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  1. Carrots&Blueberries

    The crazy things people say

    Delaney, I don't know how this would work with the blogging, but I talk about eating very little unless someone expresses particular interest. When up against conventional wisdom + SAD habits/assumptions, it's just too big a leap for most people. They think you've drunk the Kool-aid (and you begin to see that they're so used to the stuff that they have never even questioned it!). At this point, my family's been curious and open enough about it that almost everyone near me has shifted their eating to Paleo/ancestral since I first did a W30 a few years ago, so it's definitely contagious over time but for casual acquaintances and colleagues, I just keep my mouth shut most of the time (except to feed myself delicious homemade stew and fresh veggies! or to just pick and choose if I'm at a dinner or restaurant). Most of the time I think I come off as a picky eater, but one who really loves her food.
  2. Carrots&Blueberries

    The crazy things people say

    Ugh - the MIL comments are funny to hear (must have been deeply annoying for you, though - also there must be some rule about not criticizing your DIL's breasts, right? you just don't do that....) But the doctor comment is --- argh!!!!