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  1. Boykinbaby

    Paleo baby-led weaning

    so true Semolina! my girl used to love anything green, but now she's more into a meat eating phase, and before that it was mostly fruit! i'm fine with all that because we're still nursing at 16 months and figure she's eating what her body is telling her to prioritize right now. now saying that if you offer her something sweet she'll nealy always take that!
  2. Boykinbaby

    Protein suggestions for meat-hating toddler?

    try sneaking some bone broth into meals, especially mashed veggies or the rice/legumes. my 15 month old daughter loves bacon and gnawing on bones more than actually eating more meats though she's not as bad as your son....hope things even out!
  3. Boykinbaby

    Orthodontic friendly meals?

    i'm dealing with the same thing and have found that after a few weeks i can eat mostly normally once more(with the occasional gag when something gets hung up) but until then thick pureed soups were my friend! that and any ground meat was good, well cooked veggies that just kinda mushed were good too and some of the squashes/potatoes actually clear a lot of the hung up food from my appliance, so i eat those last!
  4. Boykinbaby

    Crock Pots and Cats

    actually i have had one of my cats steal a pork tenderloin out of a crockpot before. it was a small/personal sized crock with a plastic lid, no locks and fairly light. they got to it before the crock fully heated up and before the roast even started heating up since it was as raw (what was left) as when i'd put it in and left the room. i was so very mad i could have cooked the cat instead!
  5. Boykinbaby

    Paleo baby-led weaning

    we did avocado, banana, scrambled egg yolks/while eggs, and liver pate. however my daughter has a big affinity for softer foods when teeth are coming in (she's 14 months) so don't discount puree type foods altogether. don't forget that hunter gather mothers would pre-chew some foods(much like other mammals) and offer that to their babies, so it's a bit more like a "puree" than you'd think lol.
  6. i find that greasing with coconut oil doesn't help with sticking, however lard works like a charm possibly because it's a thicker product and more temperature stable. I've also done parchment paper liners and they're great, though i want to get the silicon so there is less waste
  7. Boykinbaby

    The crazy things people say

    lmao. i'm pretty sure there are an infinite number of meatloaf recipes out there depending on who's making it. My mother's never included ketchup, barbeque sauce, or any other condiment like that and i know some people basically smother their's.
  8. i did that a lot when my girl was little. that and i basically learned how to inhale food between nursing sessions so when i did my first 30 it was a struggle to slow down and actually eat my meals properly.
  9. deffinately up the starch. i'm still BFing my 14 month old frequently and if i don't get enough good carbs then i'm in an aweful situation, especially if she's not having a good night. i like to keep canned pumpkin at hand and just mix in some full fat coconut milk and cinnamon for an easy boost, plus you can eat it hot or cold.
  10. Boykinbaby

    Alternative to broth...

    if you want a touch of sweetness you could use apple or white grape juice, though those are more white wine subs than broth...
  11. Boykinbaby

    Finger foods for baby?

    my girl is a fan of canned pumpkin mixed with full fat coconut milk, pretty much any nut butter(no allergies here!) and basically any fresh fruit, though bananas are by far the favorite. she also likes steamed carrots, broccoli, brussel sprouts, green peas, ect. Proteins can be hit or miss sometimes but she does like liver pate and gnawing on any bone that she can get her hands on. Amazingly enough she loves trying to get the marrow out of rib bones, just like her mommy lol
  12. Boykinbaby

    Grab-and-go Breakfast

    you can steam any fresh veggie in a microwave, just chop to whatever size you like, add enough water to come halfway up the serving size and micro away! most microwaves actually have a button that says 'fresh veggies'
  13. Boykinbaby


    i've always used ACV and prefer the taste to other vinegars personally
  14. Boykinbaby

    beef stew!

    Puree some cauliflower or turnip and use that to thicken up a stew, i learned that trick on one of the blogs lol