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    Roller derby, crossfit, dancing (jazz, street, burlesque, pole) reading, playing video games.
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    The crazy things people say

    "I could never give up bread/cakes/protein shakes/add any non-compliant food here" - Pretty much anyone. Yes, you could. You might not want to though. "I should not have told you what was in the stew, then you would have eaten it" - My mom after I said no thanks to a beef stew with red wine and non-compliant broth in it. No I wouldn't. "Why are you still trying to lose weight, you're already married?" - A co-worker of mine. I wasn't trying to lose weight before the wedding, I'm not trying to lose weight now and seriously, WTF?! "Sorry you couldn't join in on our coffee break, but there is only cupcakes and cinnamon buns, no carrots" - Another co-worker. Well, I can still join the coffee break and enjoy my tea and the company (of other, nicer, co-workers). No cupcakes or carrots needed. I also managed to upset a friend of mine when she first asked me if I wanted to join a wine-and-cheese-party and shortly thereafter if I wanted to hang out and have some wine and chat. I said that I gladly join both the party and the hangout, but that I'd pass on the food and wine (just so she would know she wouldn't have to get any for me). She sourly told me "Well, just forget about it then" and when I asked her why she was so upset she said that it made her sad/angry when I said no to every suggestion she had made. I still really don't understand the problem, I just said no to the food, not the company (which I thought I made clear I was really looking forward to).