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  1. redjasmin

    Starting Jan. 2

    Made it through the first week and sleep has returned last night I slept like a baby after a few restless nights before. That was the thing I really noticed when I did my first Whole 30 was the quality of sleep, going to bed and falling immediately into a deep dark sleep and waking feeling refreshed. As soon as the crap returned to my diet, so did the poor sleep! Day 6 was my kill all things day! Hoping that's calmed down today and I'm in a slightly more chilled out frame of mind!
  2. redjasmin

    Starting Jan. 2

    Ooh I need to have a look at the timeline... Is day 6 Kill All Things? I'm doing surprisingly well at the moment, and even managed to watch my kids demolish cookie dough ice cream without diving into the tub not feeling hungry fro breakfast today :/ unusual, but I've just forced some down as I know otherwise I will be starving later. No mad cravings, no food dreams - am I really doing a whole 30?
  3. redjasmin

    Whole30/Paleo Cookbooks

    From Nom NomPaleo my absolute favourite recipe is Bo Kho, I Mage a huge batch of it and freeze it in portions, it's so rick that it encourages you to eat green veggies on the side just to lighten it a bit, and you feel like you are having a really decadent meal! I often make it with pork tenderloin instead of beef which I actually prefer. The Omg it's paleo book it brilliant too, although many of her recipes have to be tweaked to be whole 30 compliant. The pumpkin cashew cocnut curry is probably my favourite recipe - it's available online too, but the book is great so worth getting. Well fed chocolate chilli is another favourite - that seems to be popular! I'm excited as I have the new Nom Nom Paleo cookbook being delivered today from amazon - I'm in the uk and it was only released today, I'm looking forward to getting some new recipes from this
  4. redjasmin

    Starting Jan. 2

    Hi everyone, I'm starting my whole 30 today. I completed my first whole 30 last year in June and the experience was amazing, I have never felt so healthy, I slept amazingly, and I lost over 15 pounds in weight. I immediately followed with another 30 days and couldn't see me ever going back to my old habits. I'm ashamed to say though that I did, bit by bit I started making bad choices and before I knew it my old habits had totally crept back in - along with the weight I lost! So I'm starting the year with another whole 30 and really hoping this will set me up for a totally paleo lifestyle. I'm in the UK so I'm just starting my day one as some of you are finishing yours
  5. redjasmin

    Coconut Milk

    I freeze mine if I have leftover and throw it in curries frozen.
  6. redjasmin

    Cooking Equipment - Food Processor recommendations

    My processor is a small on that was on offer in Tescos for £15! Makes perfect cauliflower rice, although I have to blitz it in several batches because the bowl is quite small. I use a stick blender for soup. I used to have an enormous all-singing and dancing processor that just took up an entire cupboard and never actually got used!
  7. redjasmin

    Starting September 9th looking for support

    I'm starting another whole 30 today. Did my first back in June and lost 15lbs, had a couple of days off and then did another taking my total weight loss to 25lb have been a bit sidetracked the last few weeks and finding my eating habits have been more bad choices than good so doing another whole 30 from today to get me back on track.
  8. redjasmin

    What are your favorite paleo books?

    Primal Blueprint by mark Sisson
  9. I haven't got any experience of not ovulating on my whole 30, but I have experienced the frustration of TTC and I know how your mind darts from thing to another, looking for things that might help and things that may harm? All I can say is I don't see how a whole 30 could possibly be the wrong thing to do? You are eating fresh nutritious food that will nourish your body and provide you will all the vitamins and minerals you need to be healthy, you are cutting processed foods and artificial additives, and sweeteners and sugar, and instead replacing that with fresh vegetables and grass fed meat and fish - how could any of that have a negative impact on hormones or ovulation? You are not restricting calories or exercising excessively and you are getting better quality sleep. I think you just need to trust the process? I didn't thing BBT was terribly accurate anyway? I was advised to use ovulation predictors, and according to them I didn't ovulate the month I conceived my daughter! I don't think you can always tell if you are ovulating (unless one turns into a baby) Stick with it as I'm sure it can only do you good, and good luck TTC
  10. redjasmin

    Sourcing Good Food in U.K and/or Ireland

    Tesco are selling a range of dried fruit called Urban fruit which is 100% dried fruit with no other ingredients, no additives, no preservatives, they have cherries, mango, pineapple or strawberries and are on offer at the moment 2 for £3
  11. Ha your mind sounds a little like mine! Latching onto certain ideas, obsessing over calories - all sounds a little familiar! I really think you have to completely let go and just embrace the whole 30 process? I found myself in the same position when embarking on my first whole 30. I'm a personal trainer, I know the calories in every food by heart - so mentally forcing myself not to count calories was tough. Also I exercise away my eating sins, so in the past if I overrate I would run 6 miles to burn the calories off. A year ago I had a baby, and since then my hormones/eating have been totally out of control. I constantly craved white refined carbs, had no energy, lost all motivation for exercise, gained a ton of weight, and was diagnosed with post partum thyroiditis - an underactive thyroid condition caused by pregnancy, that I was told could be reversed through lifestyle. So when I started my first whole 30, it was primarily with the aim of balancing my hormones and sorting out my thyroid - but I'm not going to lie, I was desperate to lose weight! I decided to crack the nutrition and the healing first, my workouts were terrible anyway, I had no energy, my runs just left me hungry so I ate more, so I decided for my whole 30 that I wasn't going to train - just walk. I didn't want fluctuations in my appetite from training, and trying to balance pre/post workout meals, I didn't want intense workouts disrupting my hormones, so I took a break and just made sure I walked my dogs for a couple of hours each day - for me this made my whole 30 work, I was purely working to a 3 meal per day template, and it gave me some head space to think about my eating habits. I totally resisted the temptation of stepping on the scales, knowing that seeing a number more than I wanted would set me back, and at the end of the day it's just a number? I found not counting calories difficult, and eating fat with all those calories was totally alien, and should I cut out starchy carbs? How many sweet potatoes are too much? In the end I just tried to chill out! I combined protein and fat and veggies and I ate until I was full - full enough to satisfy me until my next meal. I've no idea what my weight did during those 30 days, but I did know that I had more energy, was sleeping better, had clearer skin, was sure that my hormones were more balanced? At the end of the whole 30 I wasn't even sure if I should step on the scale - the wrong number could completely undo my mental good work? I did step on the scale though and I'd lost 15 pounds It sounds as if you are letting your mind be your worst enemy. Let go and embrace the process, follow the template and I'd honestly recommend dropping the exercise - just for a few weeks while you get a handle on your metabolism. Walk, do some yoga, take some time for yourself and start to listen to your body and trust yourself? Give it 30 full days and then maybe evaluate your whole 30 and think about what you need to change for the next ? Good luck
  12. redjasmin

    Pork tenderloin in the slow cooker?

    I make this with pork tenderloin - just because it's one of my favourite cuts of meat, and I prefer pork to beef It's absolutely delicious
  13. redjasmin

    Planning for a long bike ride

    Coconut water is great for hydration