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  1. Lisa W.

    Where do you buy ghee?

    Thank you everyone for the help and advice! Megan! Of course you post here, too! hehehe I like these forums a lot! I will definitely try Harris Teeter and Apple Crate... I also want to go to Bed, Bath & Beyond in search of a julienne peeler to make zucchini noodles! I started a journal here because I don't ever go to AWW anymore and I don't have a blog and you can't (or don't wanna) say THAT much on FaceBook. So this seemed like a good home for a brand new journal. Beth, I live on Ft. Bragg... so not too far away, really, but I've only been to S.Pines once. A couple of years ago we went to an office supply store there that sells a lot of K-Cups for the Keurig coffee machine for my husband. The closest Whole Foods is up in Cary, so I've only been there twice. Not super handy. Oh! So is ghee found in the middle of the store, or in refrigerated areas?
  2. Lisa W.

    Looking for a buddy for the August Whole30

    Hey Everyone!! I'm in the August 1st boat, too! I just did my grocery shopping today and got most of what I want and need to get started. I can't wait! I've never done the paleo thing before, but I was a huge devotee of the "clean eating" lifestyle for a few years, so I know I have what it takes to be strict and disciplined with my food. Doing that before, was when I went thru the learning curve of eating fresh, whole foods and learning to like them. The HUGE difference for me now, is no grains. I almost can't fathom my first meal of the day not being 3 scrambled egg whites and 1/2 cup oats oatmeal! LOL So weird. Thank goodness I'm still allowed to have sweet potato!!! That will be the only heavier, filling food that it looks like I have left. hehehe I committed to this Whole30 on my FaceBook too, so now a few people are waiting to see what I eat and see pics. I really look forward to following along with all of you here!
  3. Lisa W.

    Where do you buy ghee?

    I did the bulk of my grocery shopping today for tomorrow's Day 1 so my veggies will be freshest! I found a jar of Spectrum coconut oil, but I couldn't find any ghee. I shop at a military commissary but definitely can go elsewhere out in town when necessary. I'm not even sure WHERE to find it, honestly. I tried Googling on my phone while in the store and it said to look on the ethnic aisle, but I didn't see any. The closest Whole Foods is 1 hour and 20 minutes away... doable, but not preferable. Any other stores that I could try? Thank you so much for any help!
  4. Lisa W.

    Cooking Fats/Oils

    What do you all think of the Spectrum brand of coconut oil? It's all my military commissary carries. I will continue to look in the future for others, but since someone above mentioned the variations of coconut oils from great to sub par, I'm wondering where Spectrum fits in. It'll be my first, so I won't know it it's great or not! hehe