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    Type 1 Diabetes & The Whole30

    Hey everyone, We found out that my daughter is T1D in June '12 just after school let out. In June and the first part of July we followed our endo's suggestions on how she should eat, which was just eat "normal" and give her insulin. In the middle of July I decided to start a Whole 30. We were already eating whole foods with minimal processed foods but I couldn't lose weight and had ballooned up to 330 lbs. Anyway, in the first 2 weeks I had awesome results and convinded my wife to switch our 8 yo boy and our 7 yo T1D daughter. It was pretty tough on the kids in week 1 but like all kids they pulled through. We noticed on day 3 that my daughters ratio wasnt working and she was having a ton of lows, so we started to adjust from 20:1, 30:1, 40:1, 60:1 and then we ended at 90:1 over a period of 12 weeks before we decided to take her off of Humalog. She contnued to take Lantus at night but we were noticing lows in the next week so we started to back her off over another week to the point were she was completely off ALL insulin. We went to her 6 week appointment and her A1C had dropped from the 7's down to 5.2 which was a HUGE cause of alarm with the dietician and her endo. I knew this was going to be the case so I prepped myself with all the research around grains, and the no fly foods. The dietician was a complete idiot, she kept telling me that we need grains and dairy. My question to her was why and could you please site scientific research, the respones she gave were needs the fiber, vitamin d, and she didn't have research to back it up. I then gave her all of my scientific evidence to support our decision and our plan to make sure she is healthy. As for Vitamin D we live in the northern hemisphere so my daughter had already been taking a suppliment for years. Anyway, my advice to anyone that talks to your Endo is to say you're doing a modified Mediteranean diet and not say paleo unless you're preparred to bring in a binder full of evidence, a copy of Dr Cordains book and a copy of Dr Bernstiens book in. On another note my daughters physician was 100% on board with the whole 30 and she thinks we need to do a case study on her and the effects. Before I get on a soap box about the robots in the medical community I'll just say that my daughter has been off of insulin since July and has been solid on the Whole 30 with a special snack here and there. Her blood has been super steady around 85-90 every day, her A1C is now in the 4's and she's happier and healthier than she's ever been in her life. My son was diagnosed with inattentive ADHD this summer (before we started the Whole 30) and since we've ben following the whole 30 we've noticed HUGE improvements in his ability to concentrate. His teachers have notices and his MAP scores when up a huge margin. The whole family has had massive benefits, I've lost 75lbs, my wife 40 lbs, my kids health is outstanding. When I tracked my resting heart rate before the whole 30 it was in the high 70's the other day my resting heart rate was 51 and I've tracked it in the high 40's as well, my gout has gone away and i'm back to playing sports and being happy. I know there are people that have doubts and a case of the "can'ts" but we're living proof this works!!