), so I didn't worry about how the prime rib was prepared...was already planning to go beyond the 30 days anyway to heal some other things.
  13. Preparing for Whole30-CHEAP ideas

    If you have a copy of It Starts with Food, the ground meat skillet recipes are easy, delicious, and budget-friendly. They're also very versatile and can be changed up easily by just throwing in some different vegetables to the starter batch.
  14. You know someone is doing a Whole30 when...

    They put more effort into planning, preparing, and packing compliant meals for a weekend away than they do packing. And they come out of it less stressed than in pre-Whole30 days.
  15. Who's cooking for a Whole30 compliant New Year's Eve??

    We did! We hosted friends at our house and had a ton of veggies (red/yellow/green peppers, cucumber, jicama, sugar snap peas, baby carrots, grape tomatoes, celery, radishes), babaganoush, and herbed olive oil from Melissa Joulwan's blog (both recipes turned out delicious!). She did a post about New Year's Eve: Paleo Style--LOTS of tasty ideas! Other friends brought roasted chicken, different kinds of sausage, olives, spiced nuts, devilled eggs, etc. We also had raspberry seltzer water with a squeeze of lime juice and a splash of cranberry juice. Having "compliant" leftovers has made the Whole30/back to work transition MUCH easier this week.