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  1. ladyhoward

    w30 is curing my cancer

    By the way, I was drawn to your post in the first place because Little Peanut was my nickname growing up . I find it ironic that peanuts are not Whole30 approved but I WILL BE !
  2. ladyhoward

    w30 is curing my cancer

    I haven't been on this site for a while, and it's been over a year since my last Whole30. I am starting another one on Monday and figured I'd peruse the success stories for inspiration as I'm scared to death of giving up the SAD foods I've held so closely this last year. You have inspired me in a way no words can express. I know your post is an older one, but I just wanted you to know you're still reaching people with your experience and offering hope to others. I may not be battling cancer, but all battles are hard when they keep you from living the life you're supposed to, so in a way, we're all fighting the same fight. Thanks for reminding me that I'm stronger than I think I am, and I will win in the end.
  3. ladyhoward

    My personal manifesto

    I hear ya loud and clear my friend! I feel a little lost when I'm not following the Whole30. I like the simplicity of it, and instead of feeling confined by the guidelines, I feel "safe" if that makes sense. I too have had addictive tendencies in the past when it comes to food, so I have come back to the Whole30 as my safe haven. I know there will be times when I am not compliant - like if at a restaurant or at someone's house for dinner - but I'm okay with that. I don't have physical issues with any of the off-plan foods, just emotional ones. I like your manifesto and will right there with you! Best of luck on your WholeLife
  4. You were not tempted at all to cheat? You are my hero! I think it's awesome that with all you've gone through these past several days, you've kept at the Whole30 as best you can and have kept a postive attitude. You have so much to be proud of so far. I can't wait to hear your success story when you're done with the Whole30! Keep up the positive attitude - and you're right, the power of good food is undeniable. Best of luck to you.
  5. ladyhoward

    How young is too young?

    I don't think 3 1/2 is too young to make changes to her diet - in fact, the early the better. I know it's a struggle - this forum section is full of posts similar to yours so you're not alone in that. Every child is different in what works and what doesn't, but I'd certainly keep at it. The less stressed you are about the swap and the more excited she can see you are about what you're eating, the easier it may be. And if she doesn't eat what you put in front of her, it's okay. She'll eat when she realizes that she's out of options. It doesn't have to be the battle of the century, but I also don't think you should just give in and give her what she wants.
  6. ladyhoward

    The next time around

    Sounds like you did great! Congrats
  7. ladyhoward

    Hoping to end my disordered eating

    Consider us like your sponsors - I have seen many a person post a "help me I'm about to cheat" topic and within minutes there are people responding with suggestions on what to do instead of giving in and going on a binge. As the others said, you are not alone and we're all here to help you be successful in your quest for health. There's ton of advice on here and in the ISWF book as well. Welcome to the rest of your healthy life!
  8. ladyhoward

    Whole45 Complete and BOY what a difference :)

    You don't even look like the same person in your pictures! Great success story
  9. I know! I also can't tell you how many times I've eaten a candy bar only to look down and see that it's gone and I can't really remember eating it or what it tastes like. That's how I know how mindless I'm being and that it's just me giving in to my spoiled-brat brain when it complains that it wants sugar.
  10. I hear ya peeps! Chocolate is definitely one of those items that I can't keep in the house, but I still find myself buying it more often than I should for a "treat". Why I even call it a treat when it's doing damage to my body I just can't explain. Yes, I can - cuz it's DELICIOUS! It's starting to not be worth it anymore though as the magic is wearing off and I want it back. I would second what JJB says and don't keep it in the house anymore. If you want to be free from the binges once and for all, I'd stay on the Whole30 until the urge is gone. It may take a while - for me I think it will - but freedom is worth it, chocolate is not. It's a momentary pleasure that steals from a lifetime of health and wellbeing.
  11. Good for you! Your sugar dragon is that much weaker now, and as Kirsteen says, it WILL get easier! You should be very proud of yourself
  12. ladyhoward

    Tessemae's, Ah-mazing!

    Lucky! The shipping wasn't much, but still . . . . . I'm jealous Derval!
  13. ladyhoward

    Tessemae's, Ah-mazing!

    I just ordered some Zesty Ranch so I'm so glad to hear it's yummy! I made a homemade ranch dressing not long ago and it was okay, but nothing special. It was good on salads but not as good dipping veggies in there (my son had some friends over so I put some out with some cut up veggies as a snack). So, glad to hear I made a good choice with the Tessamae option instead .
  14. ladyhoward

    Commitment = Success!!

    Awesome success story! Good for you - and all of that while buying a new house? That's even better!
  15. ladyhoward

    I'm cheating, but it's working!!

    lilangel4824 - congrats on your success so far! However, I caution you in your eagerness to step on the scale, even if you are seeing the number go down. Here's the real question - what will you do if the number doesn't go down? Or it goes up? There is a reason why you are told to break up with your scale while on this program - and even beyond. Weight does not measure health and that number can fluctuate wildly for many different reasons. I can see how it's motivating you at this point, but the scale is sneaky and manipulative and loves to mess with your head like you wouldn't believe. Give this program a true 100% effort - I know you have with your food - but you also have to give 100% with your mind.