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  1. Despite my initial hesitation, I tried this edgy recipe. It tastes divine! Check it out: http://www.marksdailyapple.com/primal-egg-coffee/#axzz2aBIPJUJO
  2. 3dayevent

    Hormonal Acne

    Megan, thank you SO much! I have already placed the order.
  3. 3dayevent

    Results already! 2 weeks into my 1st Whole30!

    Thank you, all! I'll upload the photos tomorrow, if I'm feeling brave!! I am so enthused about what's to come in the next fifteen days. Whether there is much of an aesthetic transformation or not, I feel so much better inside. That's worth all of the effort alone!
  4. 3dayevent

    Hormonal Acne

    Many thanks to both of you!! Nadia B, that's so encouraging! I eliminated nuts, too. Thank you for the inspiration!! Congrats on your glowing skin!
  5. 3dayevent

    Eating too much!!!

    Thank you so much, notacommittee! I have eaten a lot better meals over the past two days, and I feel so much better and certainly less ravenous throughout the day. My performance in the gym has been much better, too. I so appreciate everyone's counsel and suggestions! Thank you!!!
  6. 3dayevent

    Hormonal Acne

    Thank you, ArLaLaIE!
  7. Day Fourteen, the almost-halfway point of my Whole30! I'm strongly considering extending my Whole30 to a Whole45. Honestly, I feel phenomenal, my workout recovery is easier, my energy levels are tremendously more stable, my body doesn't feel inflamed, and my outlook on life has been far more optimistic and positive. Waking up in the early-morning hours was nearly impossible; now, I wake up with the first chime of my alarm clock. Rather than plummeting energy levels throughout the day, my energy levels seem very stable. I find myself disbelieving that after a CrossFit WOD that difficult, my recovery time is significantly less than it has ever been before. I'm not experiencing bloating or inflammation in my hands and feet anymore. My general perspective seems lighter and brighter. I am thoroughly enjoying cooking and experimenting with new recipes too. The food is delicious!! I also went for five hours without eating today, and wasn't lightheaded or ill. Before Whole30, that would have never been the case. What's not to love? The only real struggle that I'm currently facing is what I believe to be detox. I've struggled with mild-moderate acne for years and tried lots of prescription antibiotics and harsh chemicals, but nothing has resolved the issue. I had moderate breakouts before Whole30, but around day seven of Whole30, I noticed a lot of new breakouts, especially around my mouth and chin. I also noticed a lot of whiteheads and very dry skin. I've heard that it often gets worse before it gets better, and I'm hoping that is true. The breakouts are definitely still here, but I feel like they may be less inflamed now, on day fourteen. I'm hoping to complete this program with clearer skin- however long it may take. I want to take 'Day 15' pictures, but is that like a measurement? I have not stepped on a scale or taken new measurements since I started the program. I'd love to compare what I look like now to the 'Day 0' photos, but I don't want to cheat at all. Feedback, please!!
  8. 3dayevent

    Whole 30 -

    Congratulations on your huge success! How inspirational!
  9. Way to go!! You look incredible. Keep up the fantastic work!
  10. 3dayevent

    Photos of my Success!

    Congratulations on your remarkable transformation! You're an inspiration!!!
  11. 3dayevent

    Frustrated with results

    You worked hard to follow the program, and it shows; you look leaner. I wouldn't get caught up in frustration about weight. I am trying to overcome being so determined to have a certain number on the scale, rather than focusing on where my body needs to be. Have you tried an exercise program? Why not go for another Whole30 and join a nearby CrossFit? If you lost three pounds this month, and you do look leaner, imagine what another month combined with exercise could do. Just a suggestion! Don't be discouraged, because you did it and you look healthier already!!
  12. 3dayevent

    Eating too much!!!

    Thanks, amberino21!! I'll try adding more protein for sure. Oh, I forgot about the WO meals being added to the regular three meals. I think that if I add the protein and make sure to get the 3 meals, I won't feel as hungry all day. Many thanks!!!
  13. Today, my twelfth day, brought a challenge that I haven't really encountered while on this journey. I was HUNGRY several different times between meals and before meals. I have been training vigorously at CrossFit (5-6 days/week) and running lightly (2 days/week), but I don't think that it's burning enough to ignite this appetite: Day 12: Pre-WO: One egg and one cup of coffee. Post-WO/Breakfast: Turkey and sweet potato. Lunch: Southwestern salad. Side of blueberries. Snack: Celery, turkey rolls, and a slice of avocado. Dinner: Steak (palm sized portion), cauliflower mash, broccoli, and mushroom stir fry. Frozen blueberries and almond milk after dinner. I ate a lot today, and I really don't want to affect my results. However, I recognize the need to fuel my workouts and runs. Is this too much to consume in one day?
  14. 3dayevent

    Struggling to lose body fat

    Like Tom said, try to sleep as much as possible! Also, I have heard plateau is very common in exercise programs. Maybe you've reached a plateau after loosing the 60 pounds. I have recently joined a CrossFit gym and they are so welcoming, encouraging, and ready to support their athletes, no matter what level you are. One of the concepts that contributes to CF's successful reputation is that the workouts are constantly varied- to prevent plateau. I have been doing CF for 16 days now, and I already feel lighter, stronger, and look leaner. Maybe you could give that a try!! Best wishes!
  15. 3dayevent

    dry skin on face...

    Thank you, all, for the information, suggestions, and encouragement! I hope this is a "worse before it's better" scenario.