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  1. Andrea D.


    Have you added a lot of coconut products? Sometimes that does it...
  2. Andrea D.

    Keep or toss?

    I say toss it all and get back on the program...if you still are in a healing process you need to be on the Whole 30 doesn't mean it has to just be 30 days...a Whole 30 program can easily be a 45, 60 or 365 day program based on your body and what it needs. You will feel better... I know it's hard to throw food away but it's not doing you any good and is probably making you "less healthy" along the way!
  3. Andrea D.

    Fat adaption

    Hmmm...I'm sure someone more in the know than me will chime in...but, I think you need to determine if you think your body is healed and functioning optimally or if you are still working out some issues...(inflammation, intolerance's, etc.)...If so (healed) I would say listen to your body and eat when you are hungry...BUT if not then I would stick to your three meals.
  4. Andrea D.

    Day 1 of no Calorie Counting.

    This is hard but you can do it!
  5. Andrea D.

    My 16-month old is not a fan of this thing.

    I would say not to compromise. YOU are the parent...he will eat when he gets hungry enough. As for the weaning, I would stick to the schedule you were trying for otherwise (even though it's nutritious) it's like giving the cheese and crackers and giving in. I know this may sound harsh but again he's 16 months know best and you are not harming him. My kids are 19 and 23 now and I took them off dairy, wheat and sugar when they were 2 and 6 (in 1995, it was so out there people though I was abusing my children!) and it was the hardest thing I've ever done but you CAN do it!!!
  6. Andrea D.

    What about DARK (VERY) CHOCOLATE

    Lindt 85% and higher is soy lecithin free as is higher % Scharffen Berger, the 100% is actually pretty good shaved. Taza (OMG), so good! And for anyone in the UK...Montezuma's is absolutely the very best chocolate, soy and gluten free, vegan.
  7. Andrea D.

    Kombucha vs Bacon

    I understand the question in the sense that in the bacon making process the sugar may be used to cure the pork but that it gets washed off leaving a negligible amount if any in the final product...I have always had this "question" in my mind during the W30 but am able to source truly sugar-free bacon so I use that during W30 but I do go back to my Organic Sunday Bacon from time to time while not on strict W30 program...But I do see the point in raising the question for someone in the "know" about the bacon making process.
  8. Andrea D.

    Reduced Fat Shredded Coconut? Why?

    Oh and BTW...I actually accidentally bought that one not realizing that there would even be such a thing I just grabbed it off the is SO's like shredded paper!!!!
  9. Andrea D.

    Severely Constipated!!! Whats up with that??!! first though before even looking at your food log was..."I wonder if she's eating coconut?" I would try adding the sweet potato or butternut squash as that seems to help me some but if that doesn't do it I'd try the cutting the coconut! Sorry!
  10. I rarely stray far from Whole 30 principles, I never eat gluten, grains, legumes or refined sugar of any kind...I do enjoy about 2 tablespoons of cream in my coffee, occasionally use butter in cooking and every once in a blue moon have some yogurt. Sugar is sneaky, it gets me in any and all forms and I never know what happens or how it gets so out of hand. When I say sugar I mean...dates, bananas, raisins and 90% dark chocolate... I could go months eating it on occasion and then all of the sudden's once, twice and maybe ten times daily!!! I just reign it back in, cut it all out and get it back under control. It is completely unrealistic for me to ever believe I won't enjoy these things from time to time in my life so I am so thankful I have the tools to get things under control when they do get out of hand!
  11. Andrea D.

    Thoughts on bananas

    Bananas hold the key to the lock that is on the cage where I keep my sugar dragon. But I love them.
  12. Andrea D.

    Too many sweet potatoes?

    I don't think so, it just sounds like your body needs more starchy carbs, have you tried changing it up with some other dense sources of starchy veggies? Plantains, taro, winter squash?
  13. Andrea D.

    Uses for shredded coconut

    I use it to make coconut milk. And post W30 I use it to make special occasion desserts.
  14. Andrea D.

    What other than crossfit??

    I walk nearly everyday just because I like intensity varies quite a bit so I hesitate to count it as a "workout". I am trying to get back into running (again, because I like it...not for "chronic cardio") so I'm easing into a 5K training program to get my legs back under me. I rebound and infrared sauna detoxification and relaxation. I do strength training (kettlebells, free weights, body weight exercises) 2-3 times per week and hot yoga 2-3 times per week. I do not do Crossfit either and I don't really see it in my future... I have dabbled in sprinting and like it but it hasn't made it into my regular routine yet...
  15. Andrea D.

    Rice bran oil

    It's oil made from the bran portion of rice...which of course is a grain so it's a no go. Sorry. What a stupid thing to add to cashews!!!