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  1. PaleoInMalta

    Foods you used to hate

    I've always liked fruit, veg, eggs, nuts, butter and olive oil. Whole30 made me like meat and fish much more. The only food I genuinely disliked and enjoy eating now is liver. Though I used to have beef liver before and it's only milk fed calf liver now...
  2. PaleoInMalta

    Giving up coffee - need tea recommendations

    I would suggest you try Teabox. They have a wide selection of quality fresh teas, many of them organic. Several inexpensive sample collections to experiment with. To get $10 off your first order, go to
  3. PaleoInMalta

    Salad dressings... what's your favorite?

    I usually have my salads the Italian way, just sprinkled with olive oil and cider vinegar. I always add fresh herbs, capers, garlic and onions directly to the salad.
  4. PaleoInMalta

    Fresh Basil

    I just make salads with huge amounts of fresh basil, ripe tomatoes, red peppers, olive oil, cider vinegar and a bit of salt. It's a perfect side dish for eggs, meat and fish.
  5. PaleoInMalta

    Lamb Help

    I just take a 2 kg leg of lamb, put it in a roasting bag, add 2 lemons divided into 8 pieces each, a handful of fresh rosemary and half a teaspoon of salt. Tie the bag, put it in oven heated to 200 C for 2 h. Take it out, opent the bag with scissors, put it back in for another 20 minutes. Take it out, cool down for 20 minutes, slice and serve topped with the melted fat, caramelised lemon pieces and dried rosemary leaves. For a side dish, root vegetables are best, either steamed, roasted or raw.
  6. PaleoInMalta

    Recipes for fish and seafood

    I live on a small island in the Med and have fresh fish at least once a week. I use only 3 simple cooking methods: 1) Fillets, steaks and small whole fish are great panfried with a bit of salt on ghee / coconut oil. Make sure not to overcook it, which is really easy in case of fresh fish. Just 2 minutes at each side and it's done. Serve with lemon juice and veggies. 2) Medium sized fresh fish is great baked in tinfoil. I stuff it with fresh veggies, salt a bit, add fresh herbs, ghee and lemon, wrap in tinfoil. 15 minutes in 200 C oven is enough for the fish to be ready. No need for a side dish either, it's a complete meal, ready to eat. Bonus: no dishwashing! 3) Monkfish, dogfish and mahi mahi are great stewed with onions, garlic, capers, celeriac leaves and tomatoes. Serve garnished with fresh parsely leaf. This way of cooking fish is called alla palermitana in Italy.
  7. PaleoInMalta


    I love turnips, but I only eat them raw. I just peel and slice them and have them without any condiments as a side dish to either steaks or roasted leg of lamb. I tried steaming them once and hated both the smell and the flavour...