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  1. Irish Rose

    Whole 30 vs post whole 30

    I found I no longer wanted to eat the foods I thought I would reintroduce. Never went back to oats or chocolate or Greek yogurt. Now when I am 'off' the whole 30, the only real difference is I don't stress if there is a tiny bit of sugar in a sauce or stock . If I go WAY off track, my joints ache, my belly bloats and I just feel rubbish. So these occasions are rare now, only on really big events like a family wedding.
  2. I am going to get a big container and quadruple the brine recipe and stick a whole turkey into it for Christmas !
  3. Irish Rose

    Second whole 30 seems TOO easy!

    "Whole 42 done. Then on Day 43 ate a cupcake--doh! Now back to WholeWhatevers as I call them, when I eat something non-compliant I get right back on it. I have not and do not plan to "re-introduce" anything for regular consumption, mostly I just deviate occasionally " That's the most sensible thing I have ever read!!!
  4. Irish Rose

    Second whole 30 seems TOO easy!

    This is exactly how I am looking at it. I have found a way to make it fit real life. If I can do 30 days , I will but if it's a big family occasion, I am not going to sit there stressing about every ingredient. I will make a conscious decision to relax and then get right back on it : ))
  5. My husband raved about it when I made it. I left it in the brine overnight. My favourite recipe from Well Fed is the African salmon. If it wasn't for all my pesky kids, I could eat a whole side of it in one sitting : ))
  6. Irish Rose


    Another big Greek yogurt fan here! After my first whole30 I found I no longer wanted to eat the gluten free oats, and dark chocolate that I used to eat. I broke those habits. HOWEVER my Greek yogurt consumption went from one pot a day up to three or four. We all have foods that trigger over eating and yogurt is mine.I am on my second whole 30 and when it finishes, after a weekend break for my sisters wedding, I am starting another. I am finding it really enjoyable now, trying new vegetables and new recipes. I am not sure one whole 30 is enough for some of us, I have been a yoyo dieter/ binge eater for 30 years. I think it's going to take longer for me. Glad to hear it's going well for you now : ))
  7. Didn't know where to post this! I am 16 days into my second whole30 and it is SO easy this time. I recommend everyone try a second attempt. This time I am armed with great recipes , good cooking and prep habits and my husband has joined me. I am stopping on day 26 for my sisters wedding ( I think it's wrong to worry about what's in your sauce, or to decline champagne on a wonderful occasion like that ) BUT I am enjoying it so much I will launch my third whole 30 on the following Monday. I now make my favourite lemon paprika chicken thighs ( google Eatlivepaleo) to eat during Saturday nights reality TV marathon. I cook ahead for the two days I am out of the house all day and I have inspired my husband and lots of Facebook friends are asking about it as I post delicious whole30 food. My advice , buy Well Fed, buy loads of vegetables you have never tried before and embrace the chance of a great learning experience. I get sick of meat so I eat lots of vegetable dishes and seafood. Well, I don't know what my point is but I just wanted to share! I also got through my severe pmt by eating medjool dates. Not ideal but you want to see what I USED to eat : )))
  8. Abigail, I sometimes think the whole30 hype gives us unrealistic expectations of what we can achieve. Thirty days is NOTHING really. I know I would go crazy on those strict protocols but I am getting benefits that have brought me back to do another 30 days. I may try eliminating some of the foods I suspect may be the culprit but skin conditions are a nightmare and it sounds like the whole30 stressed you, which of course impacts on your psoriasis. Maybe a more relaxed paleo / primal diet would suit you better? It's normal to feel really fed up if you feel you have made a lot of sacrifices with no reward. I felt like that but when I wrote down the benefits, I realised I got more out of this than I thought : )
  9. Irish Rose


    Jeepers! I would starve to death on what you are eating! I do exercise a lot, so need to eat more but that seems like so little food to me. What you describe sounds like bloating, rather than fat gain. I would eat bigger meals, add meat and sweet potato . Why the half bananas and tomatoes , avocados etc? Do you have a small appetite or are you trying to control calories?
  10. I am now day 5 of my second Whole30. I read the autoimmune and the low histamine protocol and decided to do neither! I know there are good reasons behind the eliminations but I promised myself that I would never do any diet again that eliminated fruits or vegetables. My instinct tells me they are good for me! This time it is a LOT easier, partly as I know what I am doing and partly because my husband has joined me this time, he helps with the shopping and food prep. He LOVES it! He is fairly high carb with it as he is a triathlete, so hasn't had the energy slumps associated with lower carbs. I had to lie on the gym floor between sets yesterday, and went to karate and had forgotten half my kata ! I had let bad habits creep in prior to this, so I know it's just my body adjusting.
  11. hi Karyn, I am also a mum of five and paleo /primal has been the answer to my food bingeing cycles. It's not perfect but I am now a healthy weight and have been for over a year. The entire family will benefit. You can do this . Make up your mind, plan ahead and come here for support . Good luck xxx
  12. No I haven't! Yes , you are right, that is probably more relevant to me. I just know that something I eat is not agreeing with me and I want to find out what : )
  13. Thank you! That's really helpful. If I go ahead I intend to cook and prepare a few days before I start. I am quite happy to eat fish and veggies for breakfast. If coffee is ok , then I can cope with the rest! I only drink two cups a day anyway : )
  14. I have been primal for a year, done a recent whole30 but didn't get relief of my excema or sinuse congestion. I want to give the auto-immune protocol a go at the end of the month but I am scared! What will I cook without tomatoes, eggs and peppers! How will I cope without coffee! Please can anyone who has done it recommend a cook book, I love well fed but a lot won't be suitable as I believe chilli, cayenne and paprika is out?? Also, what happens AFTER the 30 days? I know I can't do that long term. Far too restrictive, I would go insane! "Normal" paleo / primal is now easy for me but the excema flares up at the end of my cycle every month and disrupts my sleep. Very grateful for any advice : )))
  15. Irish Rose

    30 days up, and the verdict is.....

    Thanks Nadia , I have looked at the auto-immune protocol before but to be honest , it's far too restrictive for me. I would rather deal with the excema than do it! I am cooking for a family of seven and would miss eggs and tomatoes as ingredients terribly. Also I won't be parted from my coffee. I have a super clean diet year round but we all need our little pleasures : ))