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  1. runninglawyer88

    Overeating ALL THE TIME

    mlissa--I don't think that you're eating a tremendous amount of food to be honest so my guess is that you are undernourished and your body might be clinging to the nutrients/calories moreso than someone who had come into this in a well-fed state. Does that make sense? I'm not sure if you're considering your eating disorder binge eating but the 2 days that you posted don't seem very binge-like to me. Could you be more specific about that? What exactly makes you think that you have an eating disorder of some sort? How long have you been struggling with this? When it comes to running, how much are you running now and are you using running to offset some of the calories you're eating?
  2. Well, there isn't a single day where you seem to be following the meal template. Aside from the avocado and brazil nuts I see no mention of fats. Also, you're eating fruit/nuts between meals when ideally you'd be following the template if you need to eat between meals (just eat a smaller portion if necessary). When I'm not getting enough fat my digestive system is more sluggish and I get bloated. The same might be true of you. You're only halfway through your whole 30 and bloating is fairly common so I wouldn't take it as sign that you're gaining weight because usually that isn't the case. I would recommend finding some compliant digestive enzymes and making sure you drink enough water daily as well.
  3. runninglawyer88

    March 17, 2014 - This is likely TMI...

    Not TMI in the slightest. The whole 30 will teach you a lot about yourself, your body, and your relationship with food. I think it's great that you've done extensive research and have thoroughly prepared yourself for the next 30 days! If you haven't bought any cookbooks I highly recommend Well Fed!
  4. runninglawyer88

    So am I supposed to feel the same: Day 15 blues

    Failing? Absolutely not. If nothing else you're learning something about your relationship with food, you're clearing out any rubbish from your diet, you're probably learning new recipes, and you're also realizing the impact that "weight" has on you and your emotional well-being. I suggest you really try to let go of this idea that this is only worth it if you lose weight--weight is such a small factor in your well-being and even your appearance (body composition is much much more important). There is much to be gained from the whole 30 that can't be measured by the scale. It's 30 days of your life, not an eternity. Plus, you're halfway in, even if you had lost a few pounds you likely wouldn't feel it if you're also bloated as your body adjusts to this way of eating. Keep at it and try to think of reasons unrelated to weight that this is a GREAT thing for you to accomplish!
  5. runninglawyer88

    Best thing you ever ate (whole 30 edition)?

    I've gotta try these! Definitely gotta try them!
  6. runninglawyer88

    Overeating ALL THE TIME

    littleg--I have a lot of food allergies so I basically HAVE TO eat whole 30 (except I can eat dairy products) in order to keep my symptoms at bay. So, I've not had to really discuss my diet at all. I'm sure my doctors would approve though--I have very good doctors. Also, it may have been active baby growing time because I only gained 1-2 pounds in 4 weeks which is on the low end of "normal" but still totally fine. I haven't been whole 30ing as of late but intend to start again on the 21st.
  7. runninglawyer88

    Sugar addiction and occasional use

    I wouldn't say you're being "dramatic" but I don't think that you have to avoid sugar forever if you don't want to. Getting a handle on your emotions sounds like it's going to be key for you since it seems like this is all very much connected to something bigger than the sugar itself. I think deep, emotional healing is the secret to most eating issues (including this one). I do think that maybe bright line rules surrounding your sugar intake might be necessary and useful until you are able to eat sugar in a more controlled manner. Since you were able to do the 21dsd I suspect you could make your own rules and get a handle on your sugar intake.
  8. runninglawyer88

    The timing of meals

    I think the best thing for you to do would be to have 4 meals so that you're satiated and not prone to snacking on random things during those hungry hours. A salad would be acceptable but it should be made as per the meal template--so avocado/olives, lettuce, and PROTEIN should be included. Just incorporate another meal at perhaps 3:30 so that it is halfway between lunch and dinner. Over time maybe you can drop the 4th meal altogether.
  9. runninglawyer88

    Struggling to get to my former Whole30 status

    Keep us posted on how it goes!
  10. runninglawyer88

    Struggling to get to my former Whole30 status

    Ahhh I see. Could you not be pushing yourself as hard as you were during your workouts? The body has a remarkable way of adapting to the stress that we put on it. Also, could you be bloated/retaining more water due to your menstrual cycle? Give it time--I mean you're only halfway through this whole 30...the whoosh that you're looking for could be right around the corner.
  11. runninglawyer88

    I GAINED on Whole30...

    Fantastic results. This is truly phenomenal!
  12. runninglawyer88

    Struggling to get to my former Whole30 status

    How are you judging your former results? If its memory alone then maybe that's your problem.
  13. runninglawyer88

    How to motivate yourself for a second round.

    I actually really like this idea. I was planning to do just that except allow dairy and sugar (not candies and sweets (except on the rare occasion) but added to turkey sausage and condiments) but I noticed myself eating cereal and things just because--it didn't happen for long since my whole 30 only ended a week and a half ago but I was already feeling like poop and OVERDOING it on those foods. I guess I'm not good with moderation either. I guess I could make my own bright line rules and follow those like I followed the whole 30 rules. I can give that a try starting today. I have 1 week until the date I planned to start a second whole 30 but if this works for me I think I should probably do that. There's something that does rub me the wrong way about doing back to back whole 30s while pregnant --not that I think it's physically unhealthy but mentally the restriction aspect is unsettling. I'm not sure if that makes sense but I actually NEED to be compliant except for the dairy and sugar because I'm allergic to grains (gluten and non-gluten), corn, soy, legumes, and even many nuts. So, that's reason enough to stay on track!
  14. runninglawyer88

    First Whole30 starts tomorrow 2/1/14! Who's with me?

    Did you get everything together? 1 week until my big day! That will be 2 weeks before my next appt which is fabulous!
  15. runninglawyer88

    How to motivate yourself for a second round.

    Carla--thanks for your input. I guess I'm trying to figure out my WHY still--I think ultimately it gives me a semblance of control over my food intake even though it's actually externally imposed (the rules are written, I didn't write them). By restricting what I can eat and having bright line rules my diet is cleaner, more nutritious, and more satisfying. All great things for the little one growing inside of me. I guess what I don't like is the RESTRICTION part--coming from an eating disorder background (anorexia) it's just difficult for me to know that my reasons are legitimate.