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  1. Rebe_J

    How long do you cook ghee?

    I follow Alton Brown's technique and it takes about 10 minutes to get brown enough for me. When it foams up the second time, I turn off the heat. After it settles back down, I strain it.
  2. I did my first W30 in August, 2012. I have not been as consistent as I would like in following most of the ideals, but a few habits have stuck: I don't keep non-compliant foods in the house except for special occasions or planned splurges. We eat three meals a day and rarely have snacks. Vegetables are the star of the show at every meal and protein is highest quality available and affordable. I try to find a new recipe or method every week or so I have a routine for weekly meal plan, prep, and cook-up I am loyal to local farmers whenever possible. Now that I'm retired, I am free from the stress of work and the food temptations that ambushed me regularly there. I have quite a bit of fat to shed, and now I'm getting on track with more compliant eating without doing official W30 again.
  3. Rebe_J

    The crazy things people say

    I recently heard this from my boss, who is Ivy League educated. "How can you eat eggs if you cut out dairy?" because... "Eggs are in the dairy case!"
  4. Rebe_J

    The crazy things people say

    I've had people ask questions out of true curiosity and have tried to answer their questions briefly, then refer them to the books for further information. Critics.... I've tried to ignore them. It's been nearly 3 years since my first W30, and I basically do like the others above; ignore them and quietly eat what I eat. And feel really good about it....
  5. Rebe_J

    The crazy things people say

    Being the smart-a$$ that I am, I like to ask these people this question. "Have you priced a heart attack lately? How about a stroke? The daily rate in ICU?" Husband and I have had NO medical bills (other than preventative & exams) since 2008. We take no prescription medicines. I'm 62 and he's 71. A big part is genetic, I know, but IMO, lifestyle often trumps genes. YMMV