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  1. Holly Hampton


    I just made some natures promise chicken apple sausages and realized they have sugar in te seasoning. Do I have to start over?! I'm on day 7.
  2. I want to join some friends for lunch, but not sure what I can have if anything. What can I eat that is whole30 approved? Salad with no dressing?
  3. Holly Hampton

    Accidental slip

    I forgot about the bacon and put baconnaise (mayo made from bacon fat and coconut oil) from our previous way of paleo eating in our tuna salad today. It was about 1-2 tbsp with 1/2 cup coconut oil. Is that enough to start over? We are on day 1. Also the tuna said contains soy but it was not listed on the ingredients. Is this off plan?
  4. Holly Hampton

    Having a hard time finding Bacon without sugar

    The bacon was not sugar free but nitrate free.
  5. Holly Hampton

    Having a hard time finding Bacon without sugar

    I made mayo with bacon fat, baconaise. Without thinking I put it in my tuna salad. I probably put a tbsp or maybe two of bacon fat I one batch with coconut oil. Does this derail my whole 30? Also tuna said contains tuna and soy although soy is not in the ingredients. What is up with that and does that mean I can't have it?
  6. Holly Hampton


    I am getting ready to start the whole30 and realized our toothpaste has saccharin in it. Is it necessary to buy Tom's or something similar?