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  1. beachchica

    Fat adaption, starchy carbs

    Fenderbender (great screen name btw)- that's awesome! And I couldn't agree more about not being able to envision another way to live. I have started to think about life after my Whole30, and I really don't ever want to eat [email protected] again. It didn't make me feel very good, and honestly looking back on it, I don't think it tasted nearly as good as fresh produce and healthy fats. My only wishy-washy part is about animal protein- I'm a recovering vegetarian trying to come to terms with eating meat. I've committed to it for the Whole30, but not sure what will happen long-term. I know I don't want to reintroduce soy and all its various processed forms. Wondering if lentils are an ok necessary evil, plus seafood and eggs...
  2. beachchica

    Fat adaption, starchy carbs

    You're welcome I also get overwhelmed if there are too many rules to follow. It starts to feel like the old calorie-crunching way that a lot of us used to lose weight in the past. Embracing the fun of all of this, really enjoying healthy food and how it makes you feel, is what makes this program stand apart. I love that there are basic guidelines to follow, but filling in the blanks is up to each of us.
  3. beachchica

    The crazy things people say

    The most common one is "So, you're on that caveman diet?" I used to clarify how this is different, but now I find it's easier to just smile and nod. It's like when an acquaintance asks "How are you?" They don't really want the full, accurate answer. They want to hear "I'm fine, and you?" If it's a close friend or family member, and they are genuinely interested in the Whole30, I'll share more information. But the casual questions get casual responses.
  4. beachchica

    Fat adaption, starchy carbs

    Lesley, first of all, your profile picture is beautiful! Your kids (I'm presuming) are so cute, and you are absolutely glowing. Just wanted to put that out there Second, I think you got some great advice about meal timing and heart rate monitoring. But try not to get overwhelmed with being so precise with all of this. The main objective here is to eat healthy food that makes you feel good, which in your case involves getting you through marathon training. You will probably have to tinker with your food until you know what works, so just think of this as a science experiment where you're the trial subject. And have fun with it! Like another responder, my running suffered during the first couple of weeks as I transitioned to fat adaptation, but eventually eating this way (with or without sweet potatoes) made me a much stronger runner. Good luck with your marathon!