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  1. LiverLove

    Excellent!!! I cant wait to delve into the recipes more! Thank you!!!
  2. Sardines

    Thanks, Nadia! I agree with Nico! Currently, I have chicken livers, beef kidney, beef heart, and beef liver!! I was feeling like an overachiever when I bought them all! Drrrr
  3. Sardines

    Where is all ur organ meat info!?
  4. W30 in the "Land of Enchantment"

    T, Just gotta say that I loooove the co-op! Today I scored beef liver and heart! How awesome!
  5. W30 in the "Land of Enchantment"

    Hi, T! My restart is going pretty well. I have had a few slip-ups (in the form of Newmans pb cups of course!), but Im feeling good and sticking to it 99%! Im also starting to get some exercise squeezed in. Im feeling good right now and hope that I continue to stick with it! I forgot to mention that I made Elana's chocolate chip cookies and they were delicious! My co-workers even liked them AFTER I told them there was no junk in them. score!! How have you been?
  6. W30 in the "Land of Enchantment"

    Restart tomorrow! D'oh!
  7. W30 in the "Land of Enchantment"

    Heeeeeeere we go! March W30!! This time I've got company, so as much as I want a Starbx bacon sandwich right now, I'm gonna stick with my sausage. Game on!
  8. Day 3..Holy Mack Truck Batman

    I have been uber-grumpy and waaaay too emotional! Today is my day 3... I was literally in tears at work on days 1 & 2... Geesh! Hope you get to the other side soon
  9. The crazy things people say

    *sigh* I just went through San Diego airport security. My purse went through with my tupperware of flank steak and squash. The TSA guy said, "Really? Really?" and then pulled over a co-worker to observe. For real, dude! Yeah, people plan ahead instead of eating dried up sandwiches!
  10. Kombucha Confusion

    Cranberry Booch! After the kombucha fermented, I poured it into plastic bottles with a 1/4 cup cranberry juice. I left the bottles at room temperature for five days.
  11. One Year After First Whole 30

    It's not easy sticking it out to get to the finish line. Great job!
  12. gallbladder out

    Speaking of gallbladders... I'm pretty sure that I've had attacks in the last five years. The worst that I remember was a pain in the upper right that lasted all night long. I tried gas pills and antacids with no luck. I had no idea what it was until the last year talking to someone about their episode! In May, I started strict Paleo after dabbling on and off for three years. I developed a constant, dull pain in that area. I tried the GAPS diet to alleviate the pain. In the first three days, I ate nothing but chicken broth and a few servings of plain chicken. Warning, TMI: I had regular doos and then all of the sudden got constipated for a few days. When I finally went, it was greenish-white, lumpy, and full of mucous... It totally freaked me out!!! That dull pain did go away though... I hope this isn't too much, but have any of you experienced something like this? Maybe that was stones being passed?
  13. Kombucha Confusion

    I have spouts too! Found a water jug holder at goodwill (like the ones kombucha kamp sells) and 1.5-2 gallon ones at Ross for $10!!
  14. gallbladder out

    I'd like to know more about that gallbladder diet. Recently, The Paleo Mom did a podcast on everything gallbladders. I haven't listened to the whole thing yet, but so far lots of good info in there.
  15. Kombucha Confusion

    Homebrew can be really easy once you get into the swing of things! Not sure herbal will work tho. From what I've read, only teas from the "tea plant."