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  1. jennor

    The crazy things people say

    Lots of people are doing the 5:2 alternate fasting here in Sweden too. I have to say that although it is not for me, it seems to work for people who are more sedetary.
  2. jennor

    The crazy things people say

    My mum is contemplating doing a whole30 in August. Yesterday she called me. Mum: How do I get enough vitamin B if I don't eat bread??? Me: Who eats bread in nature? Only humans eat bread. Monkeys don't need bread. Bread is a highly processed food, with the B-vitamins usually added back in to compensate for that. We survived without bread for thousands of years. Just eat whole foods and you will be fine. Sigh. People really have a hard time letting go of grains.
  3. jennor

    The crazy things people say

    Peg, I also just eat what I eat and leave the rest. No need to make a big deal out of what I or others eat. I have been told to have a Diet Coke - "It has no sugar, you can have that!" Hmm, it has no sugar but it is also just a chemical concoction. I honestly would not want to pour that down my insides. But I just politely say "No thanks, I'd prefer sparkling water if you have any."