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  1. How long are you going to be there and how much food do you need to pack?
  2. juju

    Trick or Treat?

    I gave out little things of "Play-Doh" one year and those little "snaps" things that you throw at the ground and they make noise. Kids loved those....neighbors, not so much.
  3. juju

    Day 8 Disaster

    relax, getting upset is only going to make it worse. You did the right thing and called ahead and asked that special requests be made. After a few bites you realized something was amiss and you stopped eating. Frustrating, absolutely, but it's not the end of the world. Since you have no idea what was in the meal that may have made you feel the way you did I would say forge ahead (others may disagree) with your whole30. If you feel better in a day or so great, if not maybe consider a reset. Other things to consider...our minds are VERY powerful perhaps you were so sure that they were going to screw your meal up you ended up having a response depsite nothing crazy in your meal....the placebo effect is a real thing! Also, it could be that you are coming down with something and the symptoms you are experiencing have to do with a mild illness rather than non whole30 approved food. From your post it sounds like you are pretty hot under the collar about this, calm down a bit and see how you feel. I would say forge ahead like nothing happened and see how you feel. If in a few days you still feel kind of punky maybe consider a reset. Go for a walk, get a bit of exercise. This is a minor bump in the road to better health. You can't control what other people do or don't do but you can control how you react to their actions or lack there of.
  4. I use a cold brew method where I take a bunch of tea bags with a few lemon wedges in a pitcher with water and let it sit in the fridge for 24 hours. I do the same with coffee and then use a french press to get rid of the grounds and make super concentrated iced coffee.
  5. juju

    What if I CAN'T ride my own bike?

    first, take a deep breath. second, congratulate yourself on the massive achievements you have made in a very short time. third, it's ok to have a plan. In fact, sometimes it is better to have a plan so then you know exactly what you are going to do. I like having a plan because it takes the guesswork out of what I should do when situations arise. I have a wheat and gluten intolerance so that one is easy to avoid due to unpleasant consequences but my achilles heel is sugar free gum. I can not have it under any circumstances because 1 piece leads to a pack and the pack leads to me standing in front of the fridge with a hunger that won't die. So, my "bike riding" includes no gum. You may need to figure out what your trigger food or foods are and stay away for a bit. The beauty is you have more than 30 days to get it sorted out...there is no time limit on improving yourself. You have made huge improvements in your life which more than off set the a sugar binge or two. It's not how many time you get knocked down, it's how many times you get back up. If you need to be a whole60, 90, 120 , 123.5 do it. It's ok to have rules and a plan in order to get where you need to be. I also feel that a "plan" that says eat whole foods that nourish your body and help you achieve better health is an awesome "plan" to be on.
  6. It is a big time commitment. I work 80 hours a week and every third weekend (in addition to the 80 hours) I am on call for 72 hours straight. So my time is limited, at best. I cook in batches, huge batches. I have been paleo for 2.5 years now and it is manageable. This is my thought process..."holy sh*t, I have no free time...do I have time to feel like crap? Do I have time for a chronic illness and the doctors appts that go along with a chronic illness? Um no, no I don't. I guess I should get my a** in the kitchen and start cooking in huge batches!" For me, I would rather take the time to prepare for a crazy work schedule then end up eating SAD food and feeling like crap and not having the energy to power through 80 work weeks and 72 hour call shifts. I find myself grilling tons of meat all at once and roasting tons of veggies and then having them in the fridge and freezer ready to go so I don't need to think about it.
  7. juju

    Cooked chicken ?

    I have absolutely no idea but I have to say "spamfritter" may be the best screen name ever.
  8. juju


    oh rtm815...Sadly, I feel your pain. I decided to go at least 60 days without stepping on the scale. In addition, for my experiment I gave up all fruit, nuts and nut butters and caffeine. So for the past 60 days I have eaten grass fed beef, sardines, eggs, salad greens, roasted mixed veggies and usually a bit of japanese sweet potato or winter squash following a workout. My diet before the whole30 had some greek yogurt, some fruit and artifical sweetetners from sugar free gum but I cut out added sugars, legumes (other than peanut butter!) and grains years ago. I ate 3 meals a day following whole30 guidelines and no snacks. Exercise about 1 hour per day 6 days a week. So, I thought the extra clean up effort would produce some fat loss results. Well, it didn't I gained 6lbs in 60 days and no it isn't all muscle. My clothes are tighter and my face is rounder and I am entirely discouraged. Physically I feel fine, not much different than before I started but I do notice that my heartburn in gone...I think it was the yogurt. I do appreciate that the heartburn is gone and I realize this is not a weightloss diet....it was not supposed to be a WEIGHT GAIN diet either. Truthfully, the scale # matters less to me than the fact my clothes are tighter and my abs are less visible and I'm not as lean as I was before this process started. So, rtm815...you are not alone and I feel your pain and I wish I knew how to make it work for both of us cuz this is not what I had hoped for.
  9. juju

    cooking whole chicken

  10. juju

    The crazy things people say

    "salad is not a food!" wha-what? I still wonder what they think salad is. One of my favorites was a vegetarian co-worker who was drinking a Diet coke and eating Fritos and a hostess cupcake told me that the grassfed steak on my salad would give me colon cancer. I looked at her lunch and then at mine and said "that is a risk I am willing to take."
  11. juju

    Stress Fracture

    @ Laura B - I absolutely agree with you that rest is vital. My biggest problem is that I have worked out (almost) daily for over 20 years. I was a high school and college athlete and not working out feels just as strange and wrong to me as not brushing my teeth. I'm working on it but it has been a slow road to accept "less is more" when it comes to exercise.
  12. -Fritatta...so many varieties -sweet potato and sausage hash -steak and eggs!! -fruit salad or fresh fruit -scrambled eggs with lots of veggies and sweet potato hash browns -roasted veggies with eggs or sausage or bacon
  13. juju

    Stress Fracture

    All great suggestions. I have been foam rolling, doing a few days of power yoga and push-ups/pull-ups like it is a part of my job. I have also been using the TRX and free weights for upper body stuff. I have been doing wall squats and lots of chair poses to try to get my legs into the mix. It's more of a mental agony type of thing at this point, I was very used to taking long walks, running, heavy lifting and plyometrics so now not being able to do those things is wearing on me mentally.
  14. juju

    Stress Fracture

    I do have multiple bikes and a spin bike and my clipless shoes don't seem to aggrevate my foot. My problem is I tend to over do cardio as in "if 30 minutes is good, 90 minutes is better!" So, I have been trying to avoid the bike because I could see myself getting sucked in to the "burn more calories" mindset, especially because I am unable to do much else.
  15. juju

    Whole30 with Seven foods......

    -Grass fed beef -eggs -kale -sweet potatoes -coconut butter/oil -wild salmon (or sardines) -spinach