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  1. hazel

    Roll call: November Whole30s!

    Day 4 coming to an end here and I escaped without biting anyones head off, although rush hour traffic pushed me a bit too far and I ended up in tears in the car- ridiculous I know! Hoping that the rage subsides before tomorrow. I'm sleeping better already I have to say!
  2. What fantastic results! I'm amazed at your thyroid success. We'll done
  3. hazel

    Roll call: November Whole30s!

    Hi, I'm in for Nov too. I'm from Ireland and this would be my 3rd whole30. I struggle staying paleo after though so I think that's my hurdle. Not that Nov is going to be easy either- but it's worth it and I'm looking forward to feeling good again. Did a big cook up day yesterday and cooked compliant butter chicken and meat and veg soup. Morning are hectic so hoping to try soup for breakfast on working days this time. I have a little boy but he won't be doing w30 with me. Day 2 and the headache has landed, prob due to all the Halloween crap I ate before I started!
  4. hazel

    Starting on Nov 1

    I'm starting on 1St Nov too, this would actually be my 3rd whole30 but I struggle staying staying in a paleo lifestyle after so that is really the thing I want to work on. I have reverted to all my previous health problem so I'm looking forward to feeling amazing again soon!good luck everyone!
  5. Yes Christina! That would be great. I was wavering on my commitment to doing another one in august but 2 days of reintroduction have not gone well so I think I need to do AIP protocal in august. Enjoy your holiday
  6. Thanks for the tips!!
  7. Debbie and Andrew brand also compliant, fab, will keep on the look out for them. Good to know about the fish sauce, I have been having Frank's hot sauce a lot and it is compliant aswell. Nom nom!!
  8. Chipolata sausages. Will have to try them. Checked a few packs when I was in and they all seemed to have sulphites alright!!
  9. Did anyone in UK/IRELAND manage to find compliant sausages? Hoping to do another w30 soon but going for autoimmune protocol which means eggs are out. I'm on day 27 of w30 (not aip)and have lived on eggs so far. Thanks
  10. hazel

    W30 June 1st

    I'm in! I started this morning. THis is going to me my first sucessful whole30 as I quit before at day 20! This time I am not going to weigh myself during but I will take photos and measurements tonight. I also want to expand my menus a bit this time (hello,eggs for breakfast...again!). Last time I ate to much fruit and never shook the sugar cravings so fruit is limited this time & inclued with meals as per ISWF.