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  1. ladyhoward

    Paleo in Michigan

    hojo - I'm in Monterey - kind of between Hudsonville and Hopkins. So yes, I'm close! Thanks Naz16 for the link. I went on there to see if I knew anyone else but didn't recognize anyone. I'll have to keep my eye on there for group things coming up to see if I'd like to join. In the meantime, it's nice knowing there are some Michiganders on here!
  2. ladyhoward

    Paleo in Michigan

    I'm in Michigan too! I thought I was the only one . I too am in West Michigan - south of GR though. We should all keep in touch as I'm sure we are all running into the same struggles with staying Paleo and sourcing good food.
  3. ladyhoward


    Awesome tips! How did I survive before this forum?? . Thanks everyone!
  4. ladyhoward


    I cannot find sugar-free ketchup anywhere - anybody have any luck? I suppose I could make my own but not sure of a good recipe for that. I appreciate any guidance you all may have on this - I have a meatloaf recipe that my whole family likes and all I had to change was the flour (and the ketchup of course). Would love to still be able to make it while on the Whole30.