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  1. Yes, I was. I would have a few weeks/months of feeling good, then I'd have an episode where I would get diarrea and bloody stools for a week/weeks. It would take me a while to put the pieces of the puzzle together because as you said, I did heal in between episodes. They would come more and more frequently though, and last longer. In the end I got a fever and ended up in the hospital. I was lucky that I did, I can see now in hindsight. If you are flaring it is pretty easy to diagnose with a colonoscopy. Now my illness is under control. I take two types of medicines and I stick to the Whole9 type of diet/life style but for the first time in years I feel healthy. I will be honest with you - Find a doctor. Solve the budget issues after. Borrow the money if you have to. If you do have IBD, you need a colonoscopy and medication. Nothing is worth more than your health.
  2. Oh, MrsStick you said it all! Let's not make our dear ones feel bad about themselves on Christmas eve, just so we can one-up them with our superior nutrient intake. Besides I enjoy baking and I get a lot of pleasure out of making traditional Swedish saffron buns and ginger bread from scratch with my daughters, even if I don't eat it myself. I don't think it is the few homemade cookies on a Sunday in December that are derailing our friends' and relatives' health. It is more likely to be the cheap extra value pack of processed cookies eaten in front of the TV at night.
  3. Your symptoms are text book Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Especially the way they come and go. You need to go back to a real doctor, preferably a specialist and get checked out. I waited way to long to do that myself and I ended up hospitalized for 10 days and almost lost my colon. Call your doctor today!
  4. jennor

    Urgently needing bathroom during long runs

    I second the magnesium the night before. Works like a charm!
  5. Yes, I am a fellow UC sufferer! I did my first W30 in July-13 and haven't had a flare since. This diet works wonders for me. I am also on maintenance meds (Lialda and chemo) but I have reduced the chemo by 25% (supported by my gastro-entherologist). How are you feeling so far?
  6. jennor

    low estrogen

    Lisa, I know what you mean. I have been nursing (not any longer) and training for marathons on w30 and just like you said I have the feeling that I need more than the template, but I just can't stomach a fourth meal before bed. I am all egg-fish-meat and veggied out and would rather go hungry. So I either do that or I eat nuts and fruit. If I don't eat at night I end up face first in a puddle of ice cream a few nights later. So I think I need the calories, I'd just prefer not getting them from chocolate. I am still struggling with how to get the food in without eating like crap.
  7. jennor

    Post WO fruit, why not??

    I agree with tehninjo0. If you exercise longer than 30 min you will dip into liver glycogen, and it makes sense to replenish that as well. However, muscle- and liver glycogen are not two seperate entities refilled independent of each other. If you refill one, you will refill the other as well. And starch is a faster, healthier way of refilling glycogen, because fructose has to be metabolized in the liver first. Fructose also has effects on lipid metabolism and insulin sensitivity wich is not good if you for example suffer from metabolic syndrome. If you do not, and just had a long run, I think you are fine to have an apple after!
  8. I'd trade my sugar dragon for your salty dog. Anyday. Please?
  9. jennor

    wouldnt it be SO COOL

    Darkbloodangell, or instead of scanning that ingedient list into your smartphone you could just scan it with your eyes, and if there is sugar you will immediately know that it is not compliant because a red flag would go up in your brain. Yes, that would be so cool!
  10. jennor

    Fed Up!

    I am with LisaLuLu, we eat healthy, real food every day at home. When the kids are invited to birthday parties they partake in the cake and the candy. But I draw the line at lemonade and soda. We do not drink that. My kids knows this. I can count the times my 6 year old has tasted soda on one hand. We drink sparkling water, on very special occasions we add a little OJ to "make a drink" as my kids say. My sister serve lemonade with evey meal. Every meal! Her kids never drink water! It's ok, she says, it is sugarfree. Yes, because it is sweetened with aspartame. I just think it is so important to not teach our kids that everything we eat and drink has to taste sweet. When not even water is good enough, it worries me... I need to see if I can find that documentary somewhere online. Does anyone know if it is available outside the US?
  11. When you develop an allergy you develop antibodies to certain protein fragments in that thing you are allergic too. Those protein fragments are called allergens. When you are allergic to for example hazelnuts, the allergen you react against is likely present also in other treenuts, so you are likely to react to those as well. You can also have this type of cross reaction between protein sequences/allergens that are not as closely related. For example it is quite common to be allergic to birch pollen, and have a cross reaction to apples. Your body makes antibodies against birch pollen, but the antibodies also recognize a sequence in the apple, and causes the allergy to cross over to apples as well. The same goes for avocado-banana and many other combinations. You can certainly become allergic to meat. Especially with red meat, it contains a specific sugarmolecule called alpha-gal. Normally we don't react to that. But a tick bite can cause an activation of antibodies against alpha-gal, so that you suddenly start to get severe allergic reactions from red meat although it didn't bother you earlier. This acctually happened to a friend of mine. She is fine eating the egg's mama though.
  12. I really enjoyed your post! That was definitely me during my first Whole30. It was July and vacation time. Everyone in Sweden was marinating meat in honey and thyme, eating ice cream and homemade cinnamon rolls except me. I was chewing on hardboiled eggs and cursing life. I may have asked myself why I was torturing myself with this diet that was all about removing all the pleasure from eating. Then I found other (non-sugar driven) pleasures like making almond milk. I found a good olive oil and made mayo. And my autoimmune illness calmed down. And I felt better than I had in years and years. And I have been a convert ever since. I'll actually use your baked apple recipe for a dessert after I am done with my Whole10 that I am currently doing. It sounds really good, but not like a breakfast to me. I saw a post in Instagram this morning where they baked eggs in avocado and other veggies. Maybe give that a try, with a dollop of mayo on top? I think that will happen in my kitchen this weekend. Add a sprinkle of bacon on top. Ok, I am going crazy now...
  13. jennor

    Your (compliant) guilty secret...?

    Liver. Most people in Sweden hate it, but I work in Denmark and the Danes seem to eat more of it. I love it sauteed with lots of onion and tart apples.
  14. jennor

    Can I have Oscillococcinum

    The Cochran reveiw indicates that most studies are of very low quality and that there is not compelling evidence to any effect of the product. Since it is simply an extract of duck heart and liver diluted 200x in alcohol and water, why not just cook a healthy meal with the ingredients? That way, if there are any active ingredients you'd get them in a compliant mannner.
  15. I don't know how far along you are, but once nausea hit me I was ALL ABOUT THE CARBS. You can still have a healthy pregnancy, all the sweet potatoes and root vegetables in the world won't ruin that. As long as you don't eat a ton of crap (meaning fancy coffee drinks, donuts and candy for example), your weight gain will still be in the healthy range. I gained around 25 pounds both pregnancies and lost it easily. Some weeks of pregnancy will just be about survival, to be honest.