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  1. Carrots&Blueberries

    Slave to the Scale... and so-so results.

    TriGirlD, I had easy conception (and have wonderful children!) but I would give a lot to have been on this path pre-pregnancy and through their early years. There's so much good stuff that comes from eating this way, for women and for our babies, that extends far beyond conception/IVF success. The whole BMI question: there's the chicken-and-egg that you mention and the larger one - that often folks who are over 30 BMI have other issues that will interfere with health and fertility - and even wonderful doctors tend to get caught up in numbers rather than what they represent (or what we assume they represent). Health is what you're after, and both your SV* and your NSVs show that this is working for you!!! *4 pounds is great
  2. Carrots&Blueberries

    My Note to Self and Victories on Day 56

    Such great results! Congratulations to you, and please keep updating this thread with your victories along the way - those are so inspiring for all of us!
  3. Carrots&Blueberries

    Day 31 & a mixed bag of results

    Thank you for continuing to update! It's so nice to see this sequence of your posts over time.
  4. Carrots&Blueberries

    Unrelenting bleeding

    Laura, I'm happy to see your post! And how terrific that you're getting some time without bleeding. Here's hoping that you're moving in the direction of a menstrual cycle.
  5. Carrots&Blueberries

    Unrelenting bleeding

    I just realized that I've been on 4 times since yesterday to make sure you were ok. SDB, hope all is ok (and that you have a chance to update us!). Sounds like an awful lot of blood...
  6. Carrots&Blueberries


    I know I'm just echoing MissMary (and Mel) here, but it's really hard to understand how someone can look at a plate of salmon, broccoli and sweet potatoes and think "fad" or really anything negative. And since the LiveScience article really says nothing of substance, it's kind of funny that it might be seen as some kind of argument against doing a W30. I think that there's something really powerful about making your goals - and path - public, since that can help so much with accountability, etc. But as soon as you put a label on that path, you're going to get reactions, many of which will be based on ignorance and outdated conventional wisdom (plus carry the emotional baggage of the person reacting....). Personally I found it easier to keep the Whole30 label within my family and not even use the word "paleo" outside the home unless someone expresses sincere interest in how I eat. Actually, even then I stay away from labels, though I have recommended the W30 in some of those cases.
  7. Carrots&Blueberries

    The good and bad

    Not likely bad, for several reasons. A total number in cholesterol is virtually meaningless; it's the breakdown that tells you something (though even that is pretty controversial....). Chris asked about your HDL, since that tends to go up when folks clean up their eating (and high levels are generally protective) and depending on LDL particle numbers, higher LDL isn't even necessarily a problem. But most importantly - as you also heard from Chris - right after/as we lose weight there's sometimes a jump in all of the numbers so in any case it's likely temporary. If it stays high, take a look at Peter Attia's work before getting worried. He's got at least one Ted talk and there are others out. Congratulations! Sounds like you had a good and successful W30!
  8. Carrots&Blueberries

    Finished first Whole 30 but Weight Loss Is SLOOOOOOW

    This observation above is magic. Yes, metabolism can take time to heal, and yes, please keep going! It sounds like you've had an excellent first leg of this journey and your 1-year success story will be jaw-dropping.
  9. Amberley, I had to restart my 2nd W30 and ended up being really grateful for the "warm-up" time. I got some of the adjustments out of the way in the initial few days and then was in a nice groove almost immediately with the W30. I would start now if you're eager to start.
  10. Carrots&Blueberries

    6 months into Whole30/9 and I'm a different person...

    Just amazing!!! Thank you so much for sharing this. I'm contemplating something similar so it's really nice to see your post. You look incredible and your results are - wow
  11. Carrots&Blueberries

    Day 31 today and trying not to be disappointed

    Early in the W30 it might have been water weight but at this point you're looking at 4 lbs of fat lost (and since you were working out as well, I bet that some of your scale loss was offset by muscle gain, so it's probably more than this!) It's not pretty, but look what I found online: four pounds of fat That's a lot of fat.
  12. Carrots&Blueberries


    Great! I love how simple is has seemed for you (and how effective!). And, yes, this is definitely not a fad diet. (I can never quite wrap my head around that. It's 3 meals a day of 100% food. How can that possibly be a fad?)
  13. Carrots&Blueberries


    Artemiscuous, thank you for chiming in! I think one of the issues for me is that I feel great when fasting (either with BP coffee - which I do like ) or just water - but then it's pretty obvious afterwards that my system is just off. My cycle gets super short (like, 12 days!) and I just don't feel good. I would love to have shorter and longer fasts in my toolbox but I'm not sure that it's the right tool for me, at least right now. In any case, it's good to read of it working for you!
  14. Carrots&Blueberries

    Starting May 26

    Jean and Coley, congratulations on your results! It's so nice to see folks popping on to check in. And many thanks, Pennylane, for starting us off and adding your experience to this W30!
  15. Carrots&Blueberries

    Frustrated Husband

    Also agree with others who are encouraging you to do the re-introductions! White rice and some dairy have been things that seem to work their way back into food in my own house, and I wish that I had tested those two after my first Whole30. It's just nice information to have!