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  1. SarahMarch

    January 2nd start date

    I'm interested to see if you find an improvement w/the husband has bouts w/it every couple of months. I'm hopeful for you! -Sarah
  2. SarahMarch

    January 2nd start date

    Starting my W30R3 on 1/2 as well! I am excited but as always am also nervous. I feel like my first Whole30 I was really intentional and I followed the spirit of the Whole30 better than I did during my second one. I think during my second one I was substituting 'compliant' things to feed my Sugar Dragon...ex: I would come home from work and eat a bunch of baby carrots dipped in organic Sunbutter...not the answer! I'm hoping to be more intentional in my meal planning this time around.
  3. SarahMarch

    Januray 2 Repeat for November "Graduates"

    Hi, I've done two Whole30s, the last one being a year ago. I'd love to join your group! I want to recommit to clean eating, and I know eliminating dairy, grains and refined sugars makes such a huge difference in how I feel. I have been prepping by going back through ISWF and grocery shopping. One thing I am noticing is a lot more compliant items than I remember, or at least them being more easily accessible now. One thing I worry about is that my family (husband and 2 tween/teens) are not at all interested in paleo eating, let alone a Whole30, so I am doing this thing on my own (again). I've done it before and can do it again, but when I'm committed and 'gung ho' and the rest of the family is chowing down on processed foods it can be hard. Not b/c I want the processed foods, but b/c I know what the consumption of said processed foods is doing to them and I wish they weren't eating them. But, I am very excited to get started and plan to begin on Jan. 2...looking forward to a healthy reset and then continuing it past the reintroduction phase this time!
  4. SarahMarch


    I am curious if anyone has information about Q'doba and what kinds of oils they cook with/what foods are compliant? We are going on a looong road trip with kids and I am really concerned about staying Whole30 compiant when we are dining out. Any insight would be appreciated! Sarah (On Day 20 of my Whole30 and feeling really good!)