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    Help! What do you do with it?
  2. BrandiSCollins

    Question about kombucha

    Thanks, Robin! It has 2g, so I think I'm gonna give it a whirl.
  3. BrandiSCollins

    Question about kombucha

    The part that I'm worried about is that the part that says raw organic kombucha has parenthesis and inside it says organic sugar. I'm assuming this means the sugar used before fermentation and it's ok. But how do I know for sure?? I just need a little something besides water every now and then. Thanks!!
  4. BrandiSCollins

    Question about kombucha

    I just picked some up tonight on my first trip to Earth Fare. How do I know it's compliant? They all said they contain "raw organic kombucha" (spring water, organic sugar, organic oolong tea, organic Yerba mate tea). The rest of the ingredients are organic hibiscus, organic ginger root and organic pink grapefruit juice. ??? I'm terrified to drink it. Is it ok?
  5. BrandiSCollins

    Official Whole30 - August Check Ins!

    I started a day late, woke up with a bit of a headache this morning, but made it through the whole weekend (even though we were out of town) on plan!!! That's definitely a first! I did have the haunting "eating off plan" dreams last night though. I woke up terrified!
  6. BrandiSCollins

    Eating Disorder Help/Thoughts/Questions

    Good for you!! I think what has helped me the most as far as the cravings go, is that when I am craving, I don't have to eat some carrots or celery, like a "diet". I can actually go to real food like some leftover meat, some avocado or even olives, which is actually satisfying. I've battled weight all my life (always trying to be on the losing end, never succeeding) and ended up having weight loss surgery this past march. I've never made it past the second day of a "diet" on plan. I'm currently on day 4 and I feel good. Give it a shot!!
  7. BrandiSCollins

    The Whole30 after weight loss surgery?

    Hi everyone! I had lap-band surgery on 3/12/12 and have lost 45 pounds so far, but I still don't "feel well". I stumbled upon Whole30 and today is my Day 1. So far, so good. I just wanted to say hi and let y'all know that I'll be stalking you!