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  1. I'm currently in my sophomore year of college. When I went home last summer, I did a whole30 and loved it. I have a pretty healthy body type, so the most significant part of the transformation for me was mental. I've always struggled with disordered eating habits, which I felt like I finally conquered. Now that I'm back at school, I'm struggling to ride my own bike. I live in the dorms, and don't have access to a kitchen so I have to eat all my meals in the dining hall. I'm not gonna lie, the food here is pretty good. I can always make a "big ass salad" with plenty of veggies and some hardboiled eggs or some kind of meat, and I can always ask the servers to leave the bread or potatoes off of my plate. I did pretty well the first 2 or 3 weeks, steering clear of the house-made desserts, high quality ice cream, and artisan-style flatbread pizza. I felt confident that I'd be able to keep up all the progress that I had made over the summer. Then things started going downhill. I started having desserts a lot more often. Drinking on weekends (hey, I'm a college student!) always led to me binge eating when I got back to my room. Then on top of all that, I have been having serious challenges with my social life- tensions between my friends and I, and I also had a tough break-up. I was an emotional wreck for a few weeks, and my habits hit rock bottom. Eating has become a major coping mechanism for all the stress I am experiencing. On days when I feel lonely, I end up bingeing. Once, I found myself in the dining hall, and had 2 huge plates of pizza, then 2 huge bowls of icecream- because I felt alone and the food felt so comforting. Even if I am staying paleo, I often find myself eating multiple apples or multiple packs of jerky in one sitting, when I was hardly even hungry in the first place. I find myself in an endless cycle- I wake up in the morning, determined to "restart" a whole30. I do fine for a day, then the next day, come dinner time, I'm ready to binge on sweets and carbs again. I hate it, and I feel helpless. I just weighed myself today, and I've gained 7 pounds in the past month, which I imagine is largely due to these terrible eating patterns and habits I'm reverting to. I'm afraid that all the progress I made last summer is gone. It's so much harder at school than it is at home, because while healthy foods are always an option, unhealthy foods are always there too. I want to do another whole30, but "college edition-" not stressing about the fact that they use canola oil in almost everything, there might be traces of gluten in unsuspected places, or that the scrambled eggs come from a bag. There's only so much I can do, but I want to do my best. It's not as much about finding out if I have serious allergies to dairy or anything- because I've already done a whole30, and I don't. This is more about establishing better eating habits and not reverting back to my disordered eating habits. So how do I do this? How do I get back on my bike, in the face of so many unhealthy foods, so many failed attempts, and such challenging mental and emotional circumstances?
  2. Hi there! I just finished my first whole30, and am planning on sticking with this wholesome way of eating for a long time. I love it! However, I'm still trying to figure out how to fuel for long workouts. I'm very athletic, usually doing long cardio workouts 3-4 days a week, either cycling or running. My runs are usually somewhere between 4-10 miles, and my bike rides are typically between 30-50 miles. I'm training for a 13-mile Spartan Race in September. I also train a little bit with my college's cycling club, and compete in a few Women's C Collegiate Cycling competitions in the spring. So my question is, what does a day of food for paleo endurance athletes typically look like? Most of the discussions on this forum are about shorter, high-intensity workouts like crossfit or lifting. I do crossfit about 3 days per week, but I think I've figured out how to successfully fuel myself with protein and fat for that. But I've noticed that low-carb breakfasts make my morning rides and runs soooooo slow. So I'm really curious about ideal quantity of food, carb intake, and timing of meals for endurance training with a paleo diet. I read Paleo Diet for Athletes, which has some very good concepts, but Loren Cordain recommends using a lot of gels and sports drinks. I'm hoping to figure out how to have rides and runs as strong and fast as they used to be before going paleo, but without resorting to processed sports foods. Before going paleo, I'd normally eat toast and peanut butter before a long bike ride, and I'd eat gels and/or sports drinks (like Cytomax) during. Then typically a sandwich for lunch when I get back. But yesterday I went on a 33-mile (2.5 hour) ride in the morning, and here's what I ate throughout the day: 7am breakfast: 1 sweet potato, 2 poached eggs 8am bike ride. I filled my water bottles with 2/3 coconut water, 1/3 water, with a pinch of salt. At mile 20, I had a banana 11am post-workout snack: 1 sweet potato, ~4oz turkey 1pm lunch: ISWF curry (1/3cup coconut milk and curry paste) with ~8 oz roasted leg of lamb, 1/2 green pepper, and a sliced zucchini. 8 oz kombucha. 5pm snack: 2 large carrots, 1/2c macadamia nuts 7:30 dinner: ~8 oz chicken, 1cup green beans roasted in ghee, lettuce and tomato salad with ~2tbsp olive oil and balsamic vinagrette 9pm snack: 2cups berries This day was pretty successful for me; my energy levels were pretty solid throughout the entire ride. But man oh man, throughout this process of figuring out the whole paleo thing, I have had a lot of runs and rides that have left me insanely more fatigued than I ever felt before going paleo. So for all you other endurance athletes out there, what do you eat? How do you fuel yourselves before, during, and after workouts, and throughout your entire day? Is it possible to be purely paleo and have just as much energy as you would with gu, cytomax, powerbars, toast, pasta, etc?
  3. 30 days later, still low on energy

    Aberrantatavia- I already take a multivitamin every morning that has vitamin D. I also live in California, and since it's summer break I'm spending a lot of time outside in the sun. So at least at this point in the year, I'm not sure it is a vitamin D deficiency. I've also thought it might be anemia, but there is iron in my multivitamin, and I'm eating red meat at least once almost every day, so I'd be surprised if that were it! InkblotJo- You're probably right, I may just need to eat more. I could probably start by making my breakfasts and post-workout snacks bigger? I'll give that a shot.
  4. I started my Whole30 one month ago. I had eaten fairly healthy since the beginning of high school (I am now a sophomore in college), but there was still a lot of room for improvement. That's where eating paleo came in- My relationship with food has improved drastically. I am no longer in the terrible cycle of binging late at night, starving myself the next day, then binging again a few nights later. My cravings for sweets have practically disappeared, and I am appreciating healthier, fresher foods more than ever. However, I am still waiting for that burst of energy. Even if my mind is clearer because I don't have that internal battle with food and counting calories anymore, my body is more tired than ever. I have always been very active (I was on a crew team in high school, I run, do crossfit, yoga, and in June I rode my bike from San Francisco to LA in 7 days). But since starting the Whole30, I just don't have the energy to go on long runs or bike rides anymore. I still love working out, so I do crossfit 5-6 times a week. But I honestly don't have the desire or the energy to do workouts longer than that. I need to start running more in order to train for a Spartan Race in September, but my energy levels- both while working out and in day-to-day living- just aren't there. I've read It Starts With Food, and I also read The Paleo Diet for Athletes. But I'm not sure what to do at this point. Here's what an average day might look like: Wake-up (8am) Breakfast (8:15am): 2 poached eggs. Spinach and a tomato sautéed in olive oil. 1/3 avocado. 9am Crossfit WOD Post Workout (10:15am): 1 sweet potato with ~3-4oz turkey. Lunch (12pm): 8 oz grassfed ground beef stir-fried with onions, carrots, cauliflower, red pepper, ginger, garlic, and coconut aminos. 16oz kombucha. Snack (4pm): 1cup cherries. Decaf iced coffee. *Once a week I do a second workout (crossfit olympic lifting) at 6pm. Dinner (7:30pm): 8oz roasted chicken. Salad with mixed greens, tomato, 1tbsp olive oil and 1tbsp balsamic vinegar. 1cup green beans roasted with ghee and lemon juice. Snack (9pm): Herbal tea. 1-2cups berries Go to bed (11:30pm) Is there anything else I can do? Or do I just need to give it more time before I feel that "aha" moment? I'm planning on sticking with this way of eating for a long time, since it's helped my relationship with food so much. But I want to wait until I've reached that "aha" moment before I test out bringing dairy or grains back into my diet. Note: I wish I could say "I finished my Whole30," but on day 15 I experienced a major bump in the road. Long story short, I am interning at a few restaurants this summer because I want to decide whether or not to go to culinary school after I graduate from college. I went to a very upscale restaurant to observe the kitchen for a night, and the head chef ended up being very intimidating and critical of me. I was scared that turning down samples of pasta, dessert, etc would make me seem uninterested in being a chef, so I ate it. (And felt sick afterwards!) So considering that bump in the road, I may only technically be on day 16... But I quickly returned to strict paleo the next morning. Thanks for your help