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    I'm a teacher, a mother, and a proud member of AA.

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  1. Wynne Jones

    Alcohol - judgement free zone

    As a person in recovery, I obviously have some experience with this, but I also am very clear that not every heavy drinker is an alcoholic. The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous keeps it simple: If, when you honestly want to, you find you cannot quit entirely, or if when drinking, you have little control over the amount you take, you are probably alcoholic. If that's not the case for you - if you are in control of when you drink and how much you drink - there's a good chance you just love booze and you'll be reunited when your Whole 30 is done. Nothing wrong with that!
  2. Wynne Jones

    I need some tough love!

    You could try the One Day at a Time strategy. As in, just for today I will abstain from sugar. I can have some tomorrow, but just for today - no way. It helps me to plan for the future but keep my mind set in the present.
  3. Wynne Jones

    June 1st Support Thread

    I woke to a beautiful sunny morning here in Maine! Cooked up some kale, cherry tomatoes, sausage and eggs in coconut oil, ate that with half a grapefruit and some black coffee. Now it's time to get ready for a hike with dog and daughter. Happy Day 1, everybody! And, if you're wondering what to expect over the next few days, I find this timeline to be freakishly accurate: http://whole30.com/2013/08/revised-timeline/
  4. Wynne Jones

    June 1st Support Thread

    I am IN! I have completed three Whole30s and a variety of Whole5s, 10, etc., but I always, always go back to SAD land. I am a food addict and when I am on W30 I feel FREE and amazing, but the second I try to go it on my own, I lose control. I am excited to start tomorrow - I stocked up on some of my favorite compliant foods yesterday, so I'm good to go!
  5. Wynne Jones


    Well, it's been two weeks of off-roading, with mostly healthy food choices! That feels like success. I've decided to do another Whole30 for a few reasons. First, there was that moment when I was out to dinner with my cousins, who don't know I'm in AA. My cousin Clark ribbed me for not having a glass of wine, which was fine. Moments later the bread basket came around, and he said "You've gotta try this," and I took one - even though I know wheat makes me sick and I had decided an hour previous that I wasn't going to have any. I felt like I had already said no and made myself stand out, and I didn't want another weird thing about me. Second, I bought a tin of chocolate covered almonds and went to town on them in a completely un-OK way. They weren't even that delicious, but once I started I couldn't stop. Yeesh. Third, my achilles tendonitis has come back, which surprises me since I am still eating Whole30-ish most of the time. So I've decided to do another Whole30 and then do a true reintro, focusing just on that issue. The best part is, my 12-year-old daughter has decided to do this one with me! We are hoping this will help with her tummy aches, anxiety, and acne.
  6. Wynne Jones

    closet sugar addict

    I finished my W30 several days ago and have been mostly compliant since - until last night. I took a group of girls from my school on a field trip, then to an amazing pizza place in Portland, Maine, called Flatbread. I should have gone with the salad, but I caved to temptation and got the cheese pizza, followed by ice cream. When I got home I had coconut cream and chocolate - I had set off that craving for moremoremore sugar. This morning it feels like I am being stabbed in the gut. Thank god my students are watching a movie today in class. Pizza is not my friend.
  7. Wynne Jones


    This is so obvious, I know. But I have this built-in-forgetter, along with hedonistic tendencies, so I need to write this down: There is a direct correlation between what I EAT and how I feel how I look my attitude about life my energy and enthusiasm my serenity Telling myself "Oh, it's OK to have that __(ice cream, pizza, candy)____, because I deserve it" is a lie. What I really deserve is to have a kick-ass life, fueled by delicious, nutritious food. I would rather be nourished by food than comforted by food. That is all.
  8. Wynne Jones


    I think your scale should join my scale. I sent mine to the darkest bowels of hell, and I've been far happier since! When you have an eating disorder, your mind tells you lies about your body. I personally don't like to give it ammunition to use against me, and that's what the scale does best. I won't even let my doctor tell me what the scale says - unless I'm morbidly obese, it really doesn't matter. Enjoy Paris!
  9. Wynne Jones

    10 signs you might be a sugar addict

    #12 - You add "just a sprinkle" of sugar to your Special K cereal, because 10 grams of sugar doesn't quite cut it. Oh, and I totally relate to the "dessert for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack - and sometimes dessert" idea. Blech!
  10. Wynne Jones

    What do I eat for breakfast?

    Soup makes a nice breakfast. It's warming and comfy, and I don't know...eating with a spoon just feels nice sometimes. Best of luck on your Whole 30!
  11. Wynne Jones

    "Call the Midwife" pot-luck - suggestions?

    These! http://www.theclothesmakethegirl.com/2010/05/17/scotch-eggs-a-k-a-protein-pellets/ Never have made them - anyone know if they are as good if you make them the day before?
  12. I am attending a TV watching party with some friends to watch the season premiere of Call the Midwife. It is a potluck deal, and I know friends are bringing scones, coconut cake, etc. I'd like to bring a few compliant snacks that will fit with the English theme if possible. Ideas?
  13. Wynne Jones

    Grief and The Whole30

    I don't have a similar experience, but I can tell you that when I did my Whole 30 it felt life-affirming, like I was nourishing myself in every way and really taking care of myself. By the end of the Whole 30 I had a level of serenity and calm that was practically unshakeable - and I have a teenager! I will say, though, that I was not able to complete a W30 the first three times I started. If that happens to you, I hope you'll be gentle with yourself. Keep us posted on how you are doing, and keep reaching out.
  14. Wynne Jones

    Whole 30 starting Jan 1

    Holy cow - I overindulged big time over Christmas, and my MIL sent us home with fudge, cookies, pie, candy bars - you name it. I am in full blown sugar addict mode! A bit nervous about starting in a few days. I'm planning to do a HUGE cook up on Sunday/Monday to get ready - any favorite bulk recipes that freeze easily, send them along!
  15. Wynne Jones

    Whole 30 starting Jan 1

    Count me in! Trying to be sane about food until then, but as often happens with me my off switch is completely broken.